How to Clean a Bathroom Floor with Shaving Cream (3 Methods)

So it is clear that you want to get rid of the foul smell of urine and other stuff from your bathroom. Not only this but you also want to get that floor sparkling clean because the current condition embarrasses you.

You have probably been using different cleaning products for your bathroom floors, but there’s always that stain that still sticks out like a sore thumb, and there seems to be nothing you can do about it. You want to get rid of it in a cheap and effective way.

It may be time for you to consider a new method of cleaning using shaving cream. You would be surprised with what a $5 shaving cream can do for your bathroom floors, and as a bonus, for that fogged mirror in your bathroom.

What Makes Shaving Cream Suitable For Cleaning Bathroom Floors?

Shaving cream is popularly used to moisturize and lubricate the beard to soften it up so that it can be cut easily. If you have ever taken the time to read the label on your shaving cream, you would have discovered that it contains similar substances found in cleaning products that you use at home.

Do not worry!

I won’t bore you with the chemical composition of shaving cream. These substances in a shaving cream are responsible for the hydrating and lathering (foaming) properties.

Thanks to these properties, your shaving cream can also break down and dissolve stubborn bathroom floor stains. The nice smell of shaving creams also makes them great for ridding your bathroom of the foul smell of urine.

Some people say that the foam destroys the Uric Acid crystals in the pee.

NOTE: It is not advisable to use this method on a wooden floor because wood is absorbent, and shaving cream can damage the wood finish and cause discoloration.

How to Clean a Bathroom Floor with Shaving Cream (3 Methods)

Method 1: For Routine Weekly Cleaning

You should use this method once every week or at least once every two weeks.


Shaving Cream
Rubber Gloves


1- Clear the bathroom floor and remove all items lying on the floor.

2- Wear a glove in one hand and apply the shaving cream on all parts of the floor making sure to spread it to all nooks and crannies, with your gloved hand. A thin layer of foam will do the job.

3- Allow the shaving cream to sit on the floor for about 15 minutes before rinsing. Do not let the shaving cream dry.

4- Use a squeegee to wipe and collect all of the shaving cream onto your dustpan.

5- Get a wet rag and use it to wipe the remaining shaving cream away from the floor. You can also use a mop instead.

6- Allow the floor to dry naturally.

Method 2: For Disinfecting & Getting Rid of Urine Smell

Most times at home, especially if you have kids that can’t pee without getting a few drops on the floor, you are likely being greeted by the foul smell of urine every time you take a trip to the toilet.

With shaving cream, you can say goodbye to the lingering smell of urine in your toilet.


Spray Bottle
Shaving Cream
Rubber Gloves
Microfiber cloth
Rag / Towel


1- Clear the Floor

Remove all items (that you won’t be needing) from the bathroom floor to allow access to all the areas of the floor affected by stains. Empty all cabinets and shelves in the bathroom and keep the items in a place from where you can easily recover them.

2- Disinfect All Surfaces

This is where your vinegar and spray bottle come to use. Vinegar contains acetic acid, which makes it a good disinfectant for surfaces that harbor germs.

A. Mix one part vinegar with two parts of water in the spray bottle and spray the solution over the bathroom floor and walls.

B. When you are sure that you have covered all the areas of your bathroom, use a clean microfiber to wipe the surfaces.

3- Apply the Shaving Cream

A. After disinfecting and wiping the surfaces, the next thing to do is get your shaving cream and spray it on your bathroom floor. Ensure that you reach corners too; you can spread the shaving cream around using a gloved hand.

B. Leave the shaving cream on the affected areas for about 15 minutes to allow it to dissolve the floor stains. If the shaving cream starts drying before 15 minutes, proceed to the next step.

4- Rinse the Floor

By now, the shaving cream should have dissolved the stains on the floor; the next thing to do is to get a pail of water and a clean rag, preferably a towel.

A. Soak the towel in the water and use the towel to rinse the shaving cream away from the floor, and repeat the process until all the shaving cream is gone from the floor. During this process, you may need to rinse the towel because it may begin to foam.

Alternatively, you can clean the shaving cream from the floor using water and a mop.

B. Allow the floor to dry naturally, and watch your bathroom floor shine and sparkle.

After you are done with the process, you should immediately begin to notice the difference in your toilet smell.

Method 3: Removing Mildew from White Grout in Bathroom Floors

This method uses Bleach in addition to shaving cream.

Here bleach will do the mildew removal but to let it stay for a long period, shaving cream’s thickness is needed. As bleach could discolor darker grout and surfaces, it is recommended for only white grout.


Shaving Cream


1- Mix Bleach and Shaving cream in equal parts.

2- Apply this mixture to the grout lines on your shower floor.

3- Let it stay there overnight. The shaving cream will provide the thickening needed for the bleach to sit vertically on the grout overnight.

4- Rinse with running water in the morning.

Using Shaving Cream for Bathroom Mirrors

Are you keeping a list of all the things that you can do with shaving cream? Well, you can also add this to the list.

One very common problem with mirrors in the bathroom is that they get foggy now and then, especially on days when you have a hot shower causing a lot of water vapor in the air that later cools and settles on the surface of the mirror.

Wiping down the mirror with your hand or another dry cloth is a temporary solution that can only last for about 5-10 minutes.

However, with shaving cream, you can easily get rid of fog from your bathroom mirror and ensure that it remains fog-free for a couple of weeks.

The next time you notice fog appearing on your bathroom mirror, use this method:


Shaving Cream
Clean towel


1- Spray a little shaving cream over the surface of the mirror.
2- Use a clean towel to wipe it off. You do not need to use water to try and clean the mirror afterward. After a while, you should observe your mirror sparkling and shining.

Since this process is not a permanent solution, you may have to repeat it twice a month.

Here is a detailed guide with more methods to clean mirrors using shaving cream.

Using Shaving Cream to Clean your Shower Door

Shaving cream can leave a film on glass surfaces that makes it harder for the scum to stick to it. This will lead to less or no fogging.


Shaving cream
Dry rag


1- Spread the foam on your shower door and let it stay for 2 minutes.
2- Use a dry rag to wipe the foam away.

Common Causes of Bathroom Stains

Bathroom floor stains are not uncommon, and one would expect that with the amount of soap and water used in the bathroom, the stains would be minimal. However, that is not usually the case.

Some of the most common stains found in bathroom floors include the following:

• Stains as a result of exposure to soap spills, urine, dirt, and dust particles.
• Stains from mold and mildew, which is usually a result of poor ventilation in the bathroom.
Scum from the soap left after your bath or even after mopping the bathroom floor.

Tips for Bathroom Floor Maintenance

The bathroom floor happens to be a breeding ground for many germs and microorganisms. Some of these germs are responsible for causing infections and diseases if they come in contact with our bodies.

Here are some of the tips for maintaining your bathroom floor:

1- Disinfect and clean your bathroom floor regularly. This is one of the easiest ways to keep your bathroom floor in good condition and also safeguard the health of you and your family members.

2- When cleaning, try as much as possible to reach all the hard-to-access areas of the floor with small brushes.

3- Open bathroom windows to allow ventilation. Lack of ventilation in the bathroom can result in moisture build-up. The moisture can give room to the growth of mold.

4- Always try to keep your floor dry when it is not in use, regardless of the kind of floor finish used.


Using Shaving cream will not only clean your bathroom floors but also leave a pleasant odor eliminating the urine smell. So if you have small kids at home, these methods are really handy for you to use.

Also, many people would like to clean their bathroom floors without using a mop, so shaving cream can be a good alternative to mopping.

For deep cleaning and disinfecting, you will need to use other things such as Bleach and Vinegar as well.


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