Does Fabuloso Kill Spiders? (With DIY Spider Repellants)

Does Fabuloso Kill Spiders

Fabuloso is a household cleaner used to get rid of grease, grime, and soil on hard non-porous surfaces and to deodorize the home, as it leaves a clean scent after each use.

People have diversified the use of this cleaner and it is now also being used for other purposes such as deodorizing laundry, getting rid of stains on clothes, and Killing ants & roaches.

But does fabuloso kill spiders? We will see if Fabuloso can be used to kill spiders & their eggs in the yard, plants, and cars. We’ll also look at the household items to get rid of these nasty creatures and ways to prevent them.

Does Fabuloso Kill Spiders?

Fabuloso can be used to get rid of spiders in and around your home. Fabuloso complete sparkling citrus multi-purpose cleaner is a registered pesticide by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and is labeled as a federal insecticide, fungicide, and rodenticide.

Although not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of killing spiders, fabuloso is a good alternative if you are skeptical about using toxic insecticides and pesticides in your home.

You might be opposed to using traditional pesticides because of their toxic nature that may be harmful to your pets or little kids since the toxins can remain on surfaces and be accidentally ingested.

Fabuloso will repel and kill insects in your home while leaving a sweet clean scent.

Another added benefit of using Fabuloso instead of a regular pesticide is that you do not have to deal with that awfully terrible smell that traditional pesticides leave behind.

If You Have Spiders IN THE YARD

Do not use fabuloso to kill spiders in your yard. The solution may be effective in killing the spiders but it will also kill your vegetation along with them. This is because the ingredients, such as sodium laureth, in the cleaner can cause an imbalance in the pH levels of the soil and prevent the plants from taking in nutrients required for them to flourish.

The lack of nutrients and the sudden acidity of the soil caused by fabuloso will make the plant leaves fall off and eventually turn brown. After a while, they will wither and die.


Fabuloso can be used to get rid of spiders around plants as long as the product is not used directly on the plants.

Some plants such as sunflowers and other plants with bright colored flowers easily attract spiders to your home. This is because the flowers attract other insects that spiders use for food.

A good way to prevent your plants from being attacked by spiders is to spray around the plants’ pot a concentrated fabuloso solution and let it dry. This will deter spiders from building webs on and around your plants.

If You Have Spiders IN THE CAR

There are damp and warm places inside or around your car. Spiders can enter the car through the hood and stay in these places or they may even choose to hide in the side view mirrors.

Fabuloso can be used to get rid of spiders in the car. To do this, mix a ¼ cup of fabuloso in a gallon of water and use it to wash the mats in your car and wipe down surfaces where the spiders might hide.

You can also put a small amount in a spray bottle and spray a light layer on your seats and other absorbent surfaces in your car. Leave the car doors open for up to an hour to enable the surfaces to dry before putting everything back in your car.

After that, you will notice a nice fragrance in your car that you will enjoy but will deter all spiders and other insects from making a home out of your car.

Fabuloso & SPIDER EGGS

Fabuloso products do kill spider eggs also. Fabuloso contains sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate which is poisonous to both spiders and their eggs and will effectively get rid of them.

Spray concentrated fabuloso solution in the problem areas where spiders keep re-occurring in your home such as in dark corners or in cracks in your home.

Doing this will chase away already existing spiders and kill any eggs that they leave behind.

Not all multi-purpose cleaners can kill spiders. For example, Lysol will not be able to kill spiders instantly but will incapacitate them for some time.

How to Use Fabuloso to Kill Spiders?

To kill spiders around your home, you can either opt to use the concentrated solution in its full strength or dilute it with water.

For a Diluted Solution: Mix ¼ cup of fabuloso with 2 cups of water in a spray bottle. Spray this solution in areas with spider infestation and also around your window sills and door entryways.

This will kill the existing spiders while also preventing their entry into your home.

For a Concentrated Solution: Put the fabuloso concentrate in a spray bottle and use it in corners, cracks, and crevices around your home. This solution is more effective in killing spider eggs than the diluted solution.

Note that undiluted Fabuloso can leave the surfaces sticky afterward.

Household Items That Repel/Kill Spiders

There are other at-home solutions you can use to get rid of spiders when you don’t want to use fabuloso or pesticides. These methods are just as effective without being harmful to your environment.

1- Incorporating Insect Repellant Plants

Plants such as lavender, eucalyptus, catnip, or peppermint are good at repelling spiders and other insects.

