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best hardwood floor cleaning machine

Whether you have laminate floors, bamboo floors, or even cork floors, the challenges of maintaining the cleanliness of your floors require you to pay special attention and use the right cleaning equipment to make the process easy.

In this article, I have picked out the best hardwood floor cleaning machines in 2021 after carefully reviewing their advantages and shortfalls and how best they can help you make your hardwood floors clean.

So if you are in doubt about choosing a hardwood floor cleaning machine, then you are in luck as this article will explain everything you need to know and also give you a comprehensive buying guide to help you choose the best hardwood floor cleaning machine.

Why Do You Need a Hardwood Floor Cleaning Machine?

There are many varieties of hardwood floors. There are wood floors and even laminate floors, and each was built with longevity in mind. However, you must clean your floors with the best cleaning agent and the right cleaning equipment if you want it to last as long as the manufacturers claim.

Some floors do not need special cleaning agents as a regular mop and buckets of water can do the job. But if you use hardwood floors, then you must be aware of the methods and special treatment they require.

Hardwood floors are cleaned occasionally but not with excess water.

Best Hardwood Floor Cleaning Machines

In this section, I will review the best hardwood floor cleaning machines you can purchase on Amazon. Here are our top picks for you.

1- Bissell power fresh Steam mop

This steam mop is an excellent choice for cleaning hardwood floors from many angles. That’s why I’ve included it in my list.


The Bissell fresh Steam mop (Click to see the price on Amazon) has a water tank that comes off easily for filling with water. Each mop pad has pockets inside of them that you can put your scent disks in. Upon plugging the cord into a power source, blue light keeps blinking until the water is fully heated up.

There are 3 levels of steam and 1 button that you can push to reach your desired steam level. A scrubber is attached to the mop (for those tough stains) which can be used by popping it down with your feet.

There is a carpet glider that comes with the mop which is like a frame into which you snap your mop and you’re all set for carpet cleaning.


Chemicals aren’t good for your and your pet’s health. So, if you want a chemical-free cleaning on your hardwood floors, this is the perfect answer, as it uses the natural power of steam to give your floor an aesthetic look.

You can customize your steam cleaning with the three levels available on the machine – Low, Medium, and High. Furthermore, the device releases a fresh scent when you insert a fragrance disc into your mouth while cleaning.

If you also have other floor types in your place, there’s good news. It can be not only be used on hardwood floors, but also on ceramic, marble floors, granite, and linoleum.

When you purchase this equipment from Amazon, it comes with 8 packs of Spring breeze fragrance discs, a mop pad kit, and scent waters.


● Easy Flip down scrubber
Smart set steam control for cleaning hefty and light specks of dirt.
Refillable and removable water tank


1- Cleans and clears 99% of germs off hardwood floors.
2- It cleans edges and corners perfectly with its low-profile mop head.
3- Leaves a fresh scent on your floors.
4- Takes less water to clean an entire floor.
5- Washable pads.
6- It does not leave the floor sticky.
7- Makes less noise.
8- Has a long cord.
9- Easy on the arms and back.


1- The water tank can break. You should use only distilled water.
2- Pouring water into the tank can be a bit challenging due to the slanted base.

Hoover Floormate Deluxe Hardwood Cleaner


● Enabled with fingertip control to apply ore detergent to stains and high traffic places
● It comes with a dry mode – stops brushes and helps in drying
● It comes with a wash mode – uses brushes while sucking up extra water
● It has a dual tank technology


The hoover floormate deluxe cleaner (Click to see the price on Amazon) is one of the best floor cleaning machines to use on hardwood floors. This cleaner is not only for your Hardwood floors, but also takes on Tile, Laminate, and Vinyl floors.

It is an expert in getting rid of those dust bunnies that are hard to reach and stuck in between furniture in your home.

The hardwood floor cleaner comes with firm SpinScrub cleaning brushes, which are not harmful to your floor no matter how much you clean it. These are extremely well-designed counter-rotating brushes that give your floor a nice scrub, enabling you to clean in just one or two passes.

This hardwood floor cleaner has dual tank technology, which separates plain water from dirty water and prevents you from pushing the dirty water to your floors again.


