Will Fabuloso Kill Maggots? (With 6 More Home Remedies)

Will Fabuloso kill maggots

For your hard non-porous surfaces, Fabuloso seems to be a great cleaner but can it also kill maggots? We’ll be discussing just that in this article and also list home remedies to get rid of maggots for good.

Will Fabuloso Kill Maggots?

Using Fabuloso multi-purpose cleaner is not an effective remedy for killing maggots. Spraying Fabuloso directly on the maggots may kill some within minutes but many will survive and crawl away from the area sprayed giving them the chance to regroup somewhere else. Adding the right product to Fabuloso and using it correctly will however make it more effective.

How to Use Fabuloso to Kill Maggots?

Hydrogen peroxide is very effective against maggots and gets rid of a maggot infestation in an area within minutes. It’s safe, affordable, and works fast.

Adding H2O2 to Fabuloso makes it even more effective and can greatly reduce the number of minutes it can kill maggots.

Although some of the Fabuloso cleaners (such as Fabuloso Complete Floral Burst) contain hydrogen peroxide, they don’t have a percentage of hydrogen peroxide high enough for killing maggots.

So adding hydrogen peroxide directly to Fabuloso is a better option.


STEP 1- Pour 2 cups of Fabuloso into a bowl and add 1 cup of water. Mix this thoroughly. Then add 4 cups of hydrogen peroxide. Mix this well too. You can use a wooden spatula to get an even mixing and ensure the solution doesn’t touch your skin.

STEP 2- Pour this solution into a spray bottle carefully. Then spray it over the maggots generously. Coat them with it. The maggots will begin to suffocate and die within minutes.

STEP 3- Get a broom and a dustpan and sweep the dead maggots into a plastic bag. Dispose of the plastic bag in a dumpster.

STEP 4- The area where you just swept off the maggots cannot be left as it is. It needs to be properly cleaned and disinfected.

Use Fabuloso cleaner (those containing Hydrogen Peroxide, Glutaral, etc.)for this and not just any Fabuloso. Spray this on the surface thoroughly and wipe it off after 10 minutes. You do not need to rinse.

Kills Maggots Instantly (Home Remedies)

1- Boiling Water

There’s nothing more effective than boiling water when it comes to killing maggots. This remedy kills them instantly and it’s a no-brainer that you don’t need to spend a dime.

There are some drawbacks to this method, however. If the maggots are on a surface susceptible to being moldy if damp, then using water isn’t a good choice, especially if the surface doesn’t have direct access to sunlight.

In addition, some materials melt when they come in contact with hot water. If maggots are in your trash can which is made of plastic, killing them with boiling water will be impossible unless you want to risk damage to the trash can.

2- Bleach

This is a powerful chemical and an effective cleaner around the home. The use of bleach is however not limited to laundry or dirty toilets alone, you can also use it to kill maggots.

Mix equal parts water and bleach in a spray bottle and spray the maggots directly. They won’t be able to withstand the harsh chemical and will soon die. Note that whereas boiling water kills maggots immediately, it may take a few minutes for bleach to kill maggots.

Bleach should not be used on stainless steel, marble, and wooden surfaces.

3- White Vinegar

Maggots cannot withstand the acidity of vinegar so if you have a maggot infestation in any area of your house, just pick up the white vinegar in the kitchen and get to work. Vinegar kills maggots effectively but it may not be instant.

You can use the white vinegar undiluted or dilute 2 cups of white vinegar with 1 cup of water. Spray the maggots with the solution generously and let it sit on them for about an hour. When you come back to the area, they would be all dead.

4- Salt and Lime

Salt shrivels maggots and kills them instantly. To make it more potent, you should add lime. Though lime alone is equally up to the task.

Mix equal parts of salt and lime. The quantity you mix depends on the area covered by the maggots. Pour this mixture on the maggots directly. Ensure you cover them all up.

Let this sit for about 10 minutes, and come back to see the dead maggots.

5- Extreme Cold

If you have maggots in your trash bag or can at home and it is during the winter, you don’t need to do too much to kill them. Carry the trash bag outside and just leave it there overnight. The maggots will be dead by morning, they can’t survive that harsh weather.

If they are not in a bag or contained anywhere, maybe you may have to sweep them up, put them in a nylon bag, and put the bag outside.

6- Dog Shampoo

If you have dogs, you most likely have a dog shampoo that has flea and tick meditation. These shampoos contain permethrin (an Insecticide) which can kill maggots instantly.

Mix 1 part of the shampoo with 4 parts of water and spray it on the maggots. Sweep them up after about 5 minutes.

Final Thoughts!

Maggots are pests and can be annoying. If left alone, they transform into flies and become more annoying. But you can use Fabuloso to put an end to them and stop this transformation. There are also several home remedies to deal with maggots that have been listed in the article.

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