How Big Is a 32 Gallon Trash Can? (Explained)

How Big Is a 32 Gallon Trash Can

There’s so much more to consider when choosing a trash can for your business or home than you might think. Of course, you don’t just want to look at the aesthetics; you need to consider the functionality too. A 32-gallon trash can could be just what you need. But how big is a 32-gallon trash can really? We’re about to find out.

Dimensions and Capacity Of 32 Gallon Trash Cans

In order to correctly use a 32-gallon trash can for various purposes such as household waste, commercial use, or even outdoor activities, understanding its size, dimensions, and capacity are crucial.

Exact Measurements of a 32 Gallon Trash Can

Typically, the dimensions of a 32-gallon trash can vary slightly depending on the design and manufacturer.

While the dimensions can vary depending on the brand and design, a typical 32-gallon trash can tends to be about 44 inches in height and roughly 22 inches in diameter.

For example, the Rubbermaid Brute 32 Gallon Trash Can has dimensions of 22″ diameter x 27.25″ height. It’s crafted with a durable, heavy-duty plastic that resists dents, chips, and peeling.

The Weight Capacity & Load Limit of a 32 Gallon Trash Can

When it comes to the weight capacity and load limit, it’s essential to take into consideration the types of waste materials you’ll be disposing of. The 32-gallon trash can should be sturdy enough to withstand various types of waste.

The Trash Cans can essentially carry waste materials up to 64 lbs.

Types of Materials Used in Making 32 Gallon Trash Cans


This is perhaps the most common material used in making 32-gallon trash cans. It is popular due to its lightweight nature, durability, and affordability. They’re also easy to clean and resistant to dents and rust.

However, these trash cans may not withstand extreme weather conditions and could crack over time.


The use of metal in trash can production is common as well. Metal trash cans are sturdy and robust, making them ideal for outdoor placement. They can withstand harsh weather conditions and are resistant to wear and tear.

However, they are prone to rusting, and they’re also generally heavier than their plastic counterparts.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is often used for indoor trash cans. They are stylish, easy to clean, and resistant to rust, making them perfect for kitchen use.

However, they can be quite costly compared to plastic and metal trash cans.

Pros & Cons of Different Materials Used

Each material used in the production of 32-gallon trash cans has its unique pros and cons:


  • Pros: Lightweight, Durable, Affordable.
  • Cons: Can crack, Not ideal for extreme weather conditions.


  • Pros: Robust, Ideal for outdoor use, Resistant to wear and tear.
  • Cons: Heavy, Prone to rusting.

Stainless Steel:

  • Pros: Stylish, Easy to clean, Resistant to rust.
  • Cons: Expensive.

The Need for a 32 Gallon Trash Can

The 32-gallon trash can is one of the more sizable options available and is ideal when larger volumes of trash need to be managed.

Households that generate more than the average amount of waste or businesses like restaurants and food outlets often need such a large capacity trash can.

As a general rule, the larger your family or the higher the traffic in a business, the more waste generation you can anticipate.

This is where a 32-gallon trash can comes in handy, helping manage the bulk of trash produced efficiently, without needing frequent emptying.

The Different Uses and Applications of a 32 Gallon Trash Can

The versatility of a 32-gallon trash can makes it suitable for a variety of environments.

In a high-traffic commercial setting, it can act as the principal trash receptacle, handling large volumes of daily waste seamlessly. In homes, particularly those with large families or gardens, it can take up the role of the primary trash container.

Here’s a breakdown of some potential uses for your 32-gallon trash can:

1- Commercial Businesses

Ideal for restaurants, cafes, or any other business that generates a considerable amount of trash daily. Various industries can also reap the benefits of using this size of a trash can.

Event Management: Due to the large capacity, event organizers can handle the waste generated at various events efficiently.
Construction: In construction sites, a 32-gallon trash can is resilient enough to accommodate heavy waste materials.
Hospitality: In hotels and restaurants, the size enables them to handle the daily waste effectively.
Office Spaces: In large offices or communal spaces, these trash cans are sufficient to handle the waste generated daily.

2- Residential Use

Due to its substantial size, this trash can handles large volumes of waste efficiently, thus making it an excellent choice for your kitchen. It is good size for large families or those who do a hefty amount of cooking, generating organic waste.

In the garage or in a workshop, a 32-gallon can is sturdy enough to hold heavier items.

3-Outdoor Use

With outdoor usage, these trash cans meet the demands of handling garden waste, large gatherings, and outdoor events effectively. It is great for garden waste, poolside, or a barbeque party where larger trash volumes are expected.


Leading Brands Offering 32 Gallon Trash Cans

Toter: Toter, a well-known trash can brand, offers a rugged 32-gallon trash can with ideal handle height for easy maneuvering. It boasts excellent durability and is known to last up to 10 years, even under intense use.

One significant advantage of Toter’s 32-gallon trash can is its hinged lid design, addressing the common problem of lost lids. Check out Toter’s 32-gallon trash can on Amazon for more details.

Imprezza: The Imprezza SSFT32PL, a funnel top trash can with a 32-gallon capacity, is another excellent choice. Its two-piece construction and leak-proof rigid plastic liner make waste management a breeze.

What’s more, it’s constructed of at least 30% recycled steel and is 100% post-consumer recyclable.

Lowe’s: Lowe’s offers a wide variety of 32 gallon trash cans from countless reputable brands including a black rolling outdoor garbage/trash can with wheels and an attached lid.

Features and Specifications of Popular 32 Gallon Trash Can Models

When selecting a 32-gallon trash can, consider the following features and specifications:

Design: Look for a design that fits your space and meets your waste management needs. Toter’s trash can features a hinged lid, while Imprezza’s model includes a funnel top. Choose the design that suits your preferences and lifestyle.

Material: Metal cans like the Imprezza offer durability for heavy-duty use, while plastic options, like those offered by Toter and Lowe’s, are lightweight and easy to move.

Sustainability: Lastly, consider the product’s environmental impact. Imprezza’s 32-gallon trash can is constructed of 30% or more recycled steel and is fully recyclable, making it the green choice.


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