Fabuloso vs Simple Green (5 Comparisons!)

Fabuloso vs. Simple Green

Fabuloso and Simple Green, both have become popular in american homes for their range of products. If you are unsure what to do, researching is much better than wasting your money on trial and error. And if you have both, you may want to know which surfaces each product works best for.

In this article, we’ll basically compare the multi-purpose cleaners of both brands as well as the wipes.

Fabuloso vs Simple Green

Before diving into head-to-head comparisons of all-purpose cleaners and wipes, let’s first see what these brands have to offer.

Fabuloso Vs Simple Green (The Product Range)

Fabuloso focuses on making just two types of products as best as possible. However, while they may lack variety in their products, they make up for this with the range of scents their products come in. Their product line consists of all-purpose cleaners and wipes.

● Fabuloso All-Purpose Cleaners: They have two products that fall under this category; the regular Fabuloso range and the Fabuloso Complete range. The difference between the two is that Fabuloso Complete contains more active ingredients that make it more effective and useful for deep cleaning.

● Fabuloso Wipes: Fabuloso wipes come in two scents – lemon and lavender. The wipes are for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. The brand claims that these wipes kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, including the ones that cause the common cold, flu, and covid-19.

On the other hand, Simple Green’s product line consists of many products. It has all-purpose cleaners, cleaners for different surfaces in the home, outdoor cleaners, odor removers, pet stain removers, and so many other types of cleaners.

● Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaners: These cleaners come in three different scent variations. They are the original product without any extra scent, lemon scent, and lavender scent. It is marketed as a cleaner/degreaser that can work on nearly any washable surface, including fabric.

● Multi-Surface Floor Care: This cleaner is one of the many product categories Simple Green has that Fabuloso does not. It does not have scent variations and comes with a lemon/verbena scent. It works on almost all floor types (hardwood, tile, stone, linoleum, vinyl, laminate, etc.) and saves the need for specialized floor cleaners, although Simple Green has those too.

● Simple Green Wipes: These wipes are designed as all-purpose cleaners. The wipes clean, degrease surfaces and remove stains. However, there is no mention of disinfecting. They come in two variations – the regular scent and the lemon scent.

Verdict: Simple Green has products specifically made for almost all your cleaning needs.

Due to the difference in their available products, we will only compare the all-purpose cleaners and wipes in this article.

Fabuloso Multi-Purpose Cleaner vs. Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner

#1- Composition

Fabuloso’s website contains an ingredient list for its all-purpose cleaners, i.e., regular Fabuloso and Fabuloso Complete.

Both have water, fragrance, colorants, c9-11 pareth-8, and sodium dodecyl benzenesulfonate, the last two of which are popular surfactants found in cleaning products. They can irritate if ingested, inhaled, and come in contact with the skin. They are considered to be low-risk to the environment.

The regular Fabuloso cleaner contains other surfactants like sodium C12-15 Pareth Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate, which are also common in cleaning products. They have similar effects on humans and are generally deemed safe for the purpose they are created.

It also contains citric acid, whereas its Complete counterpart contains lactic acid. Both are biodegradable and environmentally-friendly ingredients that boost the descaling power of cleaners.

Lastly, Fabuloso has glutaral, which is for disinfecting. According to the CDC, exposure to it may cause lung, skin, nose, and eye irritation. (Source)

Meanwhile, Fabuloso Complete contains ingredients like the common hydrogen peroxide, a milder bleaching agent than chlorine bleach, and an excellent disinfectant. It also contains Xanthan gum, which thickens and helps surface adherence.

Lastly, it contains BHT and styrene/acrylates copolymer. The first is a preservative, while the latter may add color and thicken the product. These two are considered non-biodegradable but relatively human-safe.

On the other hand, the Safety Data Sheet of Simple Green contains its ingredient list. It contains water like all other cleaners.

Also, it has fragrance and colorant, which they refer to as proprietary mixtures. Similar to Fabuloso, it contains c9-11 alcohols and citric acid. Furthermore, it contains sodium citrate and sodium carbonate.

