Is Fabuloso Toxic? (Humans, Pets, Environment!)

Is Fabuloso toxic

When you mop your floors with Fabuloso, there is obviously a certain smell that emanates. Is it safe to ingest or inhale Fabuloso? What happens if it is accidentally ingested? Your pets or kids also might accidentally lick the floor. We will be discussing the safety of Fabuloso for humans, pets, and the environment in this article!

Is Fabuloso Toxic?

Fabuloso like other multi-surface cleaners contains chemicals that make it effective at cleaning surfaces but it is not toxic. Strong chemicals like sodium hypochlorite, ammonia, trisodium phosphate, etc. which are toxic are absent in Fabuloso.

Fabuloso instead contains non-toxic ingredients like hydrogen peroxide, citric acid, etc. However, this doesn’t mean you can ingest Fabuloso or use it wrongly.

How Poisonous Is Fabuloso?

Fabuloso is as poisonous as any other soap or multi-surface cleaner out there. It may even be less poisonous since it does not contain bleach or ammonia like some cleaners.

You are also not likely to get poisoned by Fabuloso because you most likely won’t drink the whole bottle. After taking a sip and realizing you just drank soap and not juice, you will spit it out and probably rinse your mouth immediately.

This is enough to prevent poisoning or any toxic effects. The little that probably went down your throat isn’t enough to cause death or lasting effects.

Notwithstanding, if you accidentally drink Fabuloso, you should call 911, the National Poison Control Center, or go to the hospital immediately. Don’t just assume you are fine because you aren’t experiencing any effects. Fabuloso may not contain bleach or ammonia but it contains corrosive substances like sodium hydroxide.

The poisoning symptoms may not appear immediately and when they appear, you may suffer more than necessary. So seek help even if you aren’t experiencing any symptoms.

Is Fabuloso Safe to Breathe?

Fabuloso multi-purpose cleaner is safe to breathe. Many use it around the home (They even boil it on the stove) because they love how it smells and want their house to smell that way.

Breathing in Fabuloso smell as you use it to clean surfaces in your home or after cleaning won’t cause you harm or make you sick, and there are several lovely scents to choose from.

For sensitive people, inhaling Fabuloso for an extended period may be a problem. The Lavender scent of Fabuloso especially is quite strong and smelling it undiluted is not advisable. If you are fond of opening a bottle of cleaner and inhaling the smell hard just to have a feel of it, don’t do it with Fabuloso. You should dilute it as instructed first before doing that.

Breathing in Fabuloso may also not be good for you if you have asthma. Asthmatic attacks can be provoked if Fabuloso is breathed in for too long.

If you suddenly start feeling nauseous or have difficulty breathing while using Fabuloso, go to an open area and breathe in the fresh air.

Is Fabuloso Toxic if Swallowed?

Fabuloso is toxic if swallowed in large quantities. If you accidentally take a sip (thinking it is Juice), you are not likely to suffer serious harm. You should not be drinking Fabuloso, by the way.

However, for babies and the aged, swallowing even a small quantity of Fabuloso can be toxic. It can lead to very serious injuries if not addressed immediately. Their bodies aren’t strong enough to fight the poisoning and the poison symptoms may be harsher on them than usual.

Some of these symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, and mouth & throat burning. Call the National Poison Control Center as soon as you find out they ingested Fabuloso and follow their instructions. You should also take them to the hospital for immediate treatment.

Is Your Pet Safe with Fabuloso?

Fabuloso can be toxic to dogs and cats when they ingest it in a concentrated form or a large quantity of it.

Pet-friendly cleaners are recommended if you are a pet owner but if you must use Fabuloso, keep them out of the reach of your pets. It could be very harmful to them if ingested. They could suffer from serious abdominal issues and experience symptoms like diarrhea, bleeding nose, vomiting, etc. If they are not treated immediately, this could lead to death.

Swallowing directly from the bottle is not the only way your pets can ingest Fabuloso. If you clean a surface in your home with Fabuloso and your pets go to that area immediately and start licking the surface, they could ingest the Fabuloso residue that is still on that surface.

To avoid this, always rinse with water after cleaning a surface with Fabuloso if your pets have access to that surface. Also, keep your pets from the surfaces cleaned with Fabuloso for at least 2 hours after cleaning and rinsing.

Note that your pets do not have to ingest Fabuloso before it harms them. If they rub their skin in Fabuloso or its residue, it could cause skin irritation. So avoid bathing your pet with Fabuloso.

How Does Fabuloso Impact the Environment?

Fabuloso multi-purpose cleaner has neutral pH levels so it won’t cause significant harm to the environment.

Water from your toilet, sinks, dishwashers, etc. eventually ends up in a wastewater treatment facility.

Chemicals, objects, and other harmful substances are removed from the wastewater, before being released into rivers, oceans, or other bodies of water. So whatever chemicals are present in Fabuloso would have been removed in the wastewater facility so it can’t harm the environment.

But if you mop for instance with Fabuloso and you pour the waste water outside instead of down the sink, the chemical in the Fabuloso can harm the environment.

Fabuloso is also packaged in non-biodegradable plastics which isn’t good for the environment.

Final Thoughts!

Fabuloso is not toxic to humans but can be harmful to asthmatic or very sensitive people. It is not pet-friendly and can be harmful to the environment.

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