5 Steps | How to Clean a Sheepskin Rug (Quick Guide)

How to clean sheepskin rug

I know that you have that fancy sheepskin rug that gives off those super luxury vibes because of its aesthetic appeal and texture. You definitely love its feel against your body, and I bet you have been playing around with it.

Now you have dropped something over it or it has collected dirt with the passage of time.

Whether a sheepskin rug or a cowhide rug, cleaning these is not rocket science but you need to be careful. Let me walk you through the methods that you need to follow to get that rug clean and soft again.

Important Things To Note Before Cleaning a Sheepskin Rug

1- Check the rug label for cleaning instructions.

2- Only wash with lukewarm water.

3- Always brush out knots before washing.

4- Do not hand wash or machine wash synthetic sheepskin rug.

facts about cleaning
facts about cleaning

5- Use only recommended sheepskin rug detergent or shampoo.

6- Do not squeeze when trying to dry the rug.

7- Avoid drying in direct sunlight or a hot environment.

Everything To Know About Cleaning Your Sheepskin Rug

Sheepskin rugs can either be natural or synthetic. The natural ones are made from sheepskin, while the synthetic types are produced using synthetic fiber.

Both natural and synthetic sheepskin rugs require adequate care and maintenance to keep them in excellent condition and preserve their soft and fluffy texture.

1- Check Instructions for Recommended Cleaning Methods

Before cleaning a sheepskin rug, you should check the label for the recommended maintenance methods and cleaning processes.

This is important because not all sheepskin rugs can be cared for in the same way, and failing to adhere to these instructions can lead to premature wear and tear of your rug.

However, note that not all rugs come with cleaning instructions or labels. In that case, it is best to stick to conservative methods.

2- Remove and Shake

After checking the label for the recommended cleaning process, remove the rug from its location, and shake thoroughly to eliminate debris and dust accumulated in the rug.

3- Brush Thoroughly to Remove Knots & Prevent Matting

Have you seen those rugs that have tangled furs and coarse surfaces? This is caused by matting, which results from the presence of dirt in the rugs.

While removing dirt from the rug, you should gently brush the rug’s surface to avoid matting.

Brushing the rug should not be limited to when you want to clean the rug; it should be a regular practice, at least once every week.

4- Cleaning Methods

You can wash sheepskin rugs in different ways. The method of cleaning depends on the type of the rug, its size, the instructions on the label of the rug if any, and, your personal preferences.

Hand Washing

Here are the exact steps:

1- Fill up the sink or a large washbasin with tepid water

2- Pour some sheepskin detergent or shampoo in it and immerse the rug in the water

3- Move the rug around in the water

4- scrub gently with your hands or brush until you are sure that it is clean.

5- After this, drain the water and fill the tub with clean water to rinse.

Machine Washing

If you are machine washing the rug, follow the below steps:

1- Set your machine to a maximum temperature of 100° F

2- Add wool shampoo or detergent to the water, and set the machine’s cycle to a spin cycle to avoid wrinkling.

Note: Do not use warm or hot water for this, and do not try to dry it with the machine at a high temperature.

Spot Cleaning

Sometimes, you may see stains and dirty spots on your rug. These stains do not usually require you to clean the entire rug.

1- Use a damp cloth and a sheepskin shampoo or detergent to scrub the dirty surface gently.

2- If you perceive a foul odor while cleaning spot stains, spray baking soda on the rug and leave it for a few hours to get rid of the foul smell.

And that’s it!

Dry Cleaning

Earlier in this article, I mentioned 2 types of sheepskin rugs; natural and synthetic. Some of these faux rugs may have been dyed during manufacturing to give them a bright color.

Hand washing or machine washing these faux rugs will result in the rugs losing their color.

In light of this, if you use a synthetic sheepskin rug, dry cleaning is your best bet at taking care of your rug without causing any damage to its appearance.

5- Drying the Rug

The way you dry a sheepskin rug after washing will significantly impact its appearance and quality. Do not dry a sheepskin rug under direct sunlight because it might cause it to become stiff and lose its fluffiness.

1- As soon as you are finished washing, remove the rug from the tub or washing machine and squeeze gently until the water stops dripping.

2- Lay the rug out in a cool environment for a few hours to allow it to dry properly.

3- To prevent matting, brush the rug while it is still drying.

Why is it Important to Clean Your Sheepskin Rug

Here are some obvious reasons:

• Cleaning ensures long-term usage of the rug.

• The possibility of matting is reduced.

• It gives the rug a fresh and clean look.

• It reduces the risk of accumulating germs and contaminants.

Cleaning Dog Urine from Sheepskin Rug

Pets can leave dirty spots and stains on your rug and cause the rug to give off a nasty smell.

1- Spot clean the rug with a damp cloth and a sheepskin shampoo/detergent.

2- After getting rid of the dirty spots caused by the urine through the spot cleaning process, use baking soda to get rid of any foul odor.


Can you use a washing machine to clean a sheepskin rug?

Washing a sheepskin rug in a washing machine is one of the many ways to clean it. However, it would be best to do this with lukewarm water with the machine set to a moderate temperature (About 100 degrees).

It is also important to note that drying a sheepskin rug at a high temperature in a washing machine can cause it to become stiff.

Can you Dry Clean a Sheepskin Rug?

Dry cleaning is usually recommended for sheepskin rugs that are dyed or synthetic to preserve their color. In contrast, machine or hand washing can cause them to lose their color.

How to Restore a Matted sheepskin Rug?

Inadequate care for sheepskin rugs is one of the leading causes of matting in a sheepskin rug. If your rug has become matted, one way to restore it to its soft and fluffy state is by using a sheepskin brush to brush out the matted parts gently.


Cleaning a sheepskin rug requires a special kind of attention. One wrong step, such as using the wrong detergent, machine washing at a high temperature, or drying in direct sunlight, can cause irreversible damages to the rug.

Furthermore, you can maintain a sheepskin rug’s fluffiness by regularly brushing it with a sheepskin brush.

I hope I was able to crystallize it for you.


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