Boiling Fabuloso (Everything About it!)

Boiling Fabuloso

Fabuloso is a household cleaner for hard surfaces but it is also a very good deodorizer. We’ll be discussing how to boil Fabuloso to make the house smell nice.

Boiling Fabuloso!

Boiling Fabuloso has become popular and we see a lot of videos on social media. A lot of people are trying it out, so why not? It is cheaper than using air fresheners, lasts longer, and makes the house smell more lovely.

How to Boil Fabuloso on the Stove? (With Safety Measures!)

First, you should know that Fabuloso contains chemicals and shouldn’t be boiled as this can release its chemicals into the air and cause breathing problems for people in that vicinity.

Boiling Fabuloso does however make the house smell so good. Let’s see how you can boil it on the stove safely.


STEP 1- Get an old pot; a pot you don’t use anymore. Or set one of your pots aside for boiling Fabuloso only. Cooking with the pot you have boiled Fabuloso in, can be very dangerous because Fabuloso contains chemicals.

The residues of the cleaner will also remain in the pot even if you wash it. This can seep into your food as you cook and ingesting it won't be good for your health.

STEP 2- Pour Fabuloso into the pot. Pour the quantity you desire as there’s no hard and fast rule about the amount to use. If you are deodorizing a room, 1 cup of Fabuloso should be enough, but if the room is large or you want the whole house to smell like Fabuloso, you can pour 2 or 2 and 1/2 cups of Fabuloso into the pot.

STEP 3- Add water. Add 1/2 cup of water to one cup of Fabuloso. This ensures the Fabuloso doesn’t burn and the smell isn’t overwhelming. You can use more or less if you want.

STEP 4- Put the pot on the stove and turn on the heat. Ensure you boil the Fabuloso on low heat, and don’t leave it unattended. It can boil over if left for too long and this can cause an accident.

STEP 5- Let it boil for about 3 to 5 minutes. Once you start smelling the Fabuloso in the air, turn off the stove and let the solution just sit until it cools down. If you want a stronger smell, let it boil a little longer.

Alternatively, you can bring the water to a boil first, then add Fabuloso. You should start smelling the Fabuloso in the air after a few minutes. Turn off the stove then.

Don't put your head over the pot and try to inhale, this can make you dizzy or give you a headache. And stop boiling if you notice the smell is too strong for you.

Can Boiling Fabuloso Kill You?

Boiling Fabuloso may be dangerous to your health but it can’t kill you. If you inhale the fumes, you may suffer dizziness, headache, nausea, etc. but you should be fine when you move to a more ventilated area and breathe in the fresh air.

Like we said before, you will be fine if you take these precautions.

1- Don’t boil undiluted Fabuloso.
2- Don’t boil it on high heat. It is dangerous.
3- Don’t leave it unattended.
4- Don’t boil it for too long, and don’t let it boil over. The solution should be about 1/2 of the pot size.
5- Don’t miss the Fabuloso with other cleaners before boiling. You don’t know the reaction you will get from this.

Is Fabuloso Safe for Babies?

Fabuloso is not safe for babies. Here are some of the reasons:

1- Fabuloso has a strong scent: Fabuloso comes in strong scents like lavender, citrus, tropical, etc. While they may smell lovely to adults and not harm them, they can be overwhelming for babies. The lavender especially can overpower their senses, and cause headaches, and other forms of pain.

2- Fabuloso is an irritant: Fabuloso does not just smell strong, it sometimes emits fumes that shouldn’t be inhaled or get into the eyes. The fumes can irritate their eyes, make them water, and also cause redness. It’s not a good feeling for them.

Fabuloso can also irritate their skin. Fabuloso irritates even the skin of adults if it accidentally spills but it’s worse for babies. Their skins are soft and tender, so they are more likely to get burns and rashes faster when in contact with Fabuloso.

3- Fabuloso is toxic: Fabuloso is cleaner after all, and since it isn’t natural, it contains chemicals, some of which are harmful. Babies put everything in their mouths and sometimes suck their fingers.

Even if you rinse after cleaning with Fabuloso, residues will remain. And if babies play in that area, touch the surfaces and suck their fingers, they may be swallowing Fabuloso. And this can cause mouth irritation.

Final Thoughts!

Fabuloso can be boiled to make the house smell good. But it’s not really comfortable for people having scent allergies or other respiratory conditions. In any case, don’t boil it around babies.

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