1- Cleans the floors perfectly without leaving a residue.
2- It has SpinScrub brushes that clear dirt correctly but do not damage the floors.
3- With its dual tank technology, freshwater is always present for neat cleaning.
4- Lightweight – weighs under 14 pounds


1- You can’t use the machine until the floor is swept thoroughly
2- It’s not very efficient on floors with too much grime.

Best Hardwood Floor Cleaner For Pets – Bissell symphony pet steam mop

The Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop (Click to see the price on Amazon) is a pretty decently built machine for hardwood floors as well as other ones.


There are 3 controls (High steam, Low steam, and Vacuum) and an indicator light at the top area of this mop.

The tank comes out easily in a click. It has a washable filter on top. The transparent reservoir for putting water in the steam mop is at the back. There is a little easy-fill opening just above the transparent reservoir, which can be opened and closed.

A container comes with this mop that you can use to measure water and fill the reservoir through the easy fill opening.

The cord is wrapped over a hook which should be pulled and released clockwise to unwrap the cord. After plugging the machine into a power outlet, the indicator light keeps blinking for 30 seconds after which the steam mop gets ready for use.

There is a steam trigger on the underside of the handle that should be pressed when you need steam and released when you don’t.


● 2 in 1 machine
● Disposable pad for dirty pet messes that you want to dispose of immediately
● Dry Tank Technology
● Scent disks for removing odor
● Indicator light


This mop features both a steaming system and Vacuuming all at once. Basically, homes with pets, as well as hardwood floors, need to disinfect floors regularly.

Steam does an excellent job in doing this. It will work just the same for your ceramic, granite, linoleum, or even marble floors.

How amazing it is, with a press of a button, you can turn on or off a particular feature. It also comes with a reusable and disposable mop. Pads with a perfect attachment that would not get in the way of other functions.

The mop weighs 9.74 pounds, which people say is heavy, but we find it’s not.

It comes with a microfiber scrubbing pad, a soft microfiber pad, a steam boost tray, a mop pad tray, and disposable pads (for removing pet messes that you want to throw away).

This machine has all it takes for you to clean up those pet messes entirely off your hardwood floor because of its Cyclonic action that makes removing pet hair and debris from hardwood floors a breeze.

The Drop-it Tank Technology helps to clear off the tank without coming in contact with the dirt.

The Bissell brand has been a long supporter of the pet Foundation and has a mission of saving pets for producing a floor cleaning machine for pet production is one of such ways they render their support.


1- Dry tank technology keeps the dirt in the tank dry.

2- It has pet odor eliminating scent disks

3- Built for easy emptying of dirt tanks.1- Different cleaning functions

4- Heat and steam control in your hands

5- It has an excellent length (and is height adjustable) that makes it easy to maneuver

6- Works on a variety of floors: Ceramic, tile, sealed hardwood, linoleum, granite, and marble

7- The steam function can be used simultaneously while vacuuming.


1- Wrapping the cord is not a breeze.

2- The tank is small for the vacuum. But this product is mostly used as a steam mop.

Best Hardwood and Carpet Cleaner – Rug Doctor Flex Clean

Let’s talk about this All-in-one deep cleaner (Click to see the price on Amazon) that handles both your hardwood floors as well your carpets.


As it is an all-in-one cleaner, it comes with a carpet attachment, which can be switched with the hard floor cleaner squeegee as and when required. The machine has a pretty good quality handle which has a nice feel to it when you place your hands over it.

The water tank (clean water) is at the top part of the machine which comes out with a push of a big red button. The tank itself is of a generous size which opens just like a water bottle. Just turn the tank upside down and place it over its holder, and it will click right into it.

At the bottom part of the machine, there is a knob that has 2 settings: Carpet deep clean and Hardwood floor. Just rotate and point the know to towards the setting of your choice.

Just towards the bottom right of the knob is the handle release, which can be pushed with your feet to unlock the machine for maneuverability.

Towards the right of the handle release is the setting for Upholstery or floor cleaning. Click down the one that’s right for your work and the machine will start off.

There is another tank (dirty water) at the bottom part of the cleaner, which will need to be emptied when the dirty water gets collected in it. Just lift it with the built-in handle and it will come right off. This tank also has a water bottle-like cap that can be opened for throwing away dirty water.


