Fabuloso vs. Pinalen (5 Differences!)

Fabuloso v Pinalen

When choosing home cleaners, there are many factors to consider, like effectiveness, environmental safety, and costs. Fabuloso and Pinalen are two popular brands with a loyal customer base, and their products make similar claims but have unique qualities to differentiate them.

We will be doing a thorough comparison of the multi-purpose cleaners from these 2 brands based on many factors.

Fabuloso vs. Pinalen

Both Fabuloso and Pinalen have quite a few products. Since we can only compare similar products, we will take up the multi-purpose cleaners in this article.

Fabuloso Multi-purpose-Cleaner vs. Pinalen original and Pinalen Max

Let’s look at each of the differences in detail.

#1- Composition


Both of Fabuloso’s multipurpose cleaning products contain similar ingredients. They have sodium dodecyl benzenesulfonate, fragrance, water, and c9-11 pareth-8. These ingredients are popular in cleaning products, and the two named chemicals are surfactants with little to no adverse effects on humans and the environment.

In addition to these surfactants, the regular Fabuloso cleaner contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate and sodium C12-15 Pareth Sulfate.

For descaling, it contains citric acid, whereas Fabuloso Contains lactic acid. These are natural ingredients that are safe and effective.

The primary disinfecting ingredient in the regular cleaner is glutaral. Meanwhile, its Complete counterpart contains hydrogen peroxide, a milder bleach than chlorine bleach but an excellent disinfectant.

Fabuloso Complete also contains BHT, Xanthan Gum, and styrene acrylates copolymer, a preservative, thickener, and polymer, respectively.


The original Pinalen contains water and several different coloring agents. In addition, it contains isopropyl alcohol which is an excellent disinfectant.

Its main ingredient is pine oil, a great cleaning ingredient from which the product gets its name. Also, C12-C16 alcohols increase the viscosity of its texture and stabilize the product.

Lastly, it contains dodecanoic acid, which is classified as a soap.

Pinalen Max power cleaners contain a UV filter called 2-(2H-Benzotriazole-2-yl)-4,6-di-tert-pentylphenol. This possibly aids its ability to kill certain harmful microorganisms.

It also contains sodium hydroxide, which is a good degreaser. It is also strongly alkaline and balances the otherwise acidic pH level of the cleaner.

So What’s the Difference?

None of these products are entirely green or natural as they contain chemicals that enhance their cleaning and stain removal ability. Some of these chemicals are toxic when consumed and irritate the skin, eyes, and lungs. Furthermore, the scent of Fabuloso and Pinalen cleaners may affect asthmatic people. However, both are relatively safe when used with caution for the proper purposes.

The EWG ranks Fabuloso’s products poorly, considering the ingredients in them. The all-purpose cleaner gets an F, meaning its components are of significant environmental and human concern.

While the EWG does not rank Pinalen, the SDS of the product instructs that both personal and environmental precautions be taken when using the product. The product with the safest ingredients appears to be the original Pinalen cleaner. Also, according to Pinalen’s website, all their bottles are made from recycled plastic and can be further recycled.

#2- Difference in Effectiveness

If you want regular cleaning, then either one would be fine.

Fabuloso Complete is also the best at stain removal. However, Pinalen Max might do a slightly better job for degreasing and the likes.

#3- Difference in Scents

The regular fabuloso cleaner comes in 12 different scents ranging from fruity to flowery, tropical, and breezy. Its Complete counterpart comes in just three scents: sparkling citrus, cool mist, and floral burst.

On the other hand, Pinalen Original has only one scent: its signature pine scent. Its Max Aroma cleaners come in lemon, lavender, and floral scents, while its Max Power cleaners come in lavender and summer fresh scents.

Verdict: When it comes to various scents, Fabuloso wins. Also, the smell of Fabuloso multipurpose cleaners is stronger than Pinalen’s, except for Pinalen’s Max Aroma products which have an equally strong scent.

#4- Difference in Surfaces Cleaned

As multipurpose cleaners, Fabuloso and Pinalen can be used in various areas. However, Fabuloso’s website states that users should use it for non-porous and hard surfaces, including indoor and outdoor surfaces such as sealed wood, tiled walls, switches, non-porous home appliances, countertops, and so on.

Meanwhile, Pinalen’s website shows you can use their product on just about any surface, including hard and soft surfaces. They encourage you to use the product with laundry as a pre-treatment or with the detergent used to wash your clothing.

In addition, they endorse it for use on rugs, carpets, kitchen surfaces, bathrooms and toilets, pet areas, and to clean regular dirt and accidental messes.

Verdict: It appears that Pinalen has a broader range of uses for which its manufacturers approve it. However, many people have gotten great results using Fabuloso for laundry.

#5- Difference in Costs

Pinalen and Fabuloso are both on the affordable end of home cleaners. They are similarly priced depending on where you buy them. Pinalen costs about $0.0380 per liquid ounce while Fabuloso costs about $0.0472.

There isn’t much difference between the price per fluid ounce but Pinalen is on the cheaper side.

Pros of Fabuloso

● Many scents
● Good for degreasing
● Does not leave cleaning streaks
● Deodorizes with a lingering smell
● Mildly disinfects

Cons of Fabuloso

● Slightly more expensive than Pinalen
● The scent may be overpowering for sensitive people

Pros of Pinalen

● Great degreaser
● More affordable than most home cleaners
● Pleasant pine scent in the original cleaner
● It can clean almost anything
● Less overpowering smell than Fabuloso

Cons of Pinalen

● Few scent options
● It may be toxic for pets

Comparison Table

100% NaturalNoNo
DisinfectionFabuloso Complete disinfects when left on a surface for a while.Does not disinfect
Scents availableMore & stronger scentsFewer scents
Can cause allergies or irritationYesYes
Can be used on porous surfacesNot advised by the manufacturerYes
Removes visible dirtYesYes

Final Verdict!

If you want a cleaner that can also disinfect to some extent (not fully), has a stronger scent (and wider scents too), and only need it for hard non-porous surfaces, then you should go with Fabuloso.

While on the other hand, if you need a cleaner that can also tackle porous surfaces (fabrics, etc) but are not worried about disinfecting, then you can go with Pinalen.

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