Do Stick Vacuums Stand on Their Own? (The Truth!) + More!

Does a stick vacuums stand on its own

While cleaning you need to constantly rest the vacuum on its own weight when you are picking up something with your hands, or when you have to answer a sudden phone call.

If you have been using standard upright vacs for some time, you are familiar with these kinds of situations, but can stick vacuums stand on their own like other types of vacuums? This is what most people who haven’t used it want to know.

We’ll be answering this question concisely and in detail in this article. We will also be giving you detailed steps on how to use your stick vacuum in the right way.

Do Stick Vacuums Stand on Their Own?

One of the drawbacks of stick vacuums is that they can’t stand on their own. This is one of the reasons some prefer other types of vacuums.

When you are done cleaning and want to store it or suddenly remember you have to do something while you were cleaning, you can’t just leave your stick vacuum and run away. It will fall!

The way these vacs are designed makes it impossible for them to stand. There is an uneven balance of weight that prevents it.

You will have to either lay your stick vacuum gently on the floor or lean it against something. It could be the wall or something else that can bear its weight. Make sure you lean it against something sturdy if it’s corded and doesn’t have a dock.

Stick vacuums are easy to carry around (both corded and cordless) and lightweight but can also fall easily.

Some stick vacuums like the Shark Apex Duoclean Corded can stand on their own, but this is different for Dyson stick vacuums.

Dyson stick vacuums like the V7 and V8 models cannot stand on their own. They need support or docking. This does not affect their performance or effectiveness in any way.

How do You Make Stick Vacuums Stand?

There are two ways for resting or storing your stick vacuums:

1- Wall Mounts / Docking Stations (Need Drilling)

Stick vacuums come with wall mounts where the vacuums can be securely placed after use. This is also how the vacuums are recharged and made ready for use.

These holders are installed in the wall by drilling. So it serves as a permanent dock for your stick vacuum. You should ensure the place you choose to install the holders are suitable and convenient for you.

2- Vacuum Racks (No Drilling)

These Vacuum stands are freestanding and do not require any drilling of holes in the walls. These are easily available online and can be assembled quickly.

You can place these racks/stands in corners or in a closet where they will be out of sight. These stands usually have various spaces to accommodate different types of vacuum heads.

Use a Stick Vacuum the Right Way – Tips!

1- Go Slow

The best way to vacuum with your stick vacuum is to push it gently and slowly. Being excited and going fast over your carpets and hardwood floors will not get your floor clean well.

Also, create a pattern while vacuuming. Don’t just move your stick vacuum in any direction. Start from the top right or left corner and move it downwards, then turn it and shift it onto the next row moving it upward.

You don’t have to follow this pattern. Just create one that works with your floor space. You can easily track where you have vacuumed and where you haven’t. Pay attention to edges and corners as well.

2- Charge Fully Before Use

This is for you if you use a cordless stick vacuum. Most stick vacs can run from 15 minutes to 40 minutes on a singe charge. Your stick vacuum will work even if it’s not fully charged. But doing this often will weaken your battery over time and it isn’t the right way to use your vacuum.

You won’t even enjoy the value of the vacuum at that moment because there will be less suction and you will have to charge it more frequently than you are supposed to.

After using your stick vacuum, dock it. Most cordless vacuums will stop receiving charges when they are full.

If you are not sure about yours, unplug it once it is full. Also, don’t completely drain it every time you use it.

NOTE: You cannot use your cordless vacuum while charging it.

3- Use the Right Mode

As you clean your floor or other surfaces with your stick vacuum, ensure you use the right mode. If you have not been paying attention to this, then you have been using your vacuum wrongly.

The max or super mode isn’t supposed to be used always. I know it gives better suction and seems like fun, but it will damage your vacuum over time. They are only meant for high pile carpets or stubborn stains. Reserve it for these occasions.

Stick vacuums are great and some of them can do deep cleaning of rugs or high pile carpets very well. Using the regular mode on your high pile carpets isn’t cool too. This mode doesn’t have enough suction for high pile carpets and you would only be stressing your vacuum motor, thereby causing early wear.

4- Clean the Dust Cup Regularly

Using your stick vacuum when the dust cup is half-filled or filthy is wrong. You will notice that the suction of your vacuum would be reduced and your vacuum could even develop an odor.

Your filter should also be washed regularly (at least once a month) and replaced at least once every six months.

A dirty filter could be clogged and using a clogged filter overworks your motor and an overworked motor burns out quickly.

So if you replace your stick vacuum motor often then it may be you have been vacuuming all wrong; vacuuming with a dirty or old filter.

Final Thoughts!

Stick vacuums are great and clean exceptionally well but they can’t stand on their own. You have to lean them against something or lay them on the floor if they are not in use.

Cordless stick vacuums come with docks you can mount to the wall. So when not in use, you can easily store them there. This is where they also get recharged and ready for use. You can also use Vacuum stands.

You must know how to properly use your stick vacuum if you intend to get value for every penny you spent buying it. Using your stick vacuum the right way is necessary to prevent damage, and unnecessary wear and tear. We have explained in detail how to do this, and you will find the information very useful.

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