The rug doctor flex clean hardwood floor cleaner is perfect for eliminating stubborn food and drink stains, dirt, pet messes, kids messes, and spills from Sealed Hardwood floors as well as carpets as the machine has two nozzles.


Even your laminate, concrete, tile, and marble floors need cleaning. And this machine handles those floors as well.

It is also efficient in eliminating foul odors from rugs and carpets. The machine can be easily maneuvered to clean the floor from different angles, corners, and areas under the furniture.

You will be able to change the flow for different chores, whether deep cleaning of carpets, regular dry cleaning, or hardwood floor cleaning.

Rug Doctor has been in the cleaning industry since 1972, so it is a brand you can trust. The products are covered under warranties and this one comes with a five-year limited warranty.


1- It has three optimized spray rates.

2- Removes both old and new stains.

3- It can be used on all types of floors and carpets.

4- Cleans back and forth easily with swivel steer.

5- It has 2 tanks.

6- In 3 passes, it cleans up the stained carpet.


1- The wheels can run over wet patches and you might have to go over them again.

2- As it is a heavy machine, your work will be slower.

Bissell Powerfresh Lift-off Pet Steam Mop


This cleaner is a pretty nicely designed machine. The white and orange color of the product is not too harsh on the eyes.

As a steam mop, it is nice and tall. To keep it still in the vertical position, just push it to a 90-degree angle, and it will stay. When you want to release it and start using it, just hold the base in place with your foot and pull the handle towards you.

The machine works as a steam mop until the steamer is not detached. Upon detaching the steamer, it converts itself into a steamer. To release the handheld steamer out of the mop, just push the big orange button on the mop and pull the steamer out.

On the left side, there is a little silicone reservoir door that can be opened to fill the reservoir with water and can be closed by simply pressing on it.

The steamer part of this floor cleaner has an indicator light and button controls over its top. When you plug it into an outlet, the ‘ready’ indicator light will turn on. Then you will need to press the on/off button before you choose ‘HI’ or ‘LO’ mode.

As soon as you are done pressing the buttons, the machine will start bubbling and you can hear the sound of it.

Now you can start mopping your floor and you will see the steam coming out.

There is a scrubby brush that comes built with the steam mop. It’s at the bottom. You need to bring it down into a scrubbing position with your feet and it will click. When you’re done scrubbing, you can release it back by pressing a little white button with your feet.


The Bissell Powerfresh hardwood floor cleaner (Click to see the price on Amazon) is an excellent choice for a hardwood floor cleaner. It is relatively safe to use in homes with pets, as the steam disinfects the floors and no harsh chemicals have to be used.

This steam mop has a 2 in 1 feature. That means you can easily convert it into a handheld steamer. That is very practical!

The steam mop comes with extra tools: a grout cleaner, a window squeegee tool, an extension hose, bristle scrub brushes, an Angle tool (for steaming pet carriers and toys), a flat scraping tool, and a fabric steamer.

The heater warms up in 30 seconds. The company claims to remove 99.9% of the germs and bacteria. The machine comes with different steam modes, which you can choose based on your preference.

All Bissell products contribute towards saving homeless pets.


1- Mopping is a breeze as you do not have to make too much effort in pushing it back and forth.

2- It comes with an extension hose that lets you clean hard-to-reach places.

2- 2 in 1 product: steam mop and a handheld steamer

3- It comes with many extra tools.

4- Fabric steamer for pet beds and furniture.


1- It can break down with frequent use.

Light ‘N’ Easy Steam Mop


This is a 2 in 1 lightweight hardwood floor cleaner (Click to see the price on Amazon) crafted to make your cleaning exercise easy. You can easily convert this cleaner into a handheld steam cleaner for cleaning windows, furniture, bathrooms, etc.

It comes with a steam mop and steam mop pads, a water tank, and a 20ft long power cord. The device is safe to use in homes with pets and children as it only uses water and no chemicals.

You can choose between High, Medium, and Low steam depending upon the floor type you are working upon as too much steam is not good for your wood floors.

A very interesting feature is the Intuitive Smart Switch, enabling the machine to stop steaming if you drop it in an upright position. This saves your hardwood floors.


1- 30-second Fast heat-up removes sticky stains and grease.

2- It is lightweight and easy on the back.

3- Safe on the skin for kids and yoga people as it only needs water.

