How to Get Makeup Out of Carpet (Easy Ways!)

How to Get Makeup Out of Carpet

That Makeup stain is constantly bothering you and you don’t want to wait anymore to get rid of it. Congratulations! You landed on the right article.

These stains can ruin the look of your carpet. No wonder people find removing makeup from surfaces such as carpets to be a huge challenge.

In case you are wondering, ‘what items do I need to get makeup out of carpet?’, maybe dozens of commercial products are coming into your mind.

However, there are stain removal tricks that only involve the use of household items. In this article, I’ll be taking a look at a few of those tricks that will remove lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, or powder makeup stains out of your carpet.

How to Get Eyeshadow Out of Carpet

Just like other forms of makeup, eyeshadows can be tough to clean. This is because they are made to last for a long time on your face with their oil-based texture. So technically, the same thing can happen when they get on your carpet.

However, you can always take them out with the use of two special methods.

Method 1


1- Glass cleaner (Optional)
2- Water
3- Vinegar
4- Washcloth

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facts about cleaning


Here’s what to do.:

1- Take a washcloth and dip it into a mixture of vinegar and water.
2- Dab at the stain until it disappears.

Alternatively, you can get a glass cleaner, which contains ammonia that can easily clean off stains. Spray the stain so that it gets damp. Once this is done, just rub it with a clean washcloth or towel.

Method 2


1- Water
2- Hydrogen peroxide
3- Microfiber cloth (3)


1- Start by dabbing the stain with a small amount of hydrogen peroxide.

2- Allow the hydrogen peroxide to sit for 5 minutes.

3- Blot the stain with a clean microfiber cloth but avoid scrubbing.

4- Get a clean moist microfiber cloth and wipe off whatever hydrogen peroxide is left.

5- Use another microfiber cloth to dry the area.

How to Get Foundation Out of Carpet

What should you do if you push a bottle of foundation from your table onto your carpet? Well, you need to act fast and proceed with the following steps.


1- Makeup remover
2- Ammonia
3- Clean Cloth (2)
4- Spoon


1- Immediately clear out the excess foundation from the carpet using a spoon.

2- Pour some makeup remover on the affected area and let it sit for about 5 minutes.

3- Blot the area gently with a clean cloth.

4- Add a small amount of ammonia and blot once more.

5- Clear the area by dampening a new cloth and dabbing at the spot.

How to Get Lipstick Out of Carpet

Makeup stains on carpets can be very tricky to deal with. Here are a few steps to help you take care of that:

Method 1


1- Dishwashing soap
2- White vinegar
3- Water
4- Towel
5- Sponge


1- Prepare a cleaning solution by mixing 1 teaspoon of white vinegar and 1 teaspoon of dishwashing soap in 1 – 2 cups of water.

2- Blot the stain with a sponge after applying the solution to the area.

3- Blot the area dry with a clean towel.

Method 2


1- Nail polish remover
2- Sponge
3- Towel


1- Make sure your nail polish remover is pure acetone.

2- Apply the acetone directly to the stained area and wait for 5 minutes.

3- Blot the area with a sponge.

4- Use a clean towel to dry the area by dabbing.

How to Get Powder Blush Out of Carpet

Blush can also be a tricky substance to clean up. Luckily, powder blush is a lot easier to handle than its cream counterpart as you can take care of its stains with a few household items.

Follow the below steps to get that stain off completely without damaging your carpet.


1- Vacuum cleaner
2- Towels (3)
3- Shaving cream
4- Dishwashing soap


1- Gently vacuum the powder on the stained area. (To avoid spreading the powder, don’t use an upright model that has a beater bar.)

2- After ensuring all loose powder has been removed, blot the area with a moist towel.

3- Apply a tiny scoop of white foam shaving cream to the area and let it sit for 1 minute.

4- Work the foam into the carpet with a new moist towel. Go in circular motions and the stain will start to break down.

5- Dab the area with another lightly wet towel to soak up the foam as well as the stain.

6- Once the stain disappears, use a mixture of dishwashing soap and water to clean the area.

How to Get Highlighter Out of Carpet

Highlighters are used by almost everyone these days. Having them stain your carpet won’t be much of a big deal as they are easy to clean.


1- A white cloth
2- A paper towel
3- Clean towel
4- Laundry detergent


1- Get a moist paper towel and blot the stain.

2- Prepare a solution by mixing 1 teaspoon of laundry detergent in 2 – 3 cups of lukewarm water and apply it to the stain.

3- Use a white cloth and blot the area again.

4- Clean the area with some lukewarm water and use a clean towel to dry.

How to Get Other Powder Makeup Out of Carpet

There are various forms of makeup that come in powder form. We’ve seen how to clean powdered blush but not others. Powder might sound like a very easy thing to clean, but this is sometimes not the case.

Method 1


1- Makeup remover
2- Cleaning Cloth


1- Apply a few drops of basic liquid makeup remover to a clean cloth.
2- Dab the affected area with the cloth until the makeup comes out.

Method 2


1- Vacuum cleaner
2- Dishwashing soap
3- Warm water
4- Towel


1- Vacuum the stained area several times to remove all loose powder.

2- Apply some dishwashing soap over the stain and rinse with warm water.

3- Cover the area with a clean dry towel and add weight to it.

4- Ensure it soaks up the water by letting it sit for a minute before removing the towel.

5- Repeat the process until the stain is completely gone.

Bonus Tip

After getting your carpets clean, it’s advisable to take some precautionary steps to avoid staining them again.

This includes laying a sheet or towel over the area where you work with your makeup, as this will reduce direct spills over the carpet.


Cleaning your carpet after a makeup stain can be a tough thing to do. You might feel the need to hire a carpet cleaning service. But the methods I have shown will work and you will save those dollars.

If you are also interested in knowing how to get soap out of carpet or Rust out of carpet, then we have those guides as well.


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