How to Clean a Cowhide Rug? (6 Steps!) + Tips!

Clean a Cowhide Rug

You placed your cowhide rug at maybe a high traffic spot in your place and it is begging for a cleanup. Or maybe you placed it somewhere else and it still managed to accumulate dirt.

Although resistant to stains, cowhide rugs are technically made of pure leather. So excess water could easily damage them. Now, that makes cleaning them, a tricky task.

This article will explain how to get the job done without damaging your rug. Although cowhide rugs offer easy cleaning, you still have to use the right procedure.

How to Clean a Cowhide Rug? – 6 Steps

Cleaning a cowhide rug can be

Below are the steps to use when cleaning your cowhide rug.

1- Shake It

This is the first step when cleaning your cowhide rug. Carry the rug outside and shake it off to remove debris and dust before cleaning.

Although some people choose to avoid this step and go directly to vacuuming, shaking your cowhide rug loosens the debris for easy vacuuming.

facts about cleaning
facts about cleaning

2- Use a Vacuum

After shaking and removing most of the debris and dust, vacuum your cowhide rug. Vacuuming helps to keep your rug tidy and also inhibits stain formation. Experts recommend vacuuming your rug in the direction of the hairs.

3- Brush It

Now that you are done vacuuming, you need to brush the rug. Regular brushing keeps your cowhide rug looking new and neat.

Brushing also helps remove any stains that might have been left behind after vacuuming and dusting off.

4- Use Shampoo

A mixture of water and shampoo is perfect for cleaning small stains on the cowhide rug. It is an effective way to keep your rug looking clean and smelling fresh. Even sheepskin rugs can be well cleaned with just water and shampoo.

1- Put water into a bucket.
2- Add shampoo to the water.
3- Stir the mixture for uniformity.
4- Dip a sponge into the mixture, and then squeeze it to remove excess water.
5- Use the sponge to clean the stains off your cowhide rug. Also, avoid shampoos containing alkaline elements.

5- Dry the Rug

After cleaning, you need to dry the rug. Avoid drying machines since they can damage the cowhide rug. Using natural sun in the drying process preserves the fur.

However, avoid exposing the ‘hair’ side to direct sunlight. The hide should face the sun.

6- Store your Rug

While storing your cowhide rug, don’t just fold and shove it in the closet. Instead, roll the rug well without creasing it, and then place it in a cool, dry place.

Here is a quick recap:

1- Shake the rug off to remove debris and dust before cleaning.
2- Vacuum it in the direction of the hairs.
3- Brush it to remove any remaining stains.
4- Clean the stain using a sponge dipped in a solution of water and shampoo and squeezed.
5- Dry the Rug outside.
6- Store your Rug in a cool and dry place.

Removing Grease Stains

If your cowhide rug gets grease stains, do not fret.

1- First, scrape off the grease stain using a brush or any other tool with hard bristles. You can use a little Eucalyptus oil in the process.

2- After scraping, use the Eucalyptus oil and a wet cloth to rub the stain off. Add some water to the cloth for effective and easy cleaning.

3-Repeat the process until the stain vanishes.

How Do You Clean Dog Urine From a Cowhide Rug?

If your pet decides to pee on your cowhide rug, getting the smell and stain out can be a pain in the rear. However, I have a quick solution for you.

We will use vinegar for pH balance and to remove odor.

You’ll Need:

1- Water (2 glasses)
2- A Tablespoon of white vinegar
3- Sponge
4- Baking Soda
5- Vacuum Cleaner

Here are the steps to follow:

1- If the stain is very fresh, immediately soak it up using a sponge and follow the next steps. If it is a dry stain, proceed to the next step.

2- Prepare a solution of water and white vinegar.

3- Apply the solution over the stained area by dabbing it with a sponge.

4- Take the rug outside and let it dry. Let the side of the hide face the sun. We are drying it outdoors to protect the floor from moisture, which damages it, especially wooden floors.

5- After completely drying the rug, sprinkle Baking Soda and allow it to stay over the area for 24 hours.

6- Now, after 24 hours, vacuum the baking soda.

These same steps should be used to clean coffee, wine, juice, vomit, or tea spills.

How Do You Clean Dog Poop off Cowhide Rug?

Just like cleaning dog pee, you will still need to use baking soda and water. You can also add non-bleach soap in a white vinegar solution for quick cleaning.

However, never use bleaching chemicals.

Such chemicals could cause discoloring or lightening of the rug colors.

Cowhide Rug Cleaning Tips

1- Perform a spot test on a small portion of the rug.

2- Do not use harsh chemicals like bleach.

3- Protect the floor from excess moisture when cleaning your cowhide rug. Water causes the leather to shrink.

4- Do not use excessive heat when drying the rug.

Related Common Questions

Can a Cowhide Rug Get Wet?

Yes! Cowhide rugs can get wet. And it isn’t a good thing. You should avoid using excess water when cleaning your rug.

In case your rug is already wet, you can dry it by placing it on a dry towel or through sun drying. But make sure to let the side with hair never face the sun.

Can You Steam Clean a Cowhide Rug?

You can steam your cowhide rug. However, always regulate the heat so that you don’t damage the fur. Be careful with the amount of water you use. Too much water will cause the leather to shrink.


Now you have insights on how to clean a cowhide rug. Just ensure you use the right products to avoid damage. Avoid bleaching agents at all costs.

Also, use the right temperatures when drying the cowhide rug.

Follow the above steps and you’ll be able to restore your cowhide rug.


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