4- It can be used on different floors.

5- It is convertible into a handheld steamer.

6- Stops steaming in an upright position.


1- Some find the cord to be short.

Best Hardwood Floor Mops

Hardwood floors naturally require a little bit of water with or without minimal heat attached to them. To ensure that hardwood floors are kept neat and reduce the risk of typical damages, we advise using proper equipment while cleaning them.

Using mops is the best way to ensure adequate hardwood floor cleaning as its soft surfaces allow for the smooth removal of specks of dirt on the floor, but not all floor mops are suitable for hardwood floors.

This section will explain the types of hardwood floor mops that would ensure that the floor is kept clean and tidy as hardwood floor is an investment, and one has to be keen while dealing with its cleanliness.

Here’s our top pick:

Shark Genius Hardwood Mop


This specific mop is designed mainly for hardwood floors as it has incredible features that make it exceptional. Shark genius (Click to see the price on Amazon) is a Steam Mop with three different steaming levels that make you choose the amount of steam you want to impact your floors as it helps to ensure that the wood wouldn’t get extra hot or damped.

The mop head flips over when one side gets too dirty to allow you to use the other part to continue cleaning, and the mop comes with two mop heads and a fantastic feature that will enable you not to touch it while loading and uploading the pads.

Shark genius hardwood mop is specially made for hardwood and thus making them essential for home cleaning. It is the best-rated hardwood mop with multiple steam settings and textured pads for adequate cleaning.


1- Triple steam setting
2- Dual-sided reusable pad
3- No-touch feature


1- No light indicator

Braava Jet M6 iRobot Mop


Do you know that there are hardwood mops that you could control without even touching them? Interesting! Right?

With the Braava Jet M6 (Click to see the price on Amazon) by the robot industry, you can easily control the spray mop with your cellphone as this mop knows when to spray mist your Hardwood and learn how to charge itself at its base.

Not only does this mop know how to charge itself, but it also has motion sensors that allow it to notice and rectify any obstruction on the way, which would make it stop. This particular feature has made a lot of mop owners go wildly in love with it.

For the mind-blowing part, the Braava Jet M6 mop knows the right function to clean multiple rooms using learning tech. This hardwood mop is expensive, and it is quite advisable to choose the correct solution to use by the mop.


1- Multiple functions
2- Self-charging ability
3- Smartphone controlled.


1- Uses one solution for different floorings
2- Very expensive

Best Hardwood Floor Cleaner: Buying Guide

Many industries and homes use hardwood floors for their covering, making the hardwood floor very popular across the globe. Hardwood floor gives an undisputed taste of class, comfort, and luxury itself.

Therefore, choosing the best hardwood floor cleaning machine is a duty that one should carry with precautions as hardwood we are dealing with. Maybe you plan to get your wooden floor, or perhaps you want to know the best wooden floor cleaner suitable for cleaning, then relax and sit tight.

In this section of the article, we will discuss how to choose the best Hardwood cleaner for your wooden floor and other details that would guide your way into choosing the best floor cleaner for yourself.

How To Choose The Best Hardwood Floor Cleaner?

Just like choosing the best vinyl floor cleaning machine, getting the best Hardwood floor cleaning machine can be relatively easy when you are fully aware of the task at hand.

Hardwood floors are durable and comfortable, and easy to clean, but it doesn’t mean that you have to neglect them.

If we ignore them, they will begin to deteriorate and look dull, making them lose their quality. So, how do you choose the best Hardwood floor cleaner?

1- Consider Your Purpose

The first and foremost thing to know while choosing the best Hardwood floor cleaner is to recognize the primary purpose for which you want it. Cleaning hardwood floors can mean using vacuums, polishing, waxing, or even sanitizing them.

It is essential to know that multiple functions can have a say in price, so while choosing a Hardwood floor cleaner, consider the purpose for which you want to get it. It might be for vacuuming or polishing.

It depends on your goal, and bear in mind that multiple functions go with a more generous amount.

Versatile 360 hardwood floor cleaner and Multipurpose hardwood floor cleaner are the two examples of hardwood floor cleaner with the multipurpose hardwood cleaner as a steam cleaner, which shows capability as the steam eliminates germs and bacteria clean stain easily as the high steam temperature removes stains quickly even without the use of detergent or homemade cleaning solutions which saves money and time.

