Can You Use Fabuloso For Laundry? (+ DIY Laundry Detergents)

Can You Use Fabuloso For Laundry

You may be in a situation where you have run out of laundry detergent. Can you use Fabuloso? Will it ruin laundry? What are the other options you can use instead of laundry detergent?

This article covers the use of Fabuloso in laundry and fabrics and alternatives to laundry detergent.

Can You Use Fabuloso For Laundry?

You can use Fabuloso for your laundry because it contains surfactants, which help to loosen and trap dirt and take it away from the surface. But it may harm the fabric if used on a regular basis.

However, Fabuloso is a multi-purpose cleaner and the manufacturer recommends using it only on specific surfaces. Fabuloso is formulated to clean hard, non-porous surfaces. Using it to wash laundry on a long-term basis may irritate the skin and spoil the fibers of the clothing items.

Although the pH level of Fabuloso is neutral, it is not formulated for cleaning laundry. It is better to use detergents specific to laundry as they are specially designed for various types of clothing materials.

How Do You Use Fabuloso for the Laundry?

Fabuloso has 3 products in their range. There is Fabuloso, Fabuloso Complete and Fabuloso Wipes. For a deeper clean, Fabuloso Complete contains extra active ingredients.

If you are using Fabuloso for laundry, it may be better to use the regular Fabuloso, so it is kinder to the skin and fabric.

If you’re machine washing:
You can use ½ a cup of Fabuloso together with the normal laundry detergent for a regular load of laundry. The clothes will come out smelling of the fresh and long-lasting scent of Fabuloso.

If you are handwashing the clothes:
Pour half a capful into a bucket of warm water. Let the clothes soak for about 20 minutes to remove dirt and stains, and then wash as normal.

Is There a Possibility of Fabuloso Staining Clothes?

It is natural to wonder if Fabuloso, due to its purple color or other colors, will leave that color behind. Fabuloso will not stain clothes but is great at removing stains.

People, however, use Fabuloso to remove stains from fabrics, and here’s what to do:

Make a spray solution by mixing water and 1/8 cup of Fabuloso. Spray this over a stain and add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide. Blot the area with a wet cloth and put the item in the laundry for a regular wash. Do not rub the area as it may cause the stain to spread.

Make sure your fabric is stain remover safe, when you choose to use Fabuloso to remove a stain.

Using Fabuloso as a Fabric Softener Is Not a Good Idea!

Fabric softeners make clothing softer and fluffier to the touch. They also keep the clothes wrinkle-free. However, Fabuloso cannot be used as a fabric softener, nor should it be substituted for one.

The ingredients in a fabric softener are not the same as in an all-purpose cleaner like Fabuloso.

A natural alternative for fabric softeners is baking soda. Add ½ a cup to the rinse cycle of your laundry.

Another alternative is vinegar. Add ½ a cup of vinegar to the fabric softener dispenser. This will be used in the final rinse cycle and will make the clothes soft.

Fabric Couches and Fabuloso

Fabuloso is meant to clean hard, non-porous surfaces. It is not designed to clean porous materials such as the fabrics of couches and sofas. You should not even use Fabuloso to clean your Leather couches.

Using Fabuloso on fabrics and upholstery can potentially discolor and spoil the material.

The cleaning tag on the couch or sofa will indicate what to use to clean the item:
X – vacuum only
S – use a solvent-based cleaner
W – use a water-based cleaner
W/S – use either solvent or water-based cleaner

The alternatives to clean fabrics and other upholstery are using commercial upholstery cleaners specially formulated to clean fabric, or using DIY kits.

DIY Kits for Cleaning Couch Fabrics:

  • Remove stains using water with a few drops of dish soap, or an upholstery cleaner. Vacuum the sofa or couch. Sprinkle baking soda, let it sit for 30 minutes, and then vacuum it up. This will remove odors and other mild stains.
  • You can also use a solution of water and vinegar (1 cup each) to blot any stains. First, try it out in an inconspicuous area to check if there is any discoloration.

