How to Clean a Carpet with Shaving Cream? (3 Methods) + More


Those accidental stains on your carpet ruin your day, not just because they are ugly but because you don’t have the right materials to clean them, except a shaving foam.

Shaving cream is being used by people to clean all sorts of weird things such as upholstery and bathroom floors.

In this article, We will be unveiling how to get stains off your carpet with shaving cream. That’s right. If you are struggling with getting that stain off your carpet, do not fret.

How to Clean a Carpet with Shaving Cream? (A Step-By-Step Guide)

Here are three different ways of cleaning your carpets using shaving cream (with or without other cleaning agents).

Method 1: Using Only Shaving Cream


1- Shaving cream
2- 2 Clean Napkins


STEP 1: Place a clean napkin on the liquid mess (especially if it is still fresh) to suck in the spill and prevent spread.

STEP 2: Work the napkin on the surface to drain the liquid from the fabrics of the carpet till all that remains is the stain with little to no liquid.

STEP 3: Take the bottle of shaving cream and spread it directly on the stain.

STEP 4: Use your fingers to spread it generously across the surface in order to let it sink deeply into the carpet’s material well.

STEP 5: Leave it to dry and check back when it is dried.

STEP 6: Continue to spread the shaving cream on the spot until the stain eventually vanishes.

Method 2: Using Shaving Cream with Dish Soap


1- 2 clean napkins
2- Dish soap
3- Sponge
4- Shaving cream


STEP 1: If it is a liquid mess, take a clean napkin to soak the wine, coffee, vomit, or urine.

STEP 2: Ensure that the napkin holds the liquid and prevent it from continually spreading. If there’s a need to change the napkin, kindly do so.

STEP 3: After you have kept the liquid from spreading and soaked it into the napkin, take the napkin away.

STEP 4: Place a few drops of dish soap in a bowl with a little amount of water. Mix together and ensure that the mixture isn’t too soapy.

STEP 5: Soak the sponge into the bowl of soap water and squeeze.

STEP 6: Place the sponge on the affected area and use it to scrub the surface lightly (The aim of the sponge is to also try to get the spill soaked into it).

STEP 7: Pat the surface again with a clean and dry napkin.

STEP 8: Pick up the shaving cream bottle and squeeze a handful of cream into your hand.

STEP 9: Spread the cream generously on the affected surface and let it sit for about 10-25 minutes after which it would have dried on the surface and the stain would be gone.

The ingredients used in this method can also be used to clean make up stains (like powder blush) out of the carpet.

Method 3: Using Shaving Cream with Vinegar


1- Shaving cream
2- 2 clean napkins
3- Spray bottle
4- Vinegar


STEP 1: Use a napkin to suck the liquid from the carpet.

STEP 2: Work the napkin on the surface to drain the liquid from the fabric of the carpet till all that remains is the stain with little to no liquid.

STEP 3: Take the bottle of shaving cream and spread it directly on the stain.

STEP 4: Let it soak into the surface for about 15 minutes

STEP 5: Use a napkin to wipe off excess cream on the carpet.

STEP 6: Pour vinegar into a spray bottle and begin to spritz it on the surface.

STEP 7: When it is dried, you would see the stain dissipating.

STEP 8: Repeat the process if need be.

Why Does Shaving Cream Clean Carpets?

It might seem hard to believe that shaving cream can get stains off a carpet. You must have never heard of this before, right?

We’re going to be giving you the back story on what makes it possible for shaving cream to be able to lift stains off a carpet, making it look good as new.

1- Shaving Cream Contains Glycerine

One of the primary ingredients used in the production of shaving cream is glycerine. Glycerine is added to many cosmetic products because of its moisturizing, cooling, and smoothening properties.

This is why you often find it added to body lotions, shampoos, body wash, and hair conditioners. Another extra power that glycerine has is its dirt-lifting power.

Glycerine is a solvent; hence, it has the ability to make stains melt away.

Since a shaving cream contains a good amount of glycerine, it is no wonder that it can dissolve stains on carpets and even fabrics when applied to them.