Sodium carbonate is also called washing soda and is an effective natural cleaning agent. Sodium citrate is also environmentally friendly and increases the potency of cleaning products.

Additionally, it has a chelator/rinse aid chemical called tetrasodium glutamate diacetate, which irritates the eyes and skin but is of low environmental concern. Its final two ingredients are Methylchloroisothiazolinone and Methylisothiazolinone. Both are preservatives that are safe in terms of long-term chronic effects but have a high tendency to cause allergies.

Verdict: Both products contain similar ingredients. They don’t contain ingredients that are very toxic to the environment, but none are entirely natural or green. Some of their products are irritants, but you may have a higher chance of having allergic reactions to Simple Green. Also, Fabuloso Complete contains ingredients that may make it more effective but less environmentally friendly than the other products.

#2- Effectiveness

Considering the ingredient list of both products, Fabuloso Complete seems to be the better all-purpose cleaner. Although not made for disinfecting, It has more active ingredients and a mild disinfectant ingredient for hard non-porous surfaces of your home.

However, if you want degreasing along with your regular cleaning, your bottle of Simple Green or good old regular Fabuloso will do a great job.

Note: Regular Fabuloso and Simple Green all-purpose cleaners do not disinfect.

#3- Scents

Simple Green all-purpose cleaner has only three scents. The regular scented one, lavender, and the lemon one. On the other hand, Fabuloso has a broader range of fragrances. It has about twelve scents ranging from fruity to flowery, breezy, and misty.

In terms of smell, Fabuloso wins with its wide range and stronger scents. It has a distinctive fragrance that has become a staple in many homes on cleaning days. Also, Fabuloso smell lasts from 12 to 24 hrs.

Verdict: Fabuloso wins in terms of available scents and the length of time it keeps your home smelling fresh.

#4- Surfaces

Fabuloso all-purpose can be used on almost all hard surfaces. It is safe on most non-porous surfaces.

Similarly, Simple Green is suitable for cleaning most washable surfaces. However, it is not restricted to non-porous or hard surfaces. According to their website, you can use it on fabric, baby toys, and pet areas.

Verdict: Simple Green all-purpose cleaner has a broader range of possible cleaning surfaces, including fabrics, equipment, carpets and vehicles.

#5- Costs

On the cost side of things, Simple Green is about 4 times the price of Fabuloso per fluid ounce.

Verdict: Fabuloso is the cheaper option. Simple Green may still be economical if you are not cleaning any place or thing very grimy. You can mix it with water up to a ratio of 1:150 parts, making it very economical.

Pros of Fabuloso All-Purpose Cleaner

● Lots of scent variations
● Scent is powerful and long-lasting
● Product is cheaper
● Fabuloso Complete may disinfect surfaces to some extent due to its hydrogen peroxide content

Cons of Fabuloso All-Purpose Cleaner

Here’s why people might dislike Fabuloso:

● Scent could trigger asthma or lung issues in sensitive people
● Can be used on only non-porous surfaces
● Does not fully disinfect

Pros of Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner

● Is effective even with a large dilution ratio
● Can be used on porous and non-porous surfaces
● Milder scent is more tolerable for sensitive people
● The better choice for preserving natural microflora since it does not kill bacteria and viruses

Cons of Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner

● More expensive
● Some users may have allergic reactions
● Does not disinfect

● Few scent variations

Comparison Table

QualitiesFabulosoSimple Green
100% NaturalNoNo
DisinfectsYes (Fabuloso Complete does, to some extent if left on the surface for an appropriate duration)No
ScentsMany available. Also, has a stronger & long-lasting smell.Fewer scents. Not as long-lasting as Fabuloso
Preserves good micro-organismsNoYes
Can cause allergies or irritationYesYes
Can be used on porous surfacesNoYes (as long as it is washable)
Removes visible dirtYesYes
CostsCosts lessCosts more

Fabuloso Wipes vs. Simple Green Wipes

#1- Composition

Fabuloso and Simple Green wipes are made from polypropylene, a type of plastic. It is entirely recyclable and does not release any toxic chemicals during the process.

