Can a Robot Vacuum Clean a Church? (Explained!) + Steps!

can a robot vacuum clean a church

Robot vacuums are special vacuums that work without your assistance. And they are fast gaining popularity for their increasing acceptance in commercial cleaning as well. If you have one in your home then you know they are good at their job.

However, because you cannot manually operate them and direct them to places you want them to go, you may be wondering, can a robot vacuum clean a large and complex space as a church?

Churches have corners, stairs, and obstacles and you wouldn’t want to damage your vacuum or have to do another cleaning, which is why this question may be recurring on your mind.

Well, we will be answering your question thoroughly and in detail, and other related questions that you may have about this.

Can a Robot Vacuum Clean a Church?

A Robot Vacuum can clean a church but you have to keep in mind that all robot vacuums aren’t the same. Not all can clean a big church.

If you have to consider a few things before carefully selecting a robot vacuum for your home, then you also have to do the same for your church.

Things to Consider

Here are a few points to bear in mind while going for cleaning a church with a Robo-vac:

1- The Floor

What’s the floor type in the church? If the robot cleaner is designed for that floor type then it will clean it well. Some robot vacuums can clean all floor types while others can’t.

They can clean hardwood, tiles, and even low pile carpets. If your church has these floor types, then any robot-vac will do for your church because large churches sometimes have a combination of these floor types.

In case you have other floor types, you might have to see the specification of the vacuum.

2- Church Size

If it’s a small church, a robot vacuum won’t have a problem cleaning it. But a large church is a different scenario.

Most robot cleaners are small and have small dust bags.

The robot vacuum will fill up quickly and if it has the feature of emptying itself, it will empty itself several times before cleaning the whole area completely which will waste time.

It may also need to be recharged before completing the cleaning.

So you should get a robot vacuum with bigger storage.

3- The Features of the Robot Vacuum

You need to pay attention to the features of the robot vacuum. Are they advanced?

Some robot vacuum cleaners can detect obstacles, find their way around them, go under pews, and clean corners perfectly with their brushes. These are the types of robot cleaners that are good for churches.

Others will bump the pews and other obstacles, here and there, and cause damage. Some will change direction when they bump into something, which will leave the church improperly cleaned.

How Big of an Area Can a Robot Vacuum Clean?

The size of an area that a robot vacuum can clean depends on the particular model of the robot vacuum being used. Factors such as battery and bin capacity determine how large an area a particular robot vacuum can clean.

Some are only suitable for small areas while some can handle bigger spaces.

Let’s discuss these factors in detail! This is to guide you into choosing the robot vacuum that best suits your needs.

1- Battery Capacity

Most vacuums can only last about 60 to 70 minutes. That wouldn’t even be enough to clean a 1000 sq. feet area. If it has a “recharge and resume” feature then it will have to recharge several times before it can clean a very big area.

A robot vacuum that has between 90 to 120 minutes of battery life would be able to clean about 1000 sq. feet in one charge. So if your area is this big, then these are the robot vacuums to buy. They are very good for medium-sized churches.

If it is a bigger area like a large church, you can get a robot vacuum that has a battery capacity of 4000 mAh and above. This would be able to do a thorough job in just one charge. The downside of these robot vacuums is their cost. They are expensive.

These features are usually written in their descriptions online so getting a suitable Robo-vac should not be too big of a hassle (after following this guide).

2- Bin Capacity

Most robot vacuums have a bin capacity of less than 0.5 liters. Depending on how dirty the area you want to clean is, the bin might get full before your robot vacuum can finish cleaning.

If the robot vacuum doesn’t have a self-emptying feature, which most vacuums don’t have, it will drag dirt on your floor as it cleans. You will have to manually empty the bin every time. Trust me, you don’t want that.

If it has a self-emptying feature, then the robot vacuum will go to empty itself several times before it completely cleans your floor. This will limit the area that the robot vacuum can clean in one charge because some of its battery has been used in going to the trash and emptying itself again and again.

It doesn’t matter the capacity of the battery, you won’t get the value’s worth.

To avoid this, pay attention to bin capacity as you pay attention to battery capacity when shopping for robot vacuums. Choose a vacuum that has more than 0.6-liter bin capacity if you’ll be cleaning a large space.

Can a Robot Vacuum Clean the Stairs of a Church?

Unfortunately, a robot vacuum cannot clean the stairs of a church. Robot vacuums have not been developed with that advanced feature. It would cost too much to even attempt it.

After using a robot cleaner to clean the church floor, corners, and under the pews, you will have to manually vacuum the stairs.

Some robot vacuums are however very advanced. When cleaning, they can sense when they have gotten to a staircase and avoid it. This prevents them from falling and getting damaged.

How to Use a Robot Vacuum for Large Churches?

Knowing how to use your robot vacuum in a church prevents your vacuum from getting damaged and helps you get a thoroughly cleaned church with no bump marks.

STEP 1- Get Rid of Hazards

Small objects (when sucked by the robot vacuum) can damage your vacuum and should be cleared from the church before turning on the robot vacuum.

These small things could be toys that the kids dropped in the main hall or their department. It could also be Tv cords in children’s space or paper clips in the pastor’s office.

The area that the robot vacuum will be cleaning should be adequately inspected beforehand. These or other bigger items could also obstruct the robot vacuum’s way.

STEP 2- Mop the Floor If Wet

Unless the vacuum has a mop and vacuum feature, you should mop the wet parts of the church floor before vacuuming. Vacuums don’t do well with water and this can limit the ability of the vacuum.

STEP 3- Prepare Your Robot Vacuum

Make sure the robot vacuum is properly charged before using and also make sure there’s enough space around the dock so that the robot vacuum can easily access it if it needs to be recharged before cleaning is completed. Also, ensure that the bin is empty.

STEP 4- Activate Your Vacuum

Turn on the vacuum and let it do its work. You don’t have to do a thing while it cleans. You only need to pay attention to the bin and battery.

If the bin is full and the robot vacuum cannot self-empty, you should be there to do that. If the vacuum gets low and it doesn’t have a recharge and resume feature. Then you will have to recharge it and reactivate it for cleaning.

If you’re using an advanced robot vacuum, you don’t need to do all this. After preparing the church for the cleaning, the robot vacuum can clean without you being there.

Final Thoughts!

Robot vacuums can clean a church but you must get the right robot vacuum for your church. Not all robot vacuums will be able to get the job done. We have explained the factors you need to consider when doing this.

Robot vacuums do not have the same area capacity. An area that one robot vacuum can clean in one charge, may take another vacuum 2 or 3 charges. We have explained this in detail as well.

We have also explained how to use robot vacuum for large churches so you can find it easy to do and encounter zero issues.

Happy Cleaning!

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