Do You Really Need a Vacuum Cleaner? (Scenarios Explained!)

Do you really need a vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are so popular that almost every home has one or has had one.

But if you have never used one, you may be wondering, why the hype? Why should you get one? These questions are reasonable since there are other cleaning options and equipment available.

We will be answering all your questions, giving you reasons why you need a vacuum cleaner and how effective they really are.

We’ll also discuss the need for vacuums for hardwood floors, carpets, and if you have pets.

Do You Really Need a Vacuum Cleaner?

A vacuum cleaner is needed in almost all homes. Vacuum cleaners are efficient appliances for cleaning up dust and other fine debris from any surface area and they are more efficient than manual cleaning.

Over the years, vacuums have advanced from just simple cleaning tools to necessary ones because they are easier to use and come with advanced features such as swivel steer and allergen control, that other cleaning tools can only dream of.

Let’s examine in detail some of the reasons vacuum cleaners are found in most homes and why you need one.

Why You Need a Vacuum?

1- Easier to Use

With vacuum cleaners, you spend less energy cleaning than if you were using mops and brooms. All you have to do is plug in your vacuum and move it over surfaces that need cleaning.

There are even robot vacuums that can help you clean without you lifting a finger. They could even do it when you aren’t around. Amazing right?

You just have to set them up to function that way.

2- Faster to Use

Compared to using a broom and dustpan which could require hours of cleaning, if you are cleaning a large area, vacuum cleaners are faster to use.

A cleaning that should take you hours can be done in minutes. This is especially true when the vacuum cleaner has good suction and battery power. Most large spaces (offices and schools) make use of backpack vacuums, which can handle even more.

3- It Is More Hygienic

Using a broom and dustpan or other cleaning materials will only get dust back into the air which will settle back in your home when you are done cleaning. This dust can carry bacteria or other harmful particles which you could inhale while cleaning.

With vacuum cleaners, you can avoid this. Vacuum cleaners suck up dirt, dust, and particles without throwing them back into the air.

Vacuum cleaners have HEPA or other filters that help them purify the air, suck up bacteria, viruses, germs, etc., and prevent health issues. It also prevents allergies.

You are better off with a vacuum cleaner if you are prone to dust allergies.

4- It Is Affordable

With all the amazing benefits of vacuum cleaners, one would expect them to be insanely expensive right? Not so. Vacuum cleaners come in different sizes, by different brands, in various models, and have different price ranges.

You can easily get one within your budget that will serve you for several years. Stick Vacuums from good brands can sometimes be very cheap yet very effective.

Their batteries are also very easy and cheap to replace, should you ever need to replace yours.

5- Suitability

Vacuum cleaners are made differently to suit each floor space. There are versatile ones that can tackle whichever floor you use and clean it well. But some are built specifically for a floor type.

There are all-in-one vacuums that take care of Hardwood floors, carpets, tile floors, etc. Then there are vacuums for quick cleanups.

Even better are the recent vacuum cleaner-cum-steam mops that do both dry and wet cleaning of hard floors as well as area rugs.

When you buy one that is compatible with your floor, it gives you confidence that your home will be well taken care of.

6- To Protect Your Investments

You spent a great deal of money to buy those carpets, area rugs, hardwood floors, etc. Caring for them and maintaining them correctly would be your desire so that they can last for a long time.

So getting a vacuum cleaner is a matter of protecting your investments, and maintaining the status and class of your home decor.

Do You Need a Vacuum for Carpets?

You absolutely need a vacuum cleaner if you have carpeted floors. Let’s look at this in detail!

Why should you vacuum your carpets?

1- Ease

There are other efficient methods of cleaning your carpets like carpet washing. But only vacuuming can be done without moving or lifting furniture, taking carpets outside, or leaving the carpet for hours to dry.

It is easier, faster, and equally efficient.

Lifting and moving furniture every time you need to clean your carpet can cause damage to the floor and wear out your carpet faster.

2- Efficiency

Not only do vacuum cleaners get rid of dry /non-oily soil from your carpet, but they also remove oily soil. Examples of such messes are drink spills and cooking grease.

This is important because oily soil attracts and traps dry soil and causes a build-up of soil in your carpet which affects its life span.

