Can You Mix Fabuloso With Ammonia?

Can you mix Fabuloso with ammonia

Ammonia is used in glass cleaning products because it does not leave behind streaks. It also has other uses in cleaning but many regular household cleaning products (like Fabuloso) do not contain it. So will it be a good idea to mix Ammonia in such a cleaner? Let’s find out!

Can You Mix Fabuloso With Ammonia?

While Fabuloso can still be mixed with other products like hydrogen peroxide, it should not be mixed with ammonia as this will poses many risks.

What Happens if You Mix Fabuloso With Ammonia?

1- Bleaching of the Surfaces

Some Fabuloso cleaners contain hydrogen peroxide and hydrogen peroxide is often mixed with ammonia during hair bleaching processes. If you apply that mixture to a surface in your home, you may damage that surface.

If it’s hardwood, it could cause white patches to appear all over the floor making it look unattractive and dirty.

2- Toxic Fumes

Ammonia is corrosive and inhaling it for a long time can cause burning in the eyes, and throat, severe lung damage, or even death.

Fabuloso with scents like lavender can be pretty strong for sensitive people too. Mixing these two cleaners can be dangerous especially if you are doing it in an environment that is not well-ventilated.

Do you Really Need Ammonia in Fabuloso?

Let’s take a look at some of the uses of ammonia around the home, its effectiveness, benefits, and why you don’t need to mix it with Fabuloso or any other cleaner.

1- Breaking Down Grime

Grime may not just be dust on a surface. It is filth that has accumulated on a surface for a while which has layers and has probably adhered to that surface.

Ammonia makes this grime soft and easy to be cleaned off. Fabuloso has surfactants in it, which soften the stuck grime and help in foam production. This helps in removing the softened grime.

2- Degreasing (Oils, Animal Fats, etc.)

Grease is an oil that has thickened and it can be very difficult to get rid of. When cooking bacon or making food with margarine or fat, you can’t avoid grease spilling on the counter or your floor, and cleaning it with just any cleaner won’t cut it.

Animal fats like butter, lard, duck fat, etc. are not easy to get rid of. This oil residue can damage your floor if you have hardwood floors.

Ammonia can disperse the grease into minute droplets which can easily be rinsed away. (Source) Similarly, Fabuloso does the same thing with the help of surfactants in it.

3- Getting Rid of Wine Stains

Having a sip of wine on a Friday evening is relaxing until the glass tips and the wine spills all over your floor.

Ammonia is effective in removing wine stains from clothes, carpets, couches, etc. If it’s a hard non-porous surface with wine stains, Fabuloso will be just as effective but it cannot be used on carpets, couches, etc.

Final Thoughts!

Although mixing Fabuloso and ammonia won’t cause an explosion or show a visible reaction that can harm you, the fumes may be unpleasant and irritate your eyes and throat. Mixing these two cleaners won’t necessarily result in a stronger cleaner too, so you may be better off avoiding the hassle.

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