2- Know The Type Of Your Hardwood Floor

Knowing the type of hardwood floor you have also determines the type of cleaner you have to buy for it. Different materials require different cleaning equipment, although much water is not needed in cleaning hardwood floors, which makes it quite economical.

3- Nature Of Operation

No one wants a complicated way to operate hardwood cleaners. Thus, a balanced steam mop and balanced lightweight mop is described as the best Hardwood cleaner for your homes as it is straightforward to use.

While choosing a Hardwood floor cleaner, it is essential to choose an easy-to-operate steam mop to reach places and comers that we desire.

Most steam mops come with tanks that allow you to fill water, which is quite time-consuming, so when choosing, select steam mops with simple designs as it aids to reduce time spent on cleaning.

4- Steam Adjustment

A proper steam mop, which is used to clean hardwood floors, contains a switch with which the amount of steam is regulated as different stains require different steam levels.

Hence, all steam mops have a steam selection switch to control the amount of steam used, and other products remain unchanged, which is a fascinating factor to note while choosing a Hardwood floor cleaner.

5- Changeable Hardware

It will be a regret if our cleaner gets broken and there is no way to replace them when choosing a Hardwood floor cleaner. Therefore it is advisable to ask the seller about the spare parts of the product if they get spoilt.

Accessories are essential because they play a massive role in making sure that you get the best user experience.

They ensure the appropriate functions of the machines. Some accessories include extra pads, Cleaning heads, cleaning solutions, etc.

6- Affordability

Yes, price is an essential factor in choosing hardwood floor cleaner. We should all bear in mind that manually handled tools are cheaper than tools with multiple functioned tools. Those with numerous accessories tend to be quite expensive than ones without accessories.

Hardwood floor cleaner that costs less than $100 is quite good and trustworthy with useful functions. But it can’t be compared to the ones above $100 as they are for top-notch experiences and have more cleaning ability than everyone would like to have.

They may even come with multiple accessories that aid in the best user experience.

Ones below $100 are budget-friendly and provide a good cleaning experience but to own an acceptable cleaning product that satisfies your desire, and you have to be very keen on choosing the particular one as the best cleaning material might be the one you can pay for

Best Hardwood Floor Cleaning Machine: FAQs

This section will be covering some frequently asked questions as regards the best hardwood floor cleaning machine and here are some of them.

What is the best thing to use to clean wood floors?

The process of cleaning hardwood floors becomes effective and easy when you use the right equipment for the cleaning exercise.

For effective and thorough cleaning of your hardwood floors the essential equipment you need is a complete hardwood floor cleaning machine. The hardwood floor cleaning machine has specialized features which will enable you to make the most out of the cleaning exercise.

Also, there are hardwood floor mops you can employ in the cleaning process. so basically the best thing to use in cleaning your hardwood floor is the best hardwood floor cleaning machine.

How Do Professionals Clean Hardwood floors?

professionals clean hardwood floors is it the same way anyone who wants to have a perfect hardwood floor should clean theirs. for professional cleaning of your hardwood floors, you must dry mop, sweep and vacuum out all the dirt at least on a weekly basis.

Professionals start sweeping and removing the dust on the floor and then proceed to deep cleaning the hardwood floor with a hardwood floor cleaning machine to eliminate all the stains and grimes on the floor.

They also use a tested and proven hardwood floor plan to ensure that the hardwood floor shines and has a nice scent after the cleaning process.


Hardwood floors require dedicated maintenance and cleaning to maintain and retain their shine and beauty. For this to happen, the services of a hardwood floor cleaner should be employed. The ease, comfort, and speed accompanied by this machine’s use are unparalleled and ideal for every home with a hardwood floor.

We have dutifully created a comprehensive guide to choosing the best hardwood floor cleaner for all types of hardwood floors in this article. We believe without a doubt that you have acquired the essential knowledge to help you make the best choice of a hardwood floor cleaner from the market.

All products reviewed in this article are suitable for use. However, you should consider your budget and your personal needs before opting for one. If you still encounter any challenges in cleaning your hardwood floor, you can call on experts around your area, and you will receive help. Ensure you buy your best hardwood floor cleaner from licensed vendors and marketplaces such as Amazon.


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