Can You Put Your Trash Cans in Front of Someone Else’s House?

Can You Put Your Trash Cans in Front of Someone Else’s House

Some people want to park their cars while others want to avoid paying for the garbage pickup services and so they put their garbage outside of other people’s houses. Is it right to do so?

Can You Put Your Trash Cans in Front of Someone Else’s House?

As long as you’re in charge of maintaining your trash can, you cannot place it in front of someone else’s house because that isn’t their property or responsibility.

However, there are exceptions to this case. For instance: if it’s difficult for the waste management workers to navigate through your street, and they want those trash cans in one place, then it’s reasonable for it to be in front of someone else’s house.

Even in situations like this, proper communication between both parties is necessary, alongside an address of each trash owner plastered on the garbage cans to ensure no one is being taken advantage of.

What is the Proper Garbage Can Etiquette?

For reasons like people not knowing the rules that come with owning a garbage can, we’ve put together simple things you need to know in order to make things easier for yourself, and the waste management body.

1- On trash collection day, your trash cans should be out at at the time specified by your municipality. For example it can be anywhere around 5-6 am (Example in Los Angeles, this time is 6 am), and make sure the lid to the can is facing the street to enable easier access to the thrash.

2- Although this differs based on the laws in every State, trash cans should be retrieved back before the specified time. In some area it is a time in the evening of the same day of pickup while in others, this time can be on the next morning.

3- To prevent someone else from being charged for your own trash, trash cans should be placed in front of your own house. Also, you should not place your trash can in front of neighbor’s house to park your car.

4- A garbage can should only consist of household trash. Refrain from placing heavy, or dangerous items in the can. Items such as: home appliances, batteries, or any chemical, and hazardous items shouldn’t be in the can.

5- The lid to your trash must be covered at all times to prevent flies from worming their way through the trash.

6- Your garbage can should always be kept clean at all times. This is also to protect you.

7- Ensure your trash is neatly placed, and sorted into the garbage can to prevent things from falling out.

8- All trash must be in the can. Don’t place excess garbage beside the can as it wouldn’t be picked up.

For more rules guiding the use of garbage cans, refer to the rules and regulations in your state to stay informed.

It is important that you do not place a trash can in front of a Fire Hydrant as it is against the rules of the local authorities.

Suppose a neighbor keeps placing bins on your property, what can you do about it?

Solving the Problem of Neighbor Putting Bins on Your Property!

1- Effective Communication

Your neighbor and yourself are mature adults so if you’ve noticed them placing their bins on your property, then it’s time to have a face-to-face conversation with them.

Explain to them how you don’t like them putting their trash on your property, nicely inform them where it should be, and just let them know about things they’re acting oblivious about.

Now, some would never listen to you because they’re simply disrespectful, and don’t respect boundaries. For those one you have other options.

2- Report Them to the Appropriate Authorities

You’ve tried having a mature conversation with them, but they aren’t listening, so the best thing to do is report them to the Waste Collection Company (to avoid billing), the HomeOwners Association, or call 311.

Let them know what’s happening, and how it affects you. Remember that this is the most effective way for your neighbor to either get fined, or stop with their disrespectful actions.

To round this up, don’t be afraid to press charges. If anything, that shows you’re serious about this, and you want them to stop by all means.

3- Show Them Their Place!

Sometimes, a little bit of pettiness could win against an obstinate neighbor, and this would really work if you don’t want to start a lawsuit over trash cans.

Suppose that happens again, take their trash can as yours. If they ask you, tell them you rightly assumed it was yours since they left it out on your property.

Another one is to push it back to their house, and leave them a note that tells them to stop with the act.

Lastly, if you notice they’re trying to get you to pay for their trash, write their name and address on the garbage can so the company knows who’s paying for it.

Ways to Keep People From Moving Your Trash!

If someone has been moving your trash cans, think about why they would do that. Is it on their property? Or is it stopping them from going ahead with their daily activities?

Once you’ve identified the problem, and you’re operating within your rights, then there are things you can do to stop them from moving your trash.

1- Use Security Cameras

You cannot sit around all day watching and monitoring trash cans, so the probable choice would be to make use of a camera.

That’s more than enough proof against them, and for getting into your property without your permission, they could be charged with trespassing.

2- Show Them the Footage & Have a Talk with Them

People can frustrate you on all ends, but you need to show them you’re the bigger person. In this case, show them a video of when they moved your trash can, and tell them to stop with the behavior, or you wouldn’t hesitate to press charges.

Nobody wants a lawsuit over trash cans, and that would help stop them. If they still don’t listen, follow up with real actions.

3- Store your Garbage Cans

Once the trash collection period is over, most laws in each State require you to hide your garbage can out of the street.

If you keep your trash can somewhere safe, chances are your neighbor wouldn’t be able to get to it easily, or frustrate you endlessly by pushing it away from its original position.

Final Thoughts!

Under the law, it’s expected that your trash cans stay in front of your house. Placing them in front of someone else’s house not only breaks the laws, it’s disrespectful, and could be counted as an act of theft.

Use the above guidelines to keep people out of your property, know that communication works all the time, and as long as you’re nice about it, they have no choice but to listen.

Lastly, if you’ve tried all options and it doesn’t work, don’t hold back on taking it up with them in court.

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