How Important Is a Dishwasher in a Rental? (Explained!)

How Important is a Dishwasher in a Rental

In recent years, tenants have come to see dishwashers as a standard amenity in their apartments.

While dishwasher usage is mostly regional, there is a widespread demand for slicker and more modern installations in today’s apartments. Most people keep wondering if appliances such as vacuums and dishwashers are a part of the rental.

This article will discuss how important it is to have a dishwasher in a rental property (both from the point of view of a landlord and of a tenant).

How Important Is a Dishwasher in a Rental?

Renters are constantly looking for appliances that will make their lives easier, and dishwashers have become a staple in many homes. Therefore, tenants (especially high-end) will usually ask for an apartment with a dishwasher installed.

The demand for dishwashers in rental properties also depends on the region you are in. In some regions, the demand is low and people think of dishwashers as a luxury whereas in other areas, the demand is very high and dishwashers are a necessity.

For Landlords

A dishwasher is a great addition to a rental property and may even allow tenants to view the apartment as more valuable. But what perks does a dishwasher bring to the landlord?

Does a Dishwasher Add Rental Value?

A dishwasher may add rental value. When an apartment has permanent installations, it gives the apartment a more modern feel and its property value may also go up. This means that the landlord can rent out a unit for more money.

An increased rental value means that even the deposit that tenants pay to occupy the property goes up. This is because the damages that may be caused to the unit have a bigger monetary value.

Higher rents may come with increased complaints since if someone is paying a lot of money for an apartment, they expect their standards of living to be high.

Any problem in the apartment (for example: if the dishwasher is faulty) will be reported immediately by the tenant to the landlord.

Is a New Dishwasher Tax Deductible?

Yes, a dishwasher is tax-deductible. Landlords are entitled to a tax deduction on appliances they buy for their rental properties such as furniture, refrigerators, dishwashers, etc.

According to the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS), appliances depreciate over 5 years, which is their useful life span.

In this period, landlords can file for tax deductions every year due to the fact that the appliance is depreciating.

Will Not Having a Dishwasher Make me Lose Tenants?

It is possible for you to miss out on tenants for lacking some essential amenities, such as a dishwasher. Since people have become accustomed to having dishwashers in their apartments, not having them may seem to be an oddity.

However, you will also gain some tenants who specifically rent houses for their lack of dishwashers.

1- Some tenants may not like the space that a dishwasher takes up because they want to use every single spare inch of the property.

2- Dishwashers also need some amount of work from the tenant. This includes cleaning the machine and ensuring that food doesn’t get trapped in the pipes, and many people don’t like the added responsibility.

3- Other tenants may have had a bad experience in the past with dishwashers. This includes having a bad smell coming from them.

Also, their former apartment may have been flooded by a leaking dishwasher and they would opt for an apartment without the hassle of waterproofing under a dishwasher.

For Tenants

Does a Dishwasher Inflate the Rental Price?

Dishwashers may inflate the rental price. Many landlords will try to make their money back after buying property appliances. They may hike the rental prices by some percentage, depending on the market value of the dishwasher.

High-end dishwashers will mean that the rent will be hiked by a higher percentage than if the dishwasher was low-end or bought second-hand.

As a tenant, this is something to keep in mind when looking for an apartment in an area. An apartment without a dishwasher may end up being cheaper, while still offering a decent place to live.

Can My Landlord Ask the Tenant to Repair the Dishwasher?

Any appliance that a landlord provides to your unit as part of your lease is their responsibility to fix and maintain. But there are tenant responsibilities as well which include taking care of the appliances and not subjecting them to neglect or abuse.

This means that as a tenant, you cannot intentionally break the dishwasher by leaving food in it or using the wrong detergent that will cause the dishwasher to break.

If the landlord points out such abuse to the appliance and it is determined that the damage was intentional, you may be asked to pay to have it either repaired or replaced, since this might be a violation of your lease.

Can I Ask my Landlord to Install a Dishwasher?

You can ask your landlord to install a dishwasher. However, most landlords are reluctant to install dishwashers in their rentals, if they haven’t already. This is because they don’t want to bear the price of installation, maintenance, or any other liability they may be exposed to.

Many landlords may also refuse to install a dishwasher because the renovations that may be needed to accommodate new drainage and electric system may be too expensive.

Having a dishwasher installed might come down to how well you are able to convince your landlord of why you need it.

You might even offer to bear the cost of installation and maintenance as an incentive to convince your landlord to let you have it.

What If a Tenant Brings Their Own Dishwasher?

This depends on whether your lease allows it. Read your lease carefully before bringing in any appliance that needs installation.

Adding a dishwasher to your apartment without informing your landlord could be a violation of your lease. It could lead to you getting kicked out or forced to pay for any modifications you may have made to the apartment.

In such a case where you own the dishwasher, any maintenance or repairs to the dishwasher will come out of your pocket.

Any mishaps such as flooding that happens to your unit or units around you, caused by your dishwasher, will come out of your pocket.

The landlord will not be responsible for the damages and you may be asked to get rid of the dishwasher or vacate the property.

Does My Landlord Have to Fix My Dishwasher?

A landlord is expected to maintain appliances that come with the rental property. A delay in fixing a dishwasher could inconvenience the tenant and even be a lease violation on the side of the landlord since they promised a service that is now not being delivered.

A broken dishwasher could cause a reduction in the quality of life of a tenant. This happens especially if the dishwasher causes the apartment to smell due to a clogged drain, or flood in case the piping done on the dishwasher is broken.

But, if the dishwasher is yours, the landlord is not obligated to repair or maintain it for you.

It will be your responsibility to ensure that it is taken care of and any damages to your apartment caused by the dishwasher will come out of your pocket.

Can Rent Be Reduced Due to a Broken Dishwasher?

Your rent can be reduced in case the dishwasher breaks. If the landlord does not act quickly in fixing your dishwasher, you can ask for a rent reduction.

It is important to talk it through with your landlord to know what would be a suitable amount to deduct from the total rent in the period the dishwasher has been broken.

Deciding to give yourself a rent reduction without consulting your landlord could lead to you getting an underpayment notice on your rent.

Also, ensure you read your lease to determine whether a set period of time is given by your landlord as to when the appliances should be fixed.

For instance, if the allocated time for appliances to be fixed is 2 weeks and the landlord takes longer than that to fix the appliances, then you are entitled to a rent reduction.

If you fail to inform your landlord that an appliance is broken or decide to inform them a little later, you will not be entitled to the rent reduction.

The rent reduction is only applicable from the point you tell your landlord to the expiration of the time given to fix your dishwasher.

Final Thoughts!

In this modern society, adapting to new market expectations of what to have in an apartment is key to thriving as a rental property owner.

A dishwasher has moved from being a luxury to an apartment necessity. Landlords who fail to adapt to installing new modern appliances may be losing out on having high-end tenants.

Some tenants aren’t willing to settle for living in an apartment without a dishwasher. Knowing there are plenty of apartments out there that can accommodate their needs ensures that they don’t settle for less.

Landlords should listen to their tenants in order to make improvements that will benefit both them and their tenants.

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