Fabuloso vs Fabuloso Complete (6 Comparisons!)

Fabuloso vs fabuloso complete

Fabuloso can confuse people with its many scents and the two different ranges of its multi-purpose cleaners. But these two different ranges, known as “Fabuloso” and “Fabuloso Complete” are made up of a few different ingredients and have different purposes.

Fabuloso vs Fabuloso Complete

1- Difference in Ingredients

Fabuloso (Regular) IngredientsFabuloso Complete Ingredients
Water: A solvent for the other ingredients to dissolve in.
-Sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate, C9-11 Pareth-8, sodium c12-15 Pareth sulfate, and sodium Laureth sulfate: Create foam to lift dirt and grime off of surfaces when mixed with water.
-Sodium chloride thickens the product.
-Glutaral is a preservative that helps maintain the shelf life of the product.
-Citric acid adjusts the pH of the product.
-Benzo triazolyl dodecyl p-Cresol helps maintain the color of the product. Colorants and fragrances provide the desired coloring and add an irresistible scent to the product.
Water: This is the solvent base of the product and allows other ingredients to combine.
Sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate and C9-11 Pareth-8: These are surfactants, meaning that they create the foam for the product, allowing it to easily lift dirt, grease, and grime from surfaces.
-Sodium chloride thickens the product.
Lactic acid: Adjusts the pH of the product and is antimicrobial and is a descaler.
-Hydrogen Peroxide: This is used for removing tough stains and disinfecting. It is also a bleaching agent.
-Colorants die the product a desired color and fragrance gives the product a flavorful scent.


Regular Fabuloso uses citric acid while fabuloso complete uses lactic acid in the formulation. Both these acids are meant to adjust the pH level of the products. Both these are also descaling agents. However, Citric acid can be a little hard on germs and can disinfect to some extent.

The main difference between fabuloso and fabuloso complete is their active acids and the use of hydrogen peroxide in some of the fabuloso complete products.

Hydrogen peroxide in 2 fabuloso complete products, the fabuloso complete floral burst, and the cool mist, add a bleaching property that helps get rid of stains. It is also effective in getting rid of viruses and fungi, stopping the growth of yeast and spores, and killing micro-organisms on surfaces.

It is especially effective in places that stay moist such as sinks and bathrooms, preventing the musky smell that forms due to organisms growing on these wet surfaces.

2- Difference in Effectiveness

Regular Fabuloso

Fabuloso is an effective cleaner that gets rid of grease, grime dirt, and soil from surfaces. It also has a thick formulation meaning that it can sit on surfaces for longer as you clean them. This is effective especially when cleaning bathroom walls and toilet bowls since the product will not run into the drain as soon as you apply it on a surface.

Fabuloso multi-purpose cleaner also suds up well when using it. It creates a very thick lather, especially when used in its concentrated form making it easier for dirt and grime to lift off surfaces for an effective clean, with little effort put in.

Fabuloso Complete

Fabuloso complete has been reported to have a slightly thinner formulation as compared to fabuloso multi-purpose cleaner, but this does not affect the effectiveness of the product.

Since fabuloso complete has a stronger formulation, it is also better at removing tough grease, limescale, and hard water residue stains on almost any surface. Its more aggressive formula will remove these problems while being gentle on your hands and leaving behind a pleasant scent. After the surface is dry, it will not leave behind a chemical smell.


Since fabuloso complete has a stronger formulation that has hydrogen peroxide, it will deep clean your home more effectively than fabuloso multi-purpose cleanse formula.

Fabuloso complete will also produce lesser suds, which some people might think a hassle to deal with as those can leave the floors sticky sometimes.

3- Difference in Scents

Regular Fabuloso

Fabuloso multi-surface cleaner has a wide variety of scents to pick from including lavender, lemon, passion of fruit, ocean paradise, citrus and fruits, tropical spring, spring in bloom, and spring fresh. The scents enable customers to be spoilt for choice.

Fabuloso Complete

This range has 3 different scents: Sparkling Citrus, Cool Mist and Floral Burst


Regular fabuloso has more choices when it comes to scents.

4- Difference in Surfaces Cleaned


Fabuloso multi-purpose cleaner can be used on kitchen surfaces, sealed wood, cookers and ovens, bathroom floors and walls, etc. This product can be used on any surface in your home as long as it is hard and non-porous.
If you use it to deodorize laundry, ensure you dilute the product.