So by vacuuming your carpets and getting rid of oily soil, you extend the life of your carpet and also prevent it from getting dirty fast, because there will be nothing in it to trap outdoor soil. It will be easier to maintain.

Other cleaning options like sweeping will only spread the oily soil and make the carpet worse.

What Happens If I Don’t Vacuum My Carpet?

The following will happen if you don’t vacuum your carpets often.

1- Get Ready to Start Living with Some Nasty Pests

Dirty/ improperly cleaned carpets are the joy of bed bugs, ants, moths, dust mites, etc. (source)

You know what they can do right? Some of them bite and even if they don’t, you want them crawling all over your body and house.

We also mentioned earlier in this article, how bacteria breed in dirty carpets.

2- You Might Have to Often Replace Your Carpet

Dirty carpets wear out faster as mold develops and destroys your carpets.

The oily soil not only traps dry soil but also works its way into your carpet fibers and breaks them down, causing your carpets to shed. Dry soil also grinds and cuts into your carpet fibers.

How Often Should You Vacuum Carpets?

There is no “One size fits all” routine for vacuuming because not all people use their carpets the same way.

If your carpet is put in a place in the house that is rarely visited then vacuuming it once a week is enough. If your carpets are placed in high-traffic areas then you should vacuum them two or three times a week.

If you have pets then it is suggested you vacuum more often.

Do You Need a Vacuum Cleaner If You Have a Carpet Cleaner?

You still need a vacuum cleaner even if you have a carpet cleaner. It is not every time your carpet is dirty that it needs Deep cleaning.

Sometimes the sand, dirt, and dust just need to be lifted to make the carpet clean again. In this case, you need a vacuum cleaner.

Carpet cleaners work by applying water to your carpet, scrubbing it, and then sucking up the water. You can’t do this every time you want to pick up sand or hair from your carpet. It will be a waste of time and energy.

Carpet cleaners are best suited to the deep cleaning of carpets, getting rid of spills, and pet stains.

Also, vacuuming your carpets means you don’t have to do a deep cleaning often. You can decide to use your carpet cleaner only once a month or two if you vacuum regularly.

With carpet cleaners, you have to wait for hours for the carpet to dry before you can use the room, and sometimes you have to use the room immediately after cleaning. You don’t want to wait. On occasions like this, your best bet is a vacuum cleaner.

Do You Need a Vacuum Cleaner for Hardwood Floors?

Though you can do without a vacuum cleaner and your hardwood floor will still look in better condition if you use one. There are equally efficient options like wet cleaning, sweeping, using dry and wet mops, etc.

A vacuum cleaner is however needed because it makes your work easier, especially if you have pets. A mop will just push the pet hair and dust particles around which can scratch your floor but a vacuum will suck these up.

Vacuuming is also faster compared to other options.

And since hardwood floors are easy to clean, cheap vacuums work well on them. You don’t need a vacuum with great suction, in fact, you should avoid them.

Get a special head for your vacuum that won’t scratch your floor or buy a vacuum cleaner designed for hardwood floors. Also, avoid vacuum cleaners with beater bars.

What Happens If I Don’t Vacuum Hardwood Floors?

Nothing disastrous will happen if you do not vacuum hardwood floors. Unlike carpets, hardwood floors are not in great need of vacuum cleaners.

There’s no place for dirt, dust, or bacteria to hide, so mopping, cleaning, or dusting with a microfiber brush/pad will do good work.

You may just have to put in extra work and time, as these methods aren’t as fast as vacuuming.

Because of this, you may get lazy about cleaning, and your hardwood floor (in time) will be very dirty, which is dangerous to your health. This could also wear out your floor faster.

How Often Should You Vacuum Your Hardwood Floors?

If vacuuming is the dominant cleaning method in your home, you should do it at least twice a week. You should vacuum high-traffic areas in your home at least 3 times a week. And once in two weeks, you should do wet cleaning.

You can use a mop with soap and water.

Do You Need a Vacuum Cleaner if You Have Pets?

Pets shed their hair now and then as they move around the house, and these aren’t easy to clean. They also track dirt into the house. It’s not unusual to find muddy paw prints on your carpets or wooden floors if you have pets and let them roam.

Having a vacuum cleaner is essential to keep your home tidy, if you have pets, as it picks up pet hair better and faster than other traditional cleaning methods.

