How Big of a Trash Can Do I Need for a Keg? (Explained)

How Big of a Trash Can Do I Need for a Keg

At the heart of you grand party is a shiny, stainless steel keg filled with frothy, golden liquid – the lifeblood of any great gathering. So before you do all the work for the gala occasion, you need to do the planning and one part of the mystery that needs to be solved is what size trash will be needed for the keg. Let’s get into the discussion!

Trash Cans as Receptacles for Keg Beer

A trash can is a practical receptacle for keeping a keg cool during parties and gatherings. Many high-capacity outdoor trash cans can conveniently accommodate a keg with space left for ice.

The size of the trash can depends on the size of the keg, which usually comes in half barrels, quarter barrels, and slim quarters. For a half-barrel keg, select a trash can that can hold at least 19 gallons or 73 liters. [1]

Kegs come in various sizes, with the most common being the half-barrel keg, which holds approximately 15.5 gallons (58.67 liters) of beer.

Quarter barrels and slim quarters are also available, holding around 7.75 gallons (29.34 liters) and 5.16 gallons (19.53 liters) respectively.

A 32-gallon trash can would be ideal for a half-barrel keg, while a smaller 20-gallon container may be suitable for quarter or slim quarter barrels.

When considering the size of a trash can to use for keeping a keg cold, opt for a high-capacity outdoor trash can that can accommodate the chosen keg size with some extra space for ice.

When dealing with different beer types or keg sizes, it’s essential to adjust the tub size accordingly.

Light beers generally require smaller trash cans, while larger cans are needed for serving more substantial amounts of beer.

The important thing is to ensure there is enough room not only for the keg but also for sufficient ice to keep the beverage properly chilled. [2]

Preparing the Trash can for Keg Beer

When preparing to serve keg beer at your next party, ensuring you have the right size tub (trash can) or container to keep it cold is crucial.

Choose a size that can accommodate your keg, along with enough ice to maintain a temperature between 35-38 degrees Fahrenheit.

when placing the keg into a trash can or tub, ensure that it’s done with care to avoid any potential spills or accidents.

Remember to keep the ice supply sufficient throughout the party, especially for outdoor events where the sun or heat may cause it to melt more quickly. [3]

To keep a keg cool, you can cover the keg in the trash can with plastic wrap. If the keg is not cooled before tapping, the beer may become warm and foamy.

Importance of Proper Temperature and Pressure for Keg Beer

The importance of maintaining proper temperature and pressure for keg beer cannot be overstated, as these factors play a critical role in preserving the beer’s freshness and taste.

When served with CO2, keg beer stays fresh for an extended time as long as the ideal temperature, ranging between 33 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit, and pressure are maintained.

A consistent temperature not only prevents the beer from going flat but also avoids issues such as warm, foamy pours.

Additionally, proper pressure ensures the perfect carbonation level in the beer, enhancing its overall quality and taste for guests to enjoy.

Tips on Keeping Keg Beer Cold the Trash Can

Keeping your keg cold is essential for serving the best-tasting beer.

One common method is using a large trash can or tub. Ensure that you fill the tub with sufficient ice and water to surround the keg, maximizing cold retention.

Alternatively, you could use a keg sleeve, an insulated jacket typically made from neoprene, which helps insulate the keg and can even have pockets for extra ice.

In case you have access to more specialized equipment, a jockey box can be a highly efficient way to keep your beer cold. It cools the beer as it passes through coiled copper pipes submerged in ice water before dispensing through the faucet.

Furthermore, simple tips like keeping your keg in the shade or pre-chilling it in a refrigerator before transport can go a long way.

By surrounding the keg with a mixture of ice and salt in a trash can, the temperature is lowered and the ice melts slower, ensuring that your beer stays cold for a longer period. In addition to the insulation provided by the container, the salt lowers the freezing point of water, which in turn helps to maintain a colder environment around the beer keg.

This method is not only cost-effective, but also easy to set up and transport, making it an ideal solution for outdoor parties, tailgates, and other events where keg beer needs to be kept chilled without any hindrances.

Experiment with different methods and combinations to find what works best for you and your event. [4]

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