It also biodegrades relatively fast with a 20 – 30 years timeline compared to other common plastics that take as much as 500 or more years. However, it may release a carcinogenic substance named Cadmium which is dangerous if it breaks down in a landfill or natural environment.

Fabuloso wipes are also made of polypropylene terephthalate (PET), also known as polyester. It is similar to polypropylene in that it is not readily biodegradable and although it can be recycled, very little of the quantity produced ends up recycled.

The active ingredients of the wipes are Quarternary Ammonium Compounds which are aerobically biodegradable. They are relatively safe for humans and act as antimicrobial agents, although they may irritate the lungs.

Meanwhile, according to Simple Green’s websites, the wipes contain all the same ingredients as the cleaner does with the addition of Octylisothiazolinone, a preservative that may cause contact dermatitis. The wipe is basically a fabric that is moistened with the all-purpose cleaner.

Verdict: The ingredient composition of Fabuloso seems more environment-friendly than Simple Green’s. However, since Fabuloso wipes are made of polypropylene and polyester, their wipes may not be readily recyclable. This is because the blended fabric may be impossible to separate and recycle.

#2- Effectiveness

Fabuloso wipes are disinfecting wipes, so they kill bacteria and viruses. They are ideal for sanitizing an area where a sick person has been, a counter where raw food has been, and so on.

Simple Green wipes will clean up spills and stains without killing viruses and bacteria. This is a good thing because repeatedly disinfecting your living area can give rise to superbugs and sicknesses that you cannot treat with regular medication.

Verdict: If you need to clean as well as disinfect surfaces, Fabuloso wipes should be chosen. But If you don’t have any immediate disinfection concerns, Simple Green wipes will be better and as effective.

#3- Scents

Fabuloso wipes come in two scents – lemon and lavender. On the other hand, Simple Green wipes come as regular wipes and lemon-scented wipes.

Verdict: Both wipes lack much variety in available scents. However, Fabuloso has an addition of Lavender scent which Simple green does not have.

#4- Surfaces

According to Fabuloso’s website, you can use their wipes on practically any hard surface around your house.

All you need to do is use it to clean the surface, allowing the surface to remain wet for at least 15 seconds. Then, let it air dry. It will only disinfect to its maximum capacity when used on non-porous surfaces.

On the other hand, Simple Green’s website states that the product can be used on washable surfaces, implying that the product may need to be rinsed off. Since the wipes are moistened with the product, the same would apply.

Verdict: Both wipes remove stains and clean spills on almost any surface. However, to get Fabuloso’s disinfecting power, you should use the wipes on hard surfaces.

#5- Costs

Simple Green wipes cost about 1.5 times that of Fabuloso wipes per piece which makes Fabuloso wipes the cheaper option.

Pros of Fabuloso Wipes

● Disinfects: Kill cold, flu, and covid viruses
● It has great lingering scents
● Cheaper than Simple Green
● No rinse is required after use
● Has an additional scent of lavender

Cons of Fabuloso Wipes

Made from non-biodegradable material
● Not ideal for frequent use

Pros of Simple Green Wipes

● Cleans without killing normal microflora
● Ideal for regular use
● Scent is not overpowering
● Has an unscented option
● Cleans effectively

Cons of Simple Green Wipes

● More expensive
● Non-biodegradable material
● Does not disinfect

Comparison Table

Cleans stainsYesYes
CostsLess ExpensiveMore expensive
Requires rinsing of surface afterwardNoMost likely
Ideal for regular useNoYes

Final Verdict!

When it comes to the All-purpose cleaners, if you need a little bit of disinfecting along with cleaning, want to try out many different scents that are strong and long lasting, and costs less, then Fabuloso is the one tht you will need to choose. On the other hand, if you just need a cleaner (not a disinfectant), that also preserves the microorganisms, and can be used on porous surfaces (such as fabrics, etc.) but don’t mind spending a bit more, then Simple green cleaner is your buddy.

When it comes to Wipes, Fabuloso wipes will disinfect while costing less. On the other hand, Simple green wipes will just clean (not disinfect), require rinsing, recycle, and can be used regularly.

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