You can plant them around your home or in flower pots (if you don’t have a lawn) and place them on windowsills and in entryways. You can also place them in corners that you’ve noticed the spiders seem to enter through.

Plants like cedar wood also protect your home from spiders, gnats, lice, etc. but you don’t have to plant them. You could buy a bag of cedar wood shavings and mix these shavings with your mulch when planting around your home. It will protect your plants from spiders and also protect your home.

2- Use Essential Oils around Your Home

Mixing in some essential oils in your cleaning water is a good way to repel insects from entering your home. Put a few drops of essential oil of choice in your cleaning water and mop your floors or wipe your countertops. It will leave a sweet fresh scent around your home while deterring insects from entering.

Good essential oils to consider could include eucalyptus, tea tree oil, cedarwood oil, and peppermint oil.

You can also opt to spray it around your home. Put a cup of warm water in a spray bottle and six to 12 drops of your essential oil and mix thoroughly. Spray this mixture around entryways, dark corners, and window sills to prevent entry of pests.

3- Cinnamon

Spiders and other insects are said to dislike the smell of cinnamon and avoid those areas where it has been used. You can use cinnamon powder or break-up cinnamon sticks and place them in corners where the spiders seem to like building their webs.

Another way of going about this is to make a spray by mixing in 1 tablespoon of cinnamon or 2 cinnamon sticks with hot water and let it sit for an hour. Put this concoction in a spray bottle and spray it around your home. This is an effective natural spider repellant.

You can also use a cinnamon-scented candle and let it burn in your home to repel insects from getting in.

4- Apple Cider Vinegar

Mix one cup of apple cider vinegar with ½ a cup of pepper and 1 teaspoon of dish soap in a spray bottle and shake well. Spray this mixture on areas where you see spiders and in cracks and crevices where spiders access your home from.

The acidic nature of this mixture will deter spiders and other insects from entering your home.

The downside of using this is you have to wipe down the areas you spray it on since both apple cider vinegar and pepper are colored and will stain the surface if left to sit for too long.

5- White Vinegar

Vinegar acts in a similar manner as essential oils. The smell of the acetic acid in white vinegar prevents insects from entering your home.

Put a cup of water in a spray bottle and a quarter cup of vinegar and mix. Spray this mixture in corners and dark areas in your home, around your doors, and window sills. You could also spray this mixture inside cracks in your home or small spaces where insects seem to gain entry into your home.

To kill a spider, spray the vinegar solution directly over it. It will burn the spider’s skin, thus killing it.

What Attracts House Spiders?

There are certain conditions that make it conducive for spiders to gain entry and stay in your home. They include:

1- Environment

Some spiders are attracted to damp places around your home such as under sinks and in kitchen cabinets while others seem to be attracted to dry warm areas such as vents and air ducts.

Some spiders are also known to build their webs only in enclosed spaces and wouldn’t typically build their webs outside.
This enables them to be safe from predators and other seasonal elements that would lead to their death. Some of these spiders build one web or another in your home at some point in their life and take permanent residence in them.

2- Insects and food

You might notice that spiders build their webs around light sources in your house. It is important to note that spiders are not attracted to light and only build their webs around light sources because light attracts other insects such as mosquitoes, flies, moths and other bugs that spiders can feed on.

How to Prevent Spiders?

There are some measures you could take to hinder spiders from setting up in your home including:

1- Regularly Cleaning Your Home

Spring cleaning is very important when it comes to keeping spiders out of your home especially because insects and other animals that could invade your home are coming from hibernation and you need to put in measures that will hinder their entrance into your home.

To properly clean, dust and remove all the webs in your home. Follow it up with thorough vacuuming in crevices in your seats and in your curtains. Mop your floors with your cleaner of choice.

After your home is cleaned thoroughly, use either your homemade or store-bought insect repellant to keep the spiders out.

2- Using Insect Repellant

You could buy insect repellants marketed toward killing spiders, roaches, flies, and other pests that could enter your home. They come in sprays, ultrasounds, wax strips, and tapes.

An ultrasonic repellant device for mice, spiders, rats, and roaches works by pulsing electromagnetic waves that keep pests away. It is silent and can be placed in various spots.

Final Thoughts!

Fabuloso is a great cleaner that also keeps spiders and other insects away from your home.

Just ensure that you don’t get it on surfaces that people eat from regularly or on dishes when spraying it around your home. It is also advisable to leave your windows open when using the concentrated fabuloso to air out the space and let it dry without overwhelming your pets and children with the concentrated scent.

Here is our article on the effectiveness of Fabuloso in killing fleas.

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