How Much Value Does a Dishwasher Add to a House? (Tips!)

How Much Value Does a Dishwasher Add to a House

Selling a house can be tiring especially if you are doing it for the first time. You don’t know what to include to increase the value or what to exclude so it doesn’t decrease the value.

Should a dishwasher be included or not? Do dishwashers add value? If yes, to what extent?

These questions and many other related ones will be answered in detail in this article. We will also discuss other ways you can increase the value of your home which will make it sell easier and faster.

How Much Value Does a Dishwasher Add to a House?

Dishwashers are very valuable in the home and may influence the choice of buyers or renters but installing one in your house before selling won’t really increase the amount you’ll be getting for it. There won’t really be a difference between the amount you get on the house when there’s a dishwasher in it and where’s not.

Even if you install a dishwasher in your house, there are other major things prospective buyers or renters look out for that can make them choose another property over yours.

So if those items or things are in place already and you add a dishwasher, then that’s icing on the cake, and your property will soar in value. But just the dishwasher alone may not make that much of a difference.

Dishwashers aren’t all that useless though and many prospective buyers will probably be looking out for this when shopping.

Many people spend most of their time in the kitchen and feel more at ease when there are upgraded appliances in the kitchen that relieves stress.

For housewives, chefs, bakers, etc. that enjoy cooking and spend the majority of their time in the kitchen m, dishwashers are a priority.

How Important Is a Dishwasher When Selling a House?

Several things determine the importance of a dishwasher in a house when selling. Let’s take a look at a few of them:

1- First, the area the house is located. Is it a rural or an urban area? If it’s a rural area where the use of dishwashers is not common or not appreciated then installing one isn’t important.

Having or not having a dishwasher won’t make any difference and won’t determine how fast you sell the house or affect its value.

If the house is in an urban area or an area where a dishwasher is a common amenity, then it is very important when you are considering selling.

Installing one may not add value to the house and increase its worth, but at least it won’t be disadvantaged when buyers are looking and deciding.

2- Another factor that determines the importance of a dishwasher when selling is competition. If there are many houses for sale in that area, then you need to up your game.

Anything to give your house an edge and give it an advantage over others should be considered. In this case, a dishwasher is very important.

Dishwashers save time and energy. They are also cost-effective. They cut the cost of water and last long. Buyers are going to appreciate one and will probably consider a house with more than a house without.

3- What kind of people are looking to buy houses in that area? Are they the kind that leaves for work in the morning and comes back at night?

People who hardly cook at home or use the dishes? If yes, they probably won’t appreciate a dishwasher.

They don’t really need it so it isn’t important. Having or not having one in that area won’t be important when selling.

Selling a House with a Broken Dishwasher (Effects!)

A house with a broken dishwasher isn’t appealing at all and selling it would be difficult. This is especially true if the house is located in an area where a dishwasher is a common amenity, an appliance that cannot be done without. Having a broken one in your house would be a great deal breaker and would discourage prospective buyers.

Selling a house with a broken dishwasher in a competitive environment is also not going to be easy. If there are many houses for sale there with good dishwashers and other amenities, then your house will be greatly disadvantaged.

Prospective buyers won’t even give your house a second thought once they know it has no working dishwasher, because they have a lot to choose from in the same neighborhood.

When you finally see someone willing to buy the house regardless of the broken dishwasher, they could be offering you way less than your asking price.

They would think about the stress of moving a dishwasher to the house and having to connect them. If they are not handy, they would have to hire someone to do it which will cost them extra.

There are cheap new ones or used ones you can get for a fraction of the price of new ones. You don’t have to install a quality new dishwasher in a house before selling, the buyers just want to see that there’s a working dishwasher.

People do not like to buy a house where they have to be dealing with issues as soon as they get in.

Do Dishwashers Add Rental Value?

Tenants expect that a dishwasher should be installed in a house, especially in an urban area. So having one installed in a house doesn’t increase its rental value, it’s just one of the features or amenities that is expected. A new dishwasher, however, may increase the house’s value slightly.

Not having one could however decrease rental value. Because like we said, buyers, expect that a dishwasher should come with a house. It could be old or cheap, but it should be there.

Some people can still buy a house without a dishwasher if the hookups are there. No wiring stress, no need for experts.

These people may prefer a particular brand or type of dishwasher, so a house without one wouldn’t be a problem for them. As long as there are hookups. They may even have a dishwasher already.

Buyers like this aren’t too many though, which is why you should ensure that your house has a working dishwasher before putting it up for sale.

Cheap Ways to Increase Home Value

1- Make It Appealing

An attractive home will be more appealing to buyers and they will be willing to pay more just to get that house for themselves. You can do this without breaking the bank.

A fresh coat of paint would really help. Choose a that is mature but still bright and let it complement the color of the appliances in the house, especially in the kitchen.

Your curbing is also important. Your house should look inviting from the outside. Use good and quality front door and windows, put potted plants outside, and change your mailbox or replace it.

The toilet and bathroom could also use some spicing up. If the toilet bowls, counters are tiles are already discolored or old. Change them.

You can get cheap ones but they should look bright and appealing. The tub and tiles in the kitchen too could also use some work.

You could also plant some flowers in from of the house.

2- Professional Cleaning

I know you can vacuum and do some cleaning yourself but if you are looking to sell a home, some professional cleaning service is needed.

They would see things you can’t see, and clean places you didn’t even think needed cleaning. An appealing house that is also very neat will have a higher value than one that isn’t.

The cleaning should not just be confined to the interior, the surrounding of the house should also be kept clean. If there are grasses around the house, clear or trim them.

The buyers will see outside before going inside so this is important.

3- Repairs

It will be hard to sell your house if there are lots of broken things that need to be repaired or replaced. You can increase the value of your home by getting this done.

If it has a fence, look for rails and posts that need to be replaced or fixed. Check for broken tiles throughout the house and replace them.

If you use a hardwood floor, then polish it well. Your windows should also be checked for cracks. Major appliances in the home should be in good working order. If any of those is not, get it repaired or replaced.

Do Houses Sell Better with Appliances?

Houses do sell better with appliances.

First, appliances are appealing especially to first-time buyers. They probably have limited cash and have no appliances before since they are buying a house for the first time. The thought of a house that is move-in ready will feel really good.

They don’t have to go through the stress of shopping for appliances, having them delivered, and then setting them up. This can be very stressful. So when shopping for houses, a house with appliances included will pique their interest.

Even buyers who aren’t buying for the first time will still appreciate a house that already has appliances. Especially if the appliances aren’t old. Disconnecting and moving appliances from one house to the other is a hassle. They would want to avoid that.

So if you are offering a house that already has the appliances they need, they won’t need to move in any appliances.

Note that stainless steel appliances scratch and dent easily, they won’t want to move their appliances, and moving yours from the house you are selling can also damage them. So it’s better to leave them and cut a deal with the buyers.

Final Thoughts!

We have discussed how much value dishwashers add to homes and the effects of selling a house with a broken dishwasher.

While selling a house, you should try to increase the value of the house as much as possible, with as little money as possible. While dishwashers are great selling points for a house, you don’t have to install expensive or quality ones before you sell. The house just needs a working dishwasher.

Other cheap ways of increasing the value of your home have also been discussed in the article, so do well to read.

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