Can You Mix Fabuloso & Pine-Sol? (When?)

can you mix Fabuloso and Pine sol

People are always on a hunt to get the strongest cleaning solution that can remove just about any stain and combat dirt and grime.

Fabuloso and pine sol are two different cleaning solutions that can get the job done even alone but pine sol is also a disinfectant, so one might consider mixing it with Fabuloso to get that two in one cleaner-cum-disinfectant.

But can these two cleaners be mixed to create a solution that is stronger and will better combat tough stains and grime? Is it safe to do so? We take up this issue in this article.

Can You Mix Fabuloso and Pine-Sol?

There are no adverse effects that can occur when Fabuloso and Pine-sol are mixed. They are both cleaners made with non-toxic chemicals and are safe to be used together. Mixing these two may increase the disinfecting power of Fabuloso.

Since Fabuloso is only a cleaner and not a disinfectant, it will not be able to kill many kinds of viruses and germs. Bt Pine sol can. So mixing these two can be a great cleaner-cum-disinfectant.

Ingredients of Fabuloso

Although Fabuloso makes different cleaners (all are ammonia free) with different ingredients in them, some ingredients are more universal and can be found in most of Fabuloso’s products. We will be examining the main ingredients.

1- Sodium Dodecylbenzene Sulfonate: This is a sand-like solid surfactant used in cleaning products, shampoo, pesticides, etc. It loosens dirt and grime from a surface they are attached to and allow for easy cleaning.

Inhaling this acid can cause problems and it should not make contact with the skin or eyes, to avoid irritation.

2- Sodium Laureth Sulfate: This is also a surfactant found in most cleaning products, shampoo, facial cleansers, etc. It is also used as a foaming agent in these products to create airy bubbles. It is milder than Sodium Dodecylbenzene Sulfonate and less likely to irritate. (Source)

Some Fabuloso cleaners however contain Sodium lauryl sulfate(SLS).

3- Citric Acid: This is a weak organic acid that is found in most citrus fruits like lime and lemon. It is used in many Fabuloso cleaners and other cleaners because it kills bacteria and mildew, and is also great at sanitizing and disinfecting generally.

Ingredients of Pine-sol

1- Glycolic Acid: This acid increases the cleaning potential of other cleaning agents and is non-toxic. It can even get rid of rust. Apart from being found in some cleaning products, it is also found in skincare products. This is a safe ingredient.

2- Sodium Lauryl Sulfate(SLS): This is a detergent and surfactant used in many cleaning and personal care products like shampoo. It is majorly a foaming agent, and responsible for the dense foams and bubbles that some of your soaps or detergents produce. It is similar to SLES mentioned earlier but stronger.

3- Sodium Carbonate: Also known as washing soda, this compound is made of sodium and acid. It is used in producing several products like paper, soaps, detergents, borax, etc.

What Happens When You Mix Fabuloso & Pine Sol?

There’s no reaction when the ingredients of either of the cleaners are mixed together.

Fabuloso and Pine-sol cleaners are made with similar ingredients which makes mixing these cleaners safe.

Citric acid which is found in Fabuloso is extracted from citrus fruits while d- limonene which is found in Pine-sol is extracted from the rinds of citrus fruits. So they are from the same source. Mixing these compounds doesn’t produce any reaction.

Glycolic acid which is also an ingredient in Pine-sol does not react with citric acid. It instead, improves the effectiveness of organic acids like citric acid.

Both Fabuloso and Pine-sol cleaners contain either sodium Laureth sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate which are similar. The two works the same way, though one is milder and they can be mixed with no reactions.

Some Pine-sol cleaners like Pine-sol multi-surface cleaner (lemon fresh scent) contain sodium carbonate, Fabuloso citrus and fruits with baking soda contain sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate, and Fabuloso multi-purpose cleaner spray contains sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide.

Sodium carbonate when mixed with either sodium bicarbonate, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide, or sulfuric acid causes no reaction.

Most other ingredients used in Pine-sol are fragrance compounds and preservatives, so they are safe to mix with Fabuloso.

Mixing these two cleaners may not improve their cleaning effectiveness but might increase disinfecting power of fabuloso.

Caution: When mixing these cleaners, protect your skin and face. Use gloves, and a nose mask, and wear a long sleeve cloth.

Best Possible Uses of Using Fabuloso Alone

Fabuloso will remove grease, limescale, dirt, and stains from surfaces. Here are the surfaces that it can be used on:

1- Clean Hard Surfaces

Fabuloso is a multi-purpose cleaner so it can be used to clean a lot of surfaces and things effectively. Most of these surfaces are hard non-porous surfaces of floors, walls, and living rooms. When using it on wood, see that it is only sealed wood.

Mix 1/4 cup of Fabuloso with a gallon of water and use a brush to apