Dirt Devil Not Charging (6 Causes & 4 Solutions!)

Dirt Devil Not Charging

When you finish cleaning with your vacuum and go back to plug it to recharge, only to discover it isn’t charging, you get very worried. Why is this happening? What did I do wrong?

In this article, we will be telling you why your dirt devil isn’t charging, the likely causes, how to detect them, and the best ways to solve them.

Some frequently asked questions relating to dirt devil batteries and how they charge will also be answered.

Dirt Devil Not Charging (Causes & Solutions)

We’ll go over the possible causes of the vacuum not charging one by one and tackle the issues by giving you solutions to the problems.

6 Causes Your Dirt Devil is Not Charging

1- Bad Battery or Charger

If a dirt devil’s battery is worn out or damaged, it will be difficult for it to hold a charge. The battery could have worn out due to age, but most times it’s because they have not been properly cared for.

For example, if you have the habit of running your dirt devil briefly every time you use it, without ever draining the battery or coming close to it, the battery will develop memory and misbehave.

It may assume it’s full when it’s not and refuse to take in more charge.

Constant charging or overcharging can also damage your dirt devil’s battery.

The charger may also be worn out or damaged. This is likely if you have kids or pets and they have access to the vacuum. Check for physical signs of wear and damage to be sure.

2- Bad Port

A defective charging port could also be the reason your dirt devil isn’t charging. It may be broken or obstructed by something.

If you have kids, they likely played with your dirt devil, and it fell off their hands. So you have to first check for signs of physical damage. Also, check if small objects haven’t gotten inside or any other forms of obstruction.

A bad charging port could also be a result of normal wear after considerable use. If you have been using your dirt devil for a long time, you may have to consider this possibility.

3- Corrosion

Sometimes your dirt devil does not charge because the contacts have corroded. This is the first thing to check for when your dirt devil refuses to charge.

Check the brass contacts on the charger and the vacuum itself for signs of corrosion. If it is present, then you have found the cause for your predicament.

Also, make sure that the charging contacts on the dirt devil are clean and they are properly making contact with the base.

4- Power Outlet

Have you checked that the power outlet is working and the charger is properly plugged into the vacuum?

Something may have damaged the power outlet without your knowledge and the problem could be from the circuit breaker.

If you often charge your dirt devil at a particular power outlet, you could change it and see if it makes a difference. Also, plug other machines into the outlet and see if they work.

5- Overheating

If your dirt devil is clogged or the filter is very dirty, it may overheat. And in this state, not only will it not charge, it can be dangerous to plug it into a power outlet.

If you just finished using your vacuum and it goes off and it does not charge when plugged in, touch the dirt devil, if it’s too warm or hot then it is overheating.

6- Other Damages

If your brush roll is damaged or isn’t spinning, it can cause your dirt devil not to charge. So check for this.

Also, if you used your Dirt Devil to vacuum liquids (such as pet urine, water, etc.) your vacuum might start to malfunction, even affecting the charging.

4 Solutions to Charging Problems of Dirt Devil

Keeping the shop vac in a damaged or poor state reduces its life. So it is essential to troubleshoot as soon as you encounter a problem.

1- Drain Battery

If your dirt devil doesn’t charge when it is plugged in the power outlet and it hasn’t completely drained, then drain it.

Turn it on and leave it to keep running in a corner of the house until the battery is empty. Then turn it off. Allow it to cool off for a few minutes, then plug it.

Your dirt devil should start charging immediately. If it doesn’t, plug it into a different outlet. The power outlet you use in charging your vacuum may be damaged.

2- Replace the Charger

Most times dirt devil doesn’t charge because the charger goes bad.

Check for signs of corrosion on the brass contacts, and wear or tear on the charger itself.

Once discovered, get a new one that is compatible with your dirt devil model.

If there’s no sign of damage and your dirt devil still isn’t charging, drain the battery as mentioned above.

When you plug the vacuum back in, monitor the charger with a voltmeter to ensure it is supplying enough volts to the battery. If it isn’t, then the charger is damaged and should be replaced. Also, if the indicator light on the charger doesn’t come on, it is a sign of a damaged battery.

You should also check the charging port for signs of damage or obstruction. If obstructed, get it free. If damaged, it’s time to replace it.

3- Replace the Battery

Many Dirt devil batteries last for about 6 years. If you have been using yours for that long, then it’s not surprising it’s no longer holding a charge. You should replace it immediately.

If you haven’t been using it for that long, and you are sure the charger is in perfect condition, then check the battery for signs of damage. Once detected, replace the battery.

Some dirt devil models have batteries that do not last up to 6 years too, so you should also consider that.

Most times, changing your dirt devil’s battery will solve the charging problem.

If your charger is giving out enough volts when checked with a voltmeter, and the battery isn't retaining a charge then it's time for it to go.

4- Clean the Contacts

The brass contacts on the charger and vacuum may have rusted or become dirty. Before replacing the charger or condemning the vacuum, you should clean the contacts first.

For this, you need cotton wool and rubbing alcohol. Never use water.

Dip the cotton wool in some rubbing alcohol and wipe all the corroded/dirty parts of the charger and vacuum, until clean. Then plug your vacuum overnight.

You can also use a pencil eraser to get rid of dirt from your vacuum and charger.

What Does a Blinking Charging Light Mean?

While charging your dirt devil vacuum, when the charging light starts blinking a blue color repeatedly, then it means the battery is full. This blue color blinks slowly and you can unplug your dirt devil at this point.

In some dirt devil models, the light goes off when the battery is fully charged, but a blinking blue light isn’t uncommon.

For example, the dirt devil roommate/libero blinks a blue light while charging and goes off when it’s full.

A red blinking charging light on the other hand means something different. When this happens, your dirt devil battery is most likely damaged. It means it is no longer holding a charge.

At this point, the best option is to replace the battery.


How Long Does It Take for a Dirt Devil to Charge?

That depends on the model of the dirt devil and how long it has been used.

A dirt devil that is fully discharged can take between 4 to 6 hours to fully charge, depending on the model. If it’s not dead, then it will take less for it to recharge.

If your dirt devil charges for more than 6 hours and the charging light is still not indicating that the battery is full, then there’s a problem.

It could be that the battery is damaged, not holding a charge, or the charger is bad. You should replace either of the two with the problem after verification.

How Do I Know If My Dirt Devil Is Charging?

This largely depends on the model of dirt devil you are using. Most Dirt Devil models indicate a red charging light when they are charging. This light stays on and does not blink.

There’s a problem when this light starts blinking, and it most likely means that the battery is damaged.

Some models indicate they are charging by flashing blue light. The blue light stays and stops blinking when they are fully charged.

How Long Does a Dirt Devil Versa Stay Charged?

There are different models of the dirt devil versa and these have different capacities. For example, we have the dirt devil versa power, dirt devil versa 3 in 1 corded, dirt devil clean bagless stick, and so on.

They take about 6 hours to get fully charged and last for about 10 minutes. Some models may last a few minutes more but none should last less than 10 minutes.

Anything less than 8 or 9 minutes should be considered an issue that needs to be resolved.

Final Thoughts!

When your dirt devil vacuum isn’t charging well or isn’t charging at all, it’s an indication that there’s a problem that needs to be solved.

Most times, these problems are related to the battery but you have to check to be sure. We have discussed the causes of this problem and the steps to take in solving them.

There are different models of dirt devil and do not charge or last at the same pace. They shouldn’t charge for more than 6 hours though. Ensure your vacuum is always charged so it is always ready for use whenever you want.

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