Fabuloso Complete

Fabuloso complete is also intended to be used on hard non-porous surfaces such as floors, walls, bathrooms, etc. However, due to the presence of additional active ingredients in this range of Fabuloso, you can expect a deeper cleaning of those same surfaces. Also, this range is better at removing limescale and soap scum.

Be careful to only use fabuloso on wood surfaces that have been sealed. Stained wood surfaces will be stripped of the stain color and may also leave your wood exposed to water damage.

5- Effects on Children & Pets

Regular Fabuloso

Fabuloso multi-surface cleaner can be used around pets and children in a diluted state. The sweet, clean scent that fabuloso products provide may be too intense for children and pets to handle.

You can also choose to use the product when the pets and children are out of the house and open your windows to allow for proper ventilation as you work. The scent will still linger in your home for you to enjoy but will not be intense enough to affect others in the home.

Fabuloso Complete

Two fabuloso complete formulations have hydrogen peroxide which may be an irritant to children and pets leading to a running nose, watery eyes, or sneezing due to irritation in the nose and chest.

To avoid this, dilute the fabuloso complete cool mist formula and fabuloso complete floral burst.

6- General Cost Comparison

Fabuloso multi-purpose cleaner costs about 0.09- $0.45 per fluid ounce. Fabuloso complete cleaner costs from $0.20- $0.45 per fluid ounce.

So, Fabuloso Complete is more expensive than the regular Fabuloso.

Pros of Fabuloso

Fabuloso has advantages including:

1- Fabuloso comes in an easy-pour bottle. All you need to do is twist the cap on the bottle and use it as desired.

2- Fabuloso multi-purpose cleaners come in a concentrated solution that gives you a lot more product for your money. Unlike the ready-to-use pre-diluted solutions, fabuloso gives you the opportunity to dilute the product yourself, making you use less product per use.

3- Is very sudsy. The sudsy component of the fabuloso multi-surface cleaner enables dirt and grime to be lifted off surfaces. This makes cleaning easier and more effective, especially on heavily soiled surfaces.

4- Fabuloso products enable customers to have multiple scents to choose from for their cleaning needs. This makes sure that if one scent is too strong or not strong enough for you, you have others that can cater to your specific needs.

Cons of Fabuloso

1- The fabuloso scents may be too strong and irritating for people with sensitive noses. They may make a person sneeze or have a running nose. Fabuloso also doesn’t offer a neutral scent with no fragrance, which puts people who prefer scentless products at a disadvantage.

Pros of Fabuloso Complete

Fabuloso has perks and downsides including:

1- Fabuloso complete is an effective cleaner. Fabuloso complete has a tougher more potent formulation. This is because the complete line integrated the power of hydrogen peroxide.

It is a powerful, bio-degradable agent that adds to the degreasing power of cleaners and also provides an effective surface clean to get rid of many micro-organisms. It also has bleaching properties that can be used even on clothes to make them brighter.

The addition of hydrogen peroxide has also made fabuloso complete good at bleaching-stained white surfaces such as sinks or floors and giving them back their white color.

2- The product is less sudsy and thinner than regular Fabuloso. This makes the floors less stickier.

Cons of Fabuloso Complete

1- Aggressive formula that may be irritating to some customers. The addition of hydrogen peroxide to the fabuloso complete line may make the product more potent, which may negatively affect pets and small children.

People have different levels of tolerance to ingredients in a formula. Some people may not be affected at all by the ingredients in fabuloso complete while others may show sensitivity to it.

Comparison Table

Regular FabulosoFabuloso Complete
EffectivenessIs an effective cleaner, but less effective than fabuloso complete.More effective than fabuloso multi-surface cleaner due to the added ingredients.
Surface cleanedCleans hard non-porous surfaces and when diluted, can also be used on fabrics to deodorize them.Cleans hard non-porous surfaces and when diluted, can be used to bleach white and colored clothes to get rid of stains and limescale and also to deodorize.
ScentsFabuloso multi-surface cleanser has many scents to choose from as compared to fabuloso complete.Fabuloso complete has a range of only 3 scents, which may limit the customer in case your preferred scent is not provided.
CostsLess Expensive per liquid ounceMore Expensive per liquid ounce

Final Thoughts!

If you need a cleaner that should be able to deep clean (and disinfect to some extent), do not mind spending a few extra bucks, are happy with a limited range of scents, then you may opt for Fabuloso Complete over the regular Fabuloso, otherwise, Regular Fabuloso is just fine for regular cleaning.

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