Why Is My Vacuum So Hard to Push? (Solved!) + Tips

Why is my vacuum so hard to push

Sometimes we find our vacuum cleaners so hard to push and wonder what could be wrong. This can be frustrating as it makes the vacuum cleaner almost impossible to use.

In this article, I’ll be answering this question that keeps bothering you and I’ll also be giving you some amazing tips on how to solve this problem.

As we proceed, I’ll also be answering other related questions that have probably been keeping you up at night. Let’s go.

Why Is My Vacuum So Hard to Push?

Vacuums are impossible to use when they become difficult to push and pull but this problem can be easily fixed.

General Reasons

1- Wrong Height Settings

Vacuums come with height settings that help you set your vacuum correctly to fit the type of floor you’ll be cleaning. When your vacuum is not correctly set for your floor type, it will be so hard to push and can be frustrating.

The height setting control is always at the foot of your vacuum. It starts from the bare floor setting to the high carpet setting.

If the bare floor setting is not working for the surface you want to clean, change it to the next and check, if it doesn’t work keep changing until you get the one that works for your floor.

2- Jammed Brush

If your brush is stuck, your vacuum would be very hard to push. This can happen if hair, pieces of strings, or other objects get wound around the brush. The brush will either not rotate well or not rotate at all and this will prevent your vacuum from moving smoothly.

Turn your vacuum over and check for this. If you find these objects, remove them and check if your vacuum is now pushing smoothly.

3- Broken Brush Belt

Sometimes the brush isn’t the problem. If you check your brush and it’s not stuck on anything, yet your vacuum won’t move, the belt may be broken.

A broken brush belt can make your vacuum so hard to push. To check if this is the problem, keep your vacuum running and tilt it a bit. Be careful not to move too close to the moving parts.

Inspect your brush. If it isn’t moving, then the brush belt is probably jammed or broken. It’s time to replace the belt.

Make sure you check the vacuum’s manufacturer and model number before buying the belt. So you won’t buy one that doesn’t fit.

Why Is It Hard to Push on a Carpet?

Before we talk about the reasons why your vacuum is hard to push on your carpet, you should know that not all vacuums are suitable for your carpet.

You should pay attention to this if you use plush carpets. Some vacuums are specifically advertised as designed for plush carpets.

A suitable one would have adjustable height settings, variable suction settings, and powerful motors.
If your carpet has all these features, you can go ahead to read this as you’re a few minutes away from getting it fixed.

These are some of the reasons your vacuum is hard to push on your carpet and how it can be fixed.

1- Your Carpet Is New

Your vacuum will probably be harder to push when you get a softer and more expensive carpet. Why? Soft carpets come with finer fibers and have more fiber strands per tuft.

Change your vacuum to the highest height setting and increase the suction. This should make it easier. If your vacuum doesn’t have that setting, you may need to get one that offers that option.

2- Small Vacuum Wheels

If your vacuum comes with small wheels, you may find it hard to push on your carpet especially if it’s a soft carpet. Large wheels are more appropriate as they’ll be able to get through your dense carpet fibers easily.

3- The Filter Bag Is Full

Your vacuum can become harder to push if your filter bags are full or if they’re damaged.

Check for filter bags, if they are full, empty them, and if they need to be changed, replace them immediately.

This will increase the suction of your vacuum and help it move easily.

4- Too Much Suction

Inadequate suction can make your vacuum not work properly but too much suction can prevent it from moving too. This is often why vacuums are hard to push on carpets.

If your vacuum is too hard to push, try reducing the suction. If there’s no way to do this, you can either drill a hole to let out some air but this will make your vacuum noisy.

If you’re using a Dyson vacuum, this problem is fairly common.

1- First, remove the base plate. You’ll see a black rubber foam slip, cut it and remove it.

2- Then replace the base plate. Air will pass through the sides of the plate and suction will be reduced.

This will enable your vacuum to move easily

Why Is the Vacuum Hard to Push on Hard Floors?

