Can Dirt Devil Vacuum Water? (Explained!) + Cleaning Steps!

Can dirt devil vacuum water

A regular spill in the kitchen area or an accidental water spill in the bedroom is not all that uncommon. Sure, we want something quick to clean up our small messes, and sucking up water (with vacuums) is one of those lucrative options.

But doesn’t water damage a dirt devil vacuum?

We’ll discuss if you should use your dirt devil to vacuum water. We will also explain in detail how to vacuum water from your floor, carpet, and car.

Can Dirt Devil Vacuum Water?

A Dirt Devil Vacuum cleaner cannot vacuum water because vacuum cleaners aren’t meant to vacuum liquids like pet urine, water, or food spills- juice, milk, etc.

Dirt devil models like Scorpion handheld, Versa Clean, Endura, etc should not be used to vacuum water. Dirt devil models such as QuickFlip Wet/Dry Hand Vacuum is one such type that can handle spills and water.

There are several reasons why you should avoid water contact with your vacuum:

1- It could get the motor damaged or burnt out. Other parts of the dirt devil could also be damaged. This will also reduce the life of your shop vac.

Vacuum cleaners that are designed to vacuum water or large spills come with special filters that protect the vacuums from danger. Usual Dirt devil models do not have the filters.

You may be able to clean up little spills with your dirt devil but don’t overdo it. Stick to dry debris, dirt, and dust.

2- The other reason you shouldn’t vacuum water with your dirt devil is that you will be at risk of electrocution.

Whether it’s corded or cordless, you are in danger of electrocution. However, this is more likely to happen if your dirt devil is a corded one.

This is usually written on the first or second page of the manual that comes with your dirt devil.

There are however some special dirt devil vacuums. Wet-dry vacs like shop vacs are the only type of vacuums that can be used to vacuum water or water spills without problems. These vacuum cleaners can clean both dry and wet dirt, as well as vacuum liquids.

For example, the Dirt Devil Quick Flip wet dry handheld vacuum can store up to 16.9 oz of liquid and debris. It cannot be used to vacuum large quantities of water but it is great for vacuuming liquid spills on dining tables and all floor types.

The Dirt Devil HandiMate Wet and Dry is also another model that can be used to vacuum liquid spills and water without worries.

The bottom line is this- If the dirt devil model you have isn’t designed to be used to vacuum SPILLS (Such as Wet/ Dry Vacs), then don’t use it to vacuum water.

If this is a feature you desire in a dirt devil vacuum, there are several models online you can go for and we have mentioned two.

How to Vacuum Water from the Floor?

Vacuuming water from the floor is pretty easy as long as you have the right tools. In this case, it’s a wet-dry vacuum. Remember we said it’s the only type of vac that can vacuum water.


Before we begin, you will need to prepare your wet-dry vac for vacuuming.

1- Remove the Bag

As your wet-dry vac cleans both dry and wet debris it has a bag inside for collecting dry debris whenever you are cleaning dust and dirt.

For vacuuming water, you don’t need this. So remove it and put it somewhere safe.

2- Remove the Filter

Most wet-dry vacs have filters that are only suitable for collecting dry debris. If yours is like that, remove it. If your vacuum has a special one for vacuuming water, then replace it with that one. If not, just vacuum the water without a filter.

3- Change the Nozzle

Most wet-dry vacs come with different nozzles for dry debris and dirt and water. Put the nozzle meant for vacuuming water.

Note: All the above preparatory steps are important, whenever you want to vacuum water.


Wet/Dry Vacuum


STEP 1: Turn on the vacuum and place the nozzle on top of the water. If it is a small puddle of water, just place the nozzle on one side of the water where the water ends, and suck it until the puddle is empty or the vacuum is full.

STEP 2: Pay attention to the sound of the motor. It will change when the vacuum is full. Do not continue to vacuum when this happens. Empty the vacuum and then continue. Repeat this process until you have vacuumed all the water you want to.

STEP 3: Wash your wet-dry vac when you are done. Your vacuum could develop mildew and smell bad if you fail to do this. Always wash it when you use it to vacuum water or wet debris.

How to Vacuum Water from the Carpet?

Water spills on carpets are hard to clean as the water gets soaked up in the carpet. Carpets are also heavy so carrying them outside to get rid of the water is difficult.

One of the simplest ways to easily dry them is by vacuuming as you do not need to move the carpets or move furniture if the water spillage is minimal.

A. If the Water Spillage Is Minimal

STEP 1: Run the vacuum over the areas affected several times to suck up the water. Do this until the carpet is damp to the touch and not wet.

STEP 2: Then keep the place ventilated. Open all windows and fans so the carpet can dry fast.

B. If the Carpet Is However Soaked with Water

Maybe there was a leak somewhere in your house or a bucket of water overturned, you need to do more than just vacuuming.

You need something that can first soak up the water. An example of this is baking soda or kitty litter.


1- Kitty litter
2- Towel
3- Wet/Dry Vacuum


STEP 1: Sprinkle some kitty litter over the wet carpet. Make sure it covers the affected area well.

STEP 2: Use a towel to press the litter into the carpet until the litter soaks up the water.

STEP 3: Vacuum the litter up. If you are using baking soda, sprinkle enough baking soda on the wet carpet and allow it to sit for 30 minutes. Then vacuum the baking soda.

STEP 4: Check under the carpet for water. If the water has soaked through, vacuum under the carpet too, and allow the carpet to dry. Open all windows and fans to quicken the process.

How to Vacuum Water Out of Car?

You should clean up your car immediately if water gets into it. Apart from the fact that water can leave an odor in your car, the mold that develops from the dampness can cause you serious health issues.

Vacuuming water out of your car is very simple to do.

STEP 1: After preparing your vacuum for sucking up water, turn it on and pay attention to the areas with the most water. Most times it’s the floorboards and the seats of the car. Pay attention to every nook and corner as you vacuum the seats and boards.

STEP 2: Empty the vacuum and start again when it gets filled up until the car is free of water. Now you should allow the car to dry.

If your car is parked in the garage or somewhere dark where it is unlikely to get direct sunlight or dry quickly, Park your car somewhere in the open and ensure all doors are opened.

Also, use a dehumidifier and fans to get rid of the remaining moisture. Put damp rids in your car or open boxes of baking soda. This will also help you further get rid of lingering moisture in your car.

Final Thoughts!

Only dirt devil models that are advertised as wet-dry vacs or have similar features can vacuum water.

Using a normal dirt devil to vacuum water can damage the vacuum and could also be dangerous to you.

Vacuuming water from the floor, carpet, and a car is quite simple with the right vac. The steps to accomplish this have been explained above.

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