How to Get Makeup Out of Carpet (Easy Ways!)

getting makeup out of carpet

If you use makeup you can’t avoid stains on your carpet because you can’t be too careful, especially if you have kids. If getting makeup stain out of your carpet has always been difficult for you then this article is for you. We have listed and explained simple methods and steps to make the task very easy.

How to Get Makeup Out of Carpet?

Makeup materials are many and getting them out requires different methods and steps. Some makeup materials are powdery while some are greasy or oily. Whichever one spilled on your carpet, we have listed simple and easy steps to get rid of it.

Eyeshadow or Black Makeup

Black colored makeup like eyeliners, mascara, black or dark eyeshadows, etc. is highly visible on the carpet (especially if your carpet has bright coloring). Black color can also be very difficult to get rid of as it can smear and become worse ruining the carpet.

You’ll Need

1- Baking soda
2- Ammonia
3- Vinegar
4- Water
5- Spray bottle
6- Bowl
7- Gloves
8- Towel


STEP 1- Spread some baking soda over the black makeup and use your fingers to work it into the stain. Just lightly massage it over the stain in circular motions.

STEP 2- Vacuum the baking soda up and repeat this process two times more.

STEP 3- Mix 1 part ammonia and 4 parts water in a bowl and pour the solution into a spray bottle.

Caution: Make sure to wear gloves while working with when mixing ammonia with water as it can cause skin irritation.

STEP 4- Spray the makeup spot thoroughly with this solution. While you are wearing gloves, massage the solution into the makeup stain gently. If you aren’t wearing gloves, use a spoon to do it.

STEP 5- Blot the spot with a towel. Just press a folded towel on the spot and press it lightly. It will soak up the moisture from the ammonia solution and the makeup will fade.

You may need to repeat step 4 two or three times before the makeup is completely removed from the carpet.

STEP 6- You need to neutralize the ammonia to get rid of the smell and prevent it from damaging your carpet. So spray some white vinegar on the spot you just cleaned and blot it with a dry towel.

STEP 7- Pour some cold water on the spot and blot it with a towel again to get rid of the ammonia and vinegar residue.

Other Colors

Makeup materials like foundation, contour, bronzer, concealer, and eyeshadow come in colors different from black. Most range from dark brown to light brown and eyeshadow comes in different colors like green, red, pink, etc. To remove these bright colors from your carpet, follow the steps below.

You’ll Need

1- Shaving cream
2- Water
3- White towel
4- Bowl


STEP 1- Spray the makeup stain with some water. It shouldn’t be in excess so it doesn’t damage the carpet. You just need enough to make the carpet damp.

STEP 2- Use a corner of a damp white towel to dab the makeup stain repeatedly. This blots out the stain gradually.

You don’t necessarily have to use a white towel but it’s easy to track your progress when you use it. You can easily see how much of the makeup is getting off by looking at the towel.

Dab the makeup stain, rinse the towel in a bowl of water to get the color out, and repeat the process.

STEP 3- When most of the stain is out and the towel isn’t getting out anymore stain from the carpet, pick up your shaving cream. and spread some on the remaining stain and use your fingers to work it into the carpet in circular motions. Do this until the shaving cream lathers.

STEP 5- Spray a little bit of water on the carpet and cover the carpet with a dry fluffy towel. Press the towel on the carpet and let it soak the excess water and shaving cream in the carpet. You can rub it lightly to make the process faster.

STEP 6- Remove the towel and let the carpet air dry or use a dryer.

Lipstick and Foundation

These two makeup materials can be very hard to get rid of because they are oil-based. They are very greasy and easily make a mess if you aren’t careful.

You can use multi-purpose cleaners like Dawn, Fabuloso, Lysol, etc. to get these out because cleaners like these break down grease easily. If they don’t work, try this method below.

You’ll Need

1- Butter knife
2- 3% hydrogen peroxide
3- Towel
4- Water


STEP 1- Get the excess lipstick or foundation out of the carpet to prevent it from making a mess on the carpet while you clean. You can use a butter knife, spoon, or tissue paper.

STEP 2- Spray 3% hydrogen peroxide on the makeup stain. Just enough to get the carpet damp.

STEP 3- Let the hydrogen peroxide sit on the carpet for 1 minute. It helps to break down the makeup and makes it easier to remove it.

STEP 4- Spray a section of a white towel with hydrogen peroxide until it is damp. If you sprayed excess on the towel, wring it out.

STEP 5- Use the damp section of the towel to blot the makeup stain. Just dab it gently.

The makeup will start transferring to the towel. When that section of the towel is dirty, spray another section with hydrogen peroxide and blot the carpet again, until the carpet is clean.

STEP 6- Spray the carpet with water thoroughly and spread a dry white towel on it. Press the towel into the carpet to absorb the excess water. This is to get rid of hydrogen peroxide residue from the carpet.

Instead of hydrogen peroxide, you can use eye makeup remover or rubbing alcohol. The steps are the same.

Powder Makeup

This is usually in form of dust so it doesn’t make much mess on the carpet and is easier to get rid of. But sometimes, id the powder gets scattered all over the carpet, it may be bit of a challenge to get it off.

You’ll Need

1- Vacuum cleaner
2- Dish soap
3- Water
4- Wet vacuum
5- WD 40


STEP 1- Vacuum the carpet. This gets rid of the powder dust and ensures they don’t spread to other parts of the carpet. If you’re lucky, this may be all you need to do.

STEP 2- If the powder leaves a residue then you need dish soap and some water. Mix a few drops of liquid dish soap into warm water.

STEP 3- Damp a towel with soapy water and blot the powder stain. The powder will transfer from the carpet onto the towel easily.

STEP 4- If there are residues left, spray some water on and WD 40 on the makeup stain and vacuum with a wet vac. It will get all the makeup out.

Final Thoughts!

Whether it is black/dark makeup or eyeshadow, or colored makeup (lipstick, eyeshadows, foundation, powder makeup, etc.), it can be removed from a carpet in simple steps.

If you are also interested in knowing how to get soap out of carpet or Rust out of carpet, then we have those guides as well.

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