How Much to Tip House Cleaning Service (Quick Guide!)

how much to tip house cleaning service

Surely, you just Hired a professional cleaning service to tidy your house or are planning to do so. In any case, it is quite a way to save time and stress. But I am sure that you have been stumbling over the following:

1- Should I Tip the house cleaner?
2- How much should the tip be?
3- How often should I tip the cleaner if it is an ongoing project?

Although tipping is not compulsory and there are no definite answers to the questions regarding tipping home cleaners, our guide will direct you on how much to tip cleaning services to help ease the disarray.

Should The Home Cleaner Be Tipped?

Surely enough, people who render their services love to be rewarded for their effort through the tips you give them.

But when it comes to home cleaners, there are quite some factors that determine how much they be tipped, factors like quality of work done, state of your home, employment status, and whether the home cleaner should receive tips.

Let’s have a look in detail:

1- State of Your Home after the cleaning service

Suppose you have a very unkempt kitchen and an unusual messy bathroom that suddenly looks astonishing after the home cleaner has touched it, won’t you think it’s necessary to tip him or her?

facts about cleaning
facts about cleaning

You would see that giving tips for the job well done is not only a means of encouragement to them but also a satisfaction to you from the inside.

2- Quality of work performed

It is essential to note the quality of the work rendered before giving out tips. If the house cleaner has performed an inferior job, then there should be no tip at all, but on the other hand, if there has been an outstanding performance, tips should usually be given to such a person.

3- Employment status of the cleaner

Some home cleaners work for companies and some for themselves; thus, home cleaners can be employees or self-employed persons.

Most times, agencies pay minimum wages, making home cleaners depend on tips to make extra money. Most companies have a rule that doesn’t allow them to receive tips.

If your home cleaner is working with an agency that doesn’t accept tips, he or she would gladly decline the generous offer.

But if your home cleaner is self-employed, you should know that the scenario here is quite different from a home cleaner sent by an agency. A self-employed cleaner can charge either higher or lower than the cleaner working for an agency.

When it comes to tipping self-employed cleaners, you should know that it is not too important as tipping someone from the agency, but regardless, you can either give them or save it up for a more significant gift during a festive season.

How Much To Tip a Home Cleaning Service?

If you have decided to start tipping your home cleaner, you might still want to know how much you should give as tips and how often you should do that.

For this reason, you would have to consider whether you always have a particular person as the home cleaner, what are the types of cleaning services needed, and the suitable tipping rates as all these are etiquette to proper tipping.

1- Same Home Cleaner

Perhaps, you have the same home cleaner visiting your house based on the services you applied for. It is quite encouraging to tip either at the end of a week or even a month instead of giving little money per day.

Still, if you do not receive the same person every week, it would be appropriate to leave tips when you feel it’s necessary as you would not know when to see the same cleaner again.

2- Type of Services Required

Knowing the type of cleaning services you need is one of the significant steps to knowing how much tip to give out.

If you intend to book a one-time cleaning service that does not require hiring cleaners often, you would want to offer a one-time tip or even not offer anything at all, but if you have multiple cleaning sessions, you would have to choose how to give out tips.

3- Deciding on Tipping Rates (3 Important Points)

1- If you have hired a home cleaner for a one-time cleaning job, tips like $10 to $20 per cleaning are useful tips.

2- If you receive an excellent job from the home cleaner, tips ranging from 18-20% of the pay rate can do the job. You can add more if you wish.

3- If you know that your home cleaner solely depends on the tips they receive, you can consider increasing the tips by 20%.

But tips solely depend on the area you live in as they significantly affect the tipping rates.

Alternative Tipping Methods

As much as cash is the only form of tips, certain house owners prefer to give certain things in place of cash as tips. So in this scenario, it is advisable to give gifts in place of cash or presents if you are in a festive season.

If you have developed a friendship with your house cleaner, getting a bottle of wine for the cleaner is also the right way to tip them.


Although not compulsory, Tipping is a means of appreciation that grants joy and encouragement to the receiver and satisfaction to the giver.

Adequate knowledge of the kind of job to be done, the size of your home and even the home cleaner’s employment status would help you know the right way to grant tips. Starting from 15-20% of the rate is an excellent way to tip home cleaners, but it is your choice.

The home cleaner will not fail to perform his or her duty as long as they get paid, but on the other hand, a little appreciation for scrubbing your floors, bending over to clean your toilet won’t go down the drain.


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