Does Fabuloso Bleach Clothes?

Fabuloso does not contain bleach nor does it bleach clothes with its existing ingredients. However, it is good to do a small test with an old piece of cloth and some Fabuloso to see if there is any discoloration. Certain types of material such as silk, wool, mohair, and leather should not be bleached.

Fabuloso Spring Fresh with Bleach Alternative contains ingredients to help remove tough stains and dirt. Use as per the instructions indicated on the label.

In any case, do not mix Fabuloso with bleach. Mixing Fabuloso and bleach will result in chlorine gas which is toxic and harmful to you.

To bleach white clothes (ensure they can be bleached by checking the label) and towels, soak them in cold water and bleach (1/4 cup bleach to 1 gallon of water). Stir them and soak for 10 minutes. You can add laundry detergent to remove dirt. Rinse the clothes in cold water to remove the residue and hang to dry.

Some Do’s and Don’ts of Using Fabuloso

There are certain things you can and cannot do with Fabuloso.

1- Dilute Fabuloso with water to clean hard surfaces and remove stubborn stains.
2- Fabuloso is safe to use on sealed wood surfaces and not other wood surfaces.
3- Do not use Fabuloso to wash and clean dishes. Fabuloso should not be ingested under any circumstance.
4- Do not heat Fabuloso for any purpose as heating will release certain chemicals that can cause respiratory issues.

5 Things You Can Use When You Run Out of Laundry Detergent

Running out of laundry detergents can happen to the best of us. There are alternatives easily found in the house that you can use, such as:

1- Baking Soda

Baking soda is a natural product that will clean clothes and remove tough stains and odors. Put a cupful of baking soda in the drum and then put the laundry in. Run the cycle as normal. The clothes will turn out to be fresh and clean.

You can also use baking soda and bar soap if you want to replace your commercial laundry detergent.

To do this, grate a bar soap and melt it in a pan with a bit of water. Stir in the melted soap and 2 cups of baking soda in 2 gallons of water. Pour the mixture into a reusable container and use ½ a cup every time you need to do your laundry.

2- White Vinegar

Vinegar is a great alternative for laundry detergent. Vinegar will brighten and whiten clothes. It is also a natural fabric softener. Despite its pungent smell, vinegar will remove odors and leave clothes smelling fresh. The smell of vinegar will also vanish away in time.

Just add a cup of white vinegar to the detergent dispenser.

3- Borax

Borax, or sodium borate, is a powdery white mineral. Add ½ a cup to your laundry and run the cycle as normal. Borax will make white clothes whiter. Borax also softens hard water.

4- Dish Soap

You can use dish soap, but just a small squirt, to avoid suds and foam from spilling out of the machine. Add ¼ cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle to remove excess soap and for that extra clean.

Remember, one small squirt is enough, otherwise, the excess bubbles and soap can ruin the machine.

5- Empty The Old Container

Rinse the laundry detergent container and empty it into the washing machine. There will be enough to do one load of laundry.

For clothes that need to be hand-washed, you can use the following:

1- Shampoo: For a few items of clothing, a squirt of regular or baby shampoo can be used.
2- Bar of Soap: Use a bar of soap to handwash the clothes. Soak the clothes in hot water with a few shavings of the soap and wash as normal.

All the above are safe substitutes for laundry detergent and are common items that can be found around the house. Some of them may even turn out to be better and more effective than your regular laundry detergent.

Final Thoughts!

Fabuloso is meant for hard, non-porous surfaces and should be used only on those kinds of surfaces. Doing laundry with it once in a while is alright but regular use will affect the fabric and your skin.

While it can be used mixed with detergents such as Tide, long-term use is not advisable.

Using Fabuloso is not advisable for such upholstery. There are commercial cleaning agents available for couch and sofa fabric, specially made to clean such materials.

Household items such as baking soda and vinegar can be used to substitute laundry detergent and will not damage clothing items.

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