1- It’s Too Heavy

If it’s a new vacuum then it may be too heavy to push on your hard floor. A vacuum with large wheels may be suitable for cleaning plush carpets, but on hard floors, they may become hard to push.

2- Damaged Hose

If your hose has air leaks, it will decrease suction and may hinder your vacuum from moving easily. Replace your hose with new ones and this should solve the problem.

The hose may be clogged too. Check for this and unclog it.

3- Broken Base Plate

This can also make your vacuum too hard to push on your hard floor. Check if it’s not dirty, jammed, or broken. If this is the case, you need to clean or replace it immediately as the case warrants.

Alternatives to Hard-to-Push Vacuums

People suffering from arthritis or elderly ones may find it hard to vacuum so frequently. They should consider the following:

1- A Robot Vacuum

A good Robot vacuum can save you a lot of energy, time, and stress of having to manually clean your space as it does all of the cleaning itself.

The iRobot Roomba is one of the most popular and trusted robot vacuums for thousands of families today.

2- A Vacuum with Easy Maneuverability

One of the upright vacuums that promise good maneuverability is the Dyson Ball. The unique feature of this vacuum is that turns on a ball and reaches hard corners easily. It is also comparatively easier to push because of this feature.

3- Do without a Vacuum

A vacuum cleaner is needed in most cases, but not all. Some situations where you might just do fine without a vacuum will be:
You have a small space
Most of the cleaning needs are to pick up large pieces of glass or fine dust. (These damage a vacuum)
You have hardwood floors (Vacuums can be avoided here)

Vacuuming Tips

Here are a few tips to improve your vacuuming experience and make it easier for you.

1- Dust Before Vacuuming

It’s always tempting to dust after vacuuming right? Because we feel the vacuum would have sent up some dust that needs to be cleaned.

But that’s not right. Vacuuming sucks up dust and keeps your surfaces extra clean. Dusting after cleaning will send up dust into the air and the dust will settle back on your carpets and floors again after you have vacuumed.

You should do it before vacuuming so that the vacuum can suck up all the dust that settles after your dusting.

2- Use the Right Vacuum

Vacuuming can be frustrating if you’re using the wrong vacuum. Use a vacuum that suits your type of floor. Some come with beater brushes, and some don’t.

Some vacuums are good for plush carpets with fine fibers, some are not. So always check the features of the vacuum you want to buy and make sure it’s a good fit for your floor.

3- Change the Filter Bag before It Is Full

We often wait till our filter bags are full before changing or emptying them but that’s not good.

When your filter bag is half full or three-quarter full, the efficiency of the vacuum decreases. You may notice that it doesn’t suck up dirt that much and cleaning takes more time.

To avoid that, change your filter bag frequently. Don’t wait till it’s full or your vacuum stops working.

4- Clean before Vacuuming

Before vacuuming, make sure you clean the room and pick up objects like bobby pins, toys, clips, etc. that can jam your vacuum.

Jamming your vacuum every time will get it damaged and you would have to buy another.

5- Use the Crevice Tool

Always use the crevice tool of your vacuum to clean the edges around your walls and furniture. Vacuuming every day without cleaning edges will make dust and dirt accumulate in those areas and can cause allergies.

You should also avoid ramming the vacuum into those edges to clean. It could break the vacuum. There’s a reason the crevice tool is made available.

6- Vacuum Slowly

Take your time when vacuuming. It’s tempting to just browse through our carpets and floors because the vacuum is moving so smoothly and we enjoy it.

But it’s best to take your time if you want to clean effectively. This ensures that you lift every dirt and dust that might be hidden in the carpet.

You should vacuum a spot more than once. After vacuuming once in one direction, do it again in the other direction and you would have ensured that every speck of dust is lifted.

Final Thoughts!

A vacuum in good condition is a vacuum that cleans effectively. Ensure you clean your vacuums frequently. Inspect the parts often for tears, breaks, melting, etc.

Vacuums can often be hard to push on our carpets and floors and some of the reasons for this have been discussed. We have also discussed solutions and how you can avoid this.

Vacuuming is fun when done right and I hope the few tips discussed above help you enjoy it better.

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