Do Silverfish Die in a Vacuum? (Truth) + Getting Rid of Them

Do Silverfish die in a vacuum

Silverfish are one of the most annoying home pests. These tiny, light grey pests chew up holes into your upholstery, clothing, books, wallpaper, and food items. However, they are not harmful to your health.

If you do have a silverfish infestation in your home, you should try to get rid of them to protect your property. Many people use vacuums to get rid of silverfish and other pests such as moths. It is natural to wonder if silverfish will still live inside the vacuum cleaner or die.

We answer this question in this article and also explain the process of using your vacuum to get rid of them. We also answer many other questions that people ask about silverfish in their homes.

Do Silverfish Die in a Vacuum?

Silverfish do not die in a Vacuum cleaner. At least, not immediately. Many bugs and tiny pests that are sucked into a vacuum usually die from the suction itself. Still, Silverfish are pesky little things that are stubborn, so many of them usually survive the suction into the bag or canister.

When they do get into the bag or canister of the vacuum, they will remain alive for a while, which is why we advise that you use a vacuum with an airtight bag that you can quickly dispose of.

These pests can survive without food or water for weeks, and if any refuse already in your vacuum can serve as food to them, they can last even longer. (Source)

Can Silverfish Crawl Out of a Dyson (Vacuum)?

So, in a scenario where the Silverfish and other bugs picked up by your Dyson survive the suction, would they be able to crawl out of your Dyson vacuum?


If the vacuum bag or canister CAN be sealed OR you PUT some dirt or a dust bunny inside, then you don’t need to worry about the bugs crawling out; they’re never getting free until you empty the vacuum.


If the vacuum bag or canister CANNOT be sealed OR you DID NOT PUT some dirt or a dust bunny inside, then there is a very slim chance that the bugs could crawl their way out of the bag or canister, through the motor of your Dyson, and out through the hose.

This chance is made even slimmer with the dust bunny or dirt, as this will trap the bugs and kill many off.

Should I Be Worried If I See One Silverfish?

You should be worried if you see silverfish in your home. The most likely place you will first see Silverfish is on the floor in your bathroom. They love moist, damp areas, and once you see one Silverfish, there are likely hundreds already living within your walls.

Silverfish reproduce very quickly, and one female can produce 100 eggs in her life span. It takes a single egg only three months to become an adult and lay its eggs. So, you see, their population can expand very quickly and become difficult to handle.

Once you see one Silverfish, it’s time for you to take action before they get into the moist, dirty, and dark places that are hard to reach. Get your vacuum out, call professional pest control, and protect your clothing, books, and other valuables before it’s too late.

How Do You Get Rid of Silverfish Permanently?

As effective as using a vacuum to pick up Silverfish is, it is only the first step in getting rid of the Silverfish in your home permanently.

The silverfish eggs are tough to pick up with a vacuum and, with time, will hatch into more Silverfish that will lead you right back to where you started.

So, to get rid of these pests permanently, here are a few tips for you:

1- Use Your Vacuum

Vacuum your floors, corners, upholstery, etc., thoroughly. Try to pick up as many live adult Silverfish as possible so that you are dealing with the younger ones and eggs.

Once you are done with your vacuum, you must immediately dispose of the bag or canister outside your home.

2- Ventilation

Even though Silverfish can live for months without food or water, you can make them uncomfortable and push them out faster with ventilation and a dehumidifier.

Make sure your home is clean, well ventilated, and dehumidified especially those damp and dirty corners.

3- Call In the Professionals

A professional pest control agency knows the best pesticides to use in your home that will attack the eggs, younger Silverfish, and adults without harming you or your family’s health. They can also guide you on how to maintain your home so that the Silverfish don’t return.

What Happens If You Vacuum Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are another very annoying and resilient pest similar to Silverfish. However, bed bugs stick to beds, couches, and chair surfaces. They also bite at your skin and can make your home very uncomfortable.

So, what will happen if, just like with Silverfish, you try to use a vacuum to pick up bed bugs?

Your vacuum will help reduce the bed bugs population in targeted areas by sucking up clusters.

However, you will not be able to get to all the bed bugs in your home as they are tough, tiny pests that tend to dig deep into the fabric and wedge themselves into crevices that are hard to get into.

You should also know that bed bugs have a higher chance of survival in a trip down your vacuum hose than many other pests, so you must ensure you seal and empty the bag or canister once you are done vacuuming.

You will also need repeated vacuums as bed bugs reproduce very quickly and repopulate previously infected areas.

Silverfish in Your Home – Things You Should Know!

Here are some questions that people usually ask about Silverfish and their presence and effect in homes. The answers to these could prove very helpful to you, so check them out.

Do Silverfish Live In Mattresses?

Silverfish thrive in humid and dark environments and love things such as hair, cotton, and linen. These are things that are present in rooms, particularly mattresses.

Where your mattress is damp from sweat and moisture and your room is not well ventilated, your bed can become a prime breeding ground for Silverfish.

So, yes, Silverfish can live in mattresses. In this case, the best thing to do is carefully get the bed out of your home and dispose of it far away from your home, then ensure your room is cleaned by a professional and well-ventilated and dehumidified.

Do Silverfish Mean Your House Is Dirty?

Silverfish are found in damp places, yes, but having moist areas in your home does not make you dirty.

It’s something that can happen to anyone and is more of a sign that there might be an entry point somewhere in your home that lets in water, such as rain.

The presence of dust and debris that Silverfish feed on doesn’t also make you a dirty person, as even the cleanest of homes can have places with dust and debris they weren’t aware of.

Silverfish are more of a sign that your home isn’t well ventilated and needs to be dehumidified.

Do Silverfish Come Up through Drains?

Because of the damp nature of the bathroom, it is often the first place that Silverfish are spotted. This has created the idea that they can come into the house through pipes and drains. This is false.

Despite their love for damp areas, Silverfish do not like water or places that are too wet. This makes them avoid pipes and drains, so, no, that is not how they got in your home. Also, Silverfish cannot climb surfaces that are smooth and vertical, like pipes and drains.

However, because of the moisture in these areas, you will always find them around the area, not just inside.

When treating a silverfish infestation, focusing on pipes and drains is a waste of time.

Do Silverfish Live under the Carpet?

Silverfish can live under carpets. The primary feeding preference for Silverfish is starch and dextrin, two things that are usually found in clothing and books.

However, these pests aren’t picky eaters, and if they can’t get their preference, they will also eat synthetic fibers, which means that your carpets and rugs aren’t safe.

Because of this, they can live in and under carpets. They won’t always stay there, or there won’t be a large amount of them as they also require moisture which rugs can’t provide.

Do Silverfish Only Come Out at Night?

Silverfish are nocturnal pests. They prefer to come out and search for food at night and then remain hidden in their damp, dark crevices.

So, while you may see a few during the day here and there, you will not see a large amount of them till the sun sets. This is one of the things that make them so annoying to track and kill.

Final Thoughts!

We hope that with our detailed guide on Silverfish and their presence in your home, you now know and understand all there is to know about these pests and their effect on your home.

They may be challenging to get rid of permanently, but the risk to your home and valuables makes putting in the effort worth it.

All you have to do is follow our cleaning guide and take note of all the things you need to know and do to prevent them from returning, and you’ll have a Silverfish free home that you can enjoy peacefully.

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