Will a Keg Fit in a 20 Gallon Trash Can? (Explained)

Will a Keg Fit in a 20 Gallon Trash Can

So you’re planning the ultimate backyard bash—a milestone birthday, perhaps, or a long-awaited reunion with friends. But, as you mentally rearrange your patio space, one practical question begins to nag at you: where on earth will you store the keg? A quick glance at your trusty 20-gallon trash can sparks a genius idea. Could it be the answer to your keg-storing woes?

Will a Keg Fit in a 20 Gallon Trash Can?

Mini kegs are smaller and more compact versions of the regular-sized kegs, making them an ideal choice for parties or small gatherings where space is a constraint. They typically hold about five liters of beer, which is equivalent to 169.07 ounces or 1.32 gallons. This size is perfect for mini kegerators or small refrigerators.

On the other hand, regular kegs come in various sizes, with a half-barrel keg being the most common, holding approximately 15.5 gallons or 1,984 ounces of beer.

While a 20-gallon trash can might seem large enough, it may not be the best choice for a half-barrel keg. The reason behind this is that you’ll also need ample room for ice to effectively chill the keg.

A high-capacity outdoor trash can might be a more suitable choice as it can accommodate the keg along with the ice. Opt for a 32-gallon trash can or a specifically designed keg tub.

Both options serve their purpose, but it’s essential to consider the storage and serving size requirements before making a decision. [1]

Necessary Trash Can Size for Holding Kegs

When planning a party with a keg, it’s essential to choose the right size of tub for holding the keg.

A half-barrel keg, which is the most common size, requires a Trash can that can hold at least 30 gallons or 110 liters.

This tub size is suitable for most kegs and is commonly used at parties.

Additionally, the shape of the tub is crucial, as it affects how easily the keg can be moved during the event.

Smaller tubs might be needed for light beers, while larger tubs are necessary for serving more substantial amounts of beer.

Tips for Keeping Kegs Cold in Trash Can

Fill the bottom with ice, place the keg in the Trash can, and surround it with more ice, covering the top as well.

It’s recommended to insulate the keg and ice with a blanket or tarp, further enhancing the cooling efficiency.

As the night goes on, keep adding more ice to maintain its cold temperature.

Optionally, you can mix ice with saltwater, which will keep the keg even colder due to its lower freezing point.

Another tip for long-lasting cold beer is to ensure the keg stays cold from purchase until tapping, and minimize keg movements to avoid excessive foam. [2]

Ideal Temperature for Keg Storage

The ideal temperature for keg storage is crucial for maintaining the beer’s quality and freshness.

Ideally, the temperature should be between 33 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. This range ensures that the beer stays cold and prevents any unwanted changes in flavor.

Proper storage is particularly important when the keg is being served at an event or party, as warm or stale beer can significantly impact the enjoyment of guests.

Moving Kegs and Tapping Beer

When preparing for a party, it’s crucial to ensure proper handling and storage of kegs for the best tasting beer.

Moving kegs can be tricky due to their size and weight, so it’s essential to have assistance when transporting them.

To avoid serving foamy beer, it’s a good idea to move the keg into place and let it sit for a while before tapping it.

Tapping a cold, well-settled keg is straightforward and hassle-free. Make sure the keg is properly chilled before tapping to prevent warm and foamy beer.

Options for dispensing beer from a keg include connecting a pressure regulator or installing a picnic tap directly onto the keg. Remember, enjoying the perfect beer at your party starts with careful keg handling and tapping!

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