2- Shaving Cream Contains Triethanolamine

According to research, triethanolamine in its raw form is a chemical added to several household detergents. This ingredient is also found in shaving cream and functions as a cleanser.

It is also reputable for helping the ingredients used in making the shaving cream hold together.

Because it has an element of cleaning in it (that is, it is also a cleaning agent), it is one of the reasons that make it possible for shaving cream to have the ability to get stains off a carpet when applied to it.

Benefits Of Using Shaving Cream To Remove Stains From A Carpet

1- It Removes the Stains in a Few Minutes

Shaving cream is a fast stain remover. If you have ever used shaving cream to get rid of that almost impossible mess on your carpet, you will attest to the speed at which it lifts off stains.

One can rub a handful of shaving cream on the spot and let it sit for about 10-25 minutes (depending on the toughness of that stain).

You would be surprised that the dried or fresh stain on that spot would have vanished after those few minutes. It’s that magical.

2- It Eliminates Odor from the Carpet

Vomit, urine, food, paint, amongst many other substances, have a distinct smell, unpleasant or not. Another star on the badge of shaving cream as a cleaning agent is its ability to absorb odor.

When you apply shaving cream to a mess, not only will it clean it off, you can be assured that it will also suck up the smell.

So, if you are faced with a dried urine mess by a toddler or pet or vomit, you can put your mind to rest knowing that the unpleasant smell will be quenched.

3- It’s Gentle on Surfaces

Shaving cream has a mild effect on all kinds of surfaces. One pertinent benefit of using it as a carpet cleaner is that it maintains the quality of the carpet’s material.

It doesn’t cause any form of damage in the long run or at that very moment. In essence, your carpet would still last its lifespan when you apply shaving cream to it.

4- It Is Affordable and Readily Accessible

Shaving creams are not pricey. You could purchase any shaving cream to help get the job done. It doesn’t have to be a special brand of shaving cream.

Also, if there’s a man in your house, getting shaving cream would not have to be a task because he most likely would own one.

And not to be stereotypical, everyone (male or female) can own and use shaving cream.

What Can Make A Shaving Cream More Effective In Removing Stains From A Carpet?

1- Salvaging the Stain Immediately

There’s a secret to making your shaving cream more effective in getting tough stains off your carpet which is salvaging the stain immediately it happens.

You see, the shaving cream trick can get any stain like paint, blood, fruit juice droplets, caramel, amongst many other difficult marks off any surface, but it might be quite tough to lift the mark off if you let you do not act on it almost immediately the spill happened.

2- Testing the Shaving Cream on a Little Part of the Carpet before Applying It Generously on the Affected Area

Imagine trying to get rid of the stain and rather than help the situation, you exacerbate it by applying a shaving cream that ruins the fabric of the carpet.

Yes, shaving creams do not bleach surfaces, but we can not speak for every brand in the market. So, it is usually advisable to do a patch test before applying it to the stain spot.

Need this method to work effectively? Then you need to look out for a good shaving cream that would not ruin your carpet.

Can Shaving Cream Alone Be Used To Clean A Carpet?

Yes, shaving cream can be applied alone on the carpet’s surface in order to get rid of the tough stains. So, if all you have is just the shaving cream, you are good to go.

However, if you also choose to add any other cleaning agent to better the process, you are also good to go. Just ensure that you do not add too many harsh chemicals to the carpet.

Can A Shaving Cream Bleach The Carpet In A Bid To Remove Stains?

No, shaving creams do not bleach carpets or surfaces. Whenever it is applied to a carpet for the purpose of cleaning it, it dissolves the marks without leaving a lightened patch on the affected area.

So, you can rest assured that no one is going to know that a stain ever happened when you use shaving cream to clean your carpet.

Final Thoughts!

Shaving cream is one effective method used in general house cleaning. It specifically comes in handy when it comes to stains on carpets and it is your best bet in getting rid of those marks that seem almost impossible to lift off.

In this article, we have looked into the nitty-gritty of using shaving cream to clean a carpet. We’ve discovered why it works and a step-by-step guide on why it works.

You may also check other guides that we wrote on cleaning car seats with shaving cream, cleaning mirrors with shaving cream, and cleaning bathroom floors with shaving cream.

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