How Much Fabuloso to Use in Your Laundry

How Much Fabuloso in Laundry

Many people want the fresh smell of Fabuloso not only in their homes but also in their clothes. Can you use Fabuloso in your laundry? How much Fabuloso can you safely use for your laundry?

How Much Fabuloso to Use in Your Laundry

People use Fabuloso to do their laundry due to its awesome fragrances. There is Lavender, Passion of Fruits, Ocean Paradise, Tropical Spring, and Spring in Bloom.

Whilst the pH level of Fabuloso is neutral, it should not be used for laundry regularly. The instructions clearly state that Fabuloso should be used on hard, non-porous areas. Clothes are soft and porous.

To clean the clothes and remove stains, combine the Fabuloso fragrance of your choice with some laundry detergent.

There should be a balance so that the clothing fibers are not damaged while dirt is effectively removed.

What If You Use Too Much Fabuloso in Laundry?

How much is too much Fabuloso? Usually, a maximum of 2 caps is enough. Using too much Fabuloso in your laundry can have the following effects:

1- A lot of suds and bubbles can be created. This means the washing machine will need extra water and energy to rinse the soapy residue completely. This means your machine cycle will run for longer. Too many suds can also damage the machine or reduce its life.

2- A strong scent will be left on the clothes, which may start irritating your skin, eyes, and nose. It can also trigger allergic reactions.

3- The clothing fibers can get damaged, especially the ones made from delicate fibers such as silk and wool.

4- The washing machine pipes can get clogged up due to the soap and dirt residue. Dirty water may not be effectively drained out and can be redeposited back on the clothes. (Source)

Always use the right amount of laundry detergent and Fabuloso in your washing machine. You will know if you use too much Fabuloso if your clothes smell strongly of it.

What If You Use Too Little Fabuloso in Laundry?

Too little would probably be around less than ½ a capful of Fabuloso. If you use too little Fabuloso for your laundry, the result could be as follows:

1- Clothes remain stained and dirty.

2- Clothes will not smell fragrant.

3- You may need to handwash them to remove the dirt and stains, thus wasting time and water.

4- You may need to run a cycle again if the stains are stubborn. Again, this wastes time, water, and energy.

Using the right amount of Fabuloso and laundry detergent will result in perfectly clean and wonderfully scented clothes.

How to Use Fabuloso for Laundry?

The steps for using Fabuloso for laundry, as well as how much to use, are provided below. The steps are for both handwashing, as well as machine washing the clothes.

Steps to Handwashing Clothes Using Fabuloso

STEP 1: Gather your clothes and soak them first in the water.

STEP 2: Dilute 2 caps of Fabuloso in a bowl of water separately, mix well, and pour the solution into the bucket of soaking clothes. If the clothes are few, 1 cap should be enough.

If you have run out of laundry detergent, baby shampoo or any gentle bar soap is a good alternative to use, alongside Fabuloso.

STEP 3: Let the clothes soak in the solution for a few minutes, and then gently handwash each one.

STEP 4: Rinse the clothes well after washing. Make sure you remove all the soap and bubbles from the clothes.

STEP 5: Wring out the clothes and let them air dry.

STEP 6: If you have a washing machine that has a rinse cycle, use that to rinse out the water.

Steps to Washing Clothes in a Washing Machine Using Fabuloso

STEP 1: Load your washing machine as usual with dirty clothes.

STEP 2: Pour your usual laundry detergent into the dispenser in the washing machine.

STEP 3: Pour in ½ to 1 cap of Fabuloso (depending on how much laundry you have) into the fabric softener compartment.

STEP 4: Run the cycle as usual.

Note that Fabuloso should not be heated so if you are running a hot cycle, do not use Fabuloso. (Source)  As stated above, it is advised not to use Fabuloso on a long-term basis. Fabuloso’s ingredients will differ from that of a regular laundry detergent. The long-term effect on the skin, as well as the clothing fibers, may be negative.

Alternatives to Using Detergent

In case you run out of laundry detergent, there are other alternatives, such as:

1- Baking Soda: This cleans clothes as well as removes any odors and is friendly to clothing fabric too. Sprinkle 1 cup of baking soda directly in the drum along with your clothes and run your cycle as usual.

2- Oxygen-based Bleach: It is safe to use on white as well as colored clothes. Oxygenated bleach can remove stains. Add ½ a cup directly into the drum and then put in your dirty clothes. Run your laundry cycle as normal.

Caution: If you are doing the laundry of a baby or child, it is advisable not to use Fabuloso. Their skin is sensitive and since Fabuloso is not a laundry detergent, it may cause irritation. Use the options stated above.


Due to its delightful fragrance, it is very tempting to use Fabuloso in your laundry. However, long-term use is not advised due to possible negative effects on the clothing fibers as well as your skin. If you must use it, a capful together with your laundry detergent is enough for a regular load of clothes. Do not use it if you are washing clothes in a high-heat setting. Also, stop using it if you notice any skin, nose, or eye irritation as it could be due to your freshly laundered clothes.

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