Note that not all vacuums will be up to the task. Get a vacuum cleaner with great suction power and spinning bristles. The bristles will ensure pet hair doesn’t get tangled in the brush. There are also vacuum cleaners built specifically for pets.

You also need vacuums when you have pets because pets love to play on furniture and not just on the floor. Your cats or dogs will often lie on your couch, rest in your chair, or lay on your bed.

What about your car?

Getting pet hair off furniture and cars will be very difficult without a vacuum cleaner. Handheld vacuums are best suited to this task, as they are easier to use.

If you have carpets or area rugs and you have pets, then vacuum cleaners are important. Pet hair will settle deeply into the carpet and area rug and nothing short of a vacuum cleaner with great suction power will be able to suck it out.

How often should I vacuum with pets?

If you have pets, you should vacuum every day. Twice a week just won’t cut it. If your house is big and you can’t vacuum every day, then vacuum the areas your pet frequents every day and the whole house about thrice a week.

Is It Bad to Never Vacuum?

Never vacuuming is a harmful practice. If dust, particles, and dirt build-up on your floor are left for weeks, months, or years, you provide bacteria, germs, etc. a space to thrive.

Imagine what that could do to your health. If you have little kids, it’s more dangerous. Toddlers often like to put things in their mouths. That environment isn’t safe for them.

Your carpets and area rugs will look shabby, worn out, and untidy. There’s no amount of sweeping or cleaning that can efficiently clean a high pile carpet.

Not vacuuming your carpet will get it worn out faster than normal and you will have to replace your carpets often.

It is also easier for bacteria to breed and thrive in carpet fibers when they are not properly cleaned. Make your home safe as well as attractive by vacuuming frequently.

Instances Where a Vacuum Cleaner Might Not Be Necessary

If you don’t have pets or live in a very small space, you can still survive without a vacuum cleaner since you don’t have much to clean.

We have also explained that you necessarily do not have to vacuum hardwood floors.

If you work in a place where large pieces of glass or fine dust constitute most of the dirt that needs to be cleaned, then you don’t need a vacuum cleaner. These can damage your vacuum.

What Are the Disadvantages of Owning a Vacuum Cleaner?

1- Can Be Hard to Fix

Sooner or later as you use your vacuum cleaner, one or more of its parts may need fixing. If it’s an old model, you may find these parts difficult to get and may have to buy a new vacuum.

Most times manufacturers discontinue a model or produce an advanced version of it so the parts of the old one will longer be built for sale. This can be frustrating, especially if the part that got damaged was small.

2- It Consumes Electricity

When you get a vacuum cleaner, prepare to see a significant surge in your electricity bill, especially if you are using an advanced one with great suction power.

3- Heavy

Most vacuum cleaners are heavy to lift and you may find it difficult pushing them around your home while cleaning. It becomes more stressful when you have a large home.

How to Know When You Need a Vacuum Cleaner?

If you already have a vacuum cleaner, here are some reasons why it might be a good idea to buy a new one.

1- No Suction/Less Suction

When your vacuum cleaner is on and it isn’t picking any dirt or is not picking as fast as it should, then there’s a problem.

Clogged or dirty vacuums can cause this, so first, clean your vacuum, unclog it and change the filters if they’re old or very dirty. If the problem persists, it’s time to replace your vacuum.

2- Unusual Noises

Vacuum cleaners are usually loud but when your vacuum becomes louder than usual or makes strange noises, the motor may be dying.

First, check that it doesn’t need fixing. Give it to an expert to check it. If the noise persists or gets worse, you need a new vacuum cleaner.

3- Not Working Properly

When your vacuum cleaner turns off by itself, hardly moves, dies quickly, or faces similar issues it may be time for a change.

Check for whatever may be causing this and fix the problem, but if the problem persists and it becomes apparent the problem lies with the vacuum, it’s time to replace it.

4- Burning Smell

This is dangerous and the vacuum cleaner should be replaced immediately. Don’t continue using it. This might have been caused by overheating and using your vacuum cleaner like that can cause a fire.

Final Thoughts!

You need a vacuum cleaner for a lot of reasons which we have explained.

Vacuum cleaners help you do efficient cleaning which is needed not just for home beauty purposes but also to stay healthy. It becomes important and not just an option when you have pets.

Vacuum cleaners have just a few disadvantages but their benefits far outweigh these cons.

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