Can You Drink Fabuloso? (With Poisoning Symptoms!)

Can You drink Fabuloso

Fabuloso has colors and scents that make it look like juice. Even the package it comes in is designed like fruit juices too. In this article, we’ll be discussing if you can drink Fabuloso and the dangers that may come with doing that.

Can You Drink Fabuloso?

Fabuloso multi-purpose cleaners are not meant for consumption because they contain chemicals that can cause severe injuries to your internal organs when consumed. If not treated immediately, these injuries can lead to death. Some injuries may even defy treatments. (Source)

What Happens If You Drink Fabuloso?

1- Taste- The first thing you’ll notice when you drink Fabuloso is the taste. Not only does this cleanser look like juice, it tastes somewhat like it too.

Afterward, though, it feels bitter and itchy. You should however note that Fabuloso may taste like juice, it is a cleaner made by mixing different chemicals.

2- Irritation- Your mouth and throat will begin to itch if you drink Fabuloso. This is because it will cause a burning sensation in your mouth and throat.

If you only had a taste or drank a small quantity, this may be all you will experience. It should however still be treated, especially if you have previous ailments relating to your throat.

3- Diarrhea- Drinking Fabuloso will upset your stomach, causing you to vomit and visit the toilet frequently. The stomach cramps may be so severe that you need to visit the hospital for treatment before you can get better.

4- Death- Some say the highest that can happen after drinking Fabuloso is diarrhea, but Fabuloso cleaners are not all the same. Some contain harsh chemicals that can damage the body when ingested. When the damage continues without treatment, it may be irreversible.

Is Fabuloso Safe for Pets and Babies?

Not only can pets and babies get sick from accidentally ingesting Fabuloso, but the smell can also harm them too.

Scents such as Lavender can be very strong and overwhelming, especially for sensitive people. Inhaling too much of the smell or fumes can cause headaches, dizziness, etc. (Source)

This is harder for pets and children because they are small. Inhaling this strong smell can cause pets and babies to feel nauseous, have headaches, or even pass out.

Usually, Fabuloso smell can be reduced by mixing it with water, but you shouldn’t take chances with your pets and babies.

After using Fabuloso on a surface that your pers and babies use often, you should rinse and ensure the residue of the cleaner is gone. If your pets or kids sit or rub their bodies on that area, their skin could be irritated. They could develop an itchy rash on their body that will swell and become painful.

Using Fabuloso is also not safe to use around pets or babies because they could accidentally ingest it. Whereas an adult may just develop an itchy throat or diarrhea, depending on the quantities ingested, pets or babies on the other hand may develop severe injuries from ingesting Fabuloso. Their digestive tracts are smaller and not as strong as the adults’ tracts.

Symptoms of Fabuloso Poisoning

If you ingest Fabuloso accidentally, you may not be poisoned by the cleaner if you only took a small quantity or if it only went as far as your mouth. You should watch for poisoning symptoms within a few hours of the ingestion so you can go to the hospital for treatment.

It is however advised that you should visit the hospital immediately after ingesting Fabuloso or any household cleaner. Don’t wait till you see poisoning symptoms as this might be too late. Especially when it concerns babies and pets.

These are some of the poisoning symptoms to watch out for.

1- Nausea: The Fabuloso ingested makes you uneasy and uncomfortable. You have the urge to want to vomit but it never actually happens, which makes you feel sicker.

2- Vomiting: The cleaner unsettles your stomach and you begin to throw up everything you have eaten. You throw up even when your stomach is empty and you feel lightheaded.

3- Stomach ache: You feel mild or severe pain in your abdomen, depending on how much of the Fabuloso you ingested. Don’t wait till the pain becomes unbearable before you go to the hospital.

4- Burning Sensation: Some Fabuloso cleaners if ingested may give you mild burning sensations in your mouth and throat because of the chemical they contain.

Some Fabukoso cleaners however contain strong chemicals like sodium hydroxide, sulfuric acid, hydrogen peroxide, etc. If you ingest these, the burning sensations you feel may be severe and may cause holes. Your digestive tract may also be affected by these burns.

5- Diarrhea: If you drink the Fabuloso in large quantities, it may upset your stomach so much that you begin to frequent the toilet. This will continue until you are dehydrated and feel weak. And it may not even stop then.

Final Thoughts!

Fabuloso is a multi-surface cleaner and should only be used for that purpose alone. You should never drink it or allow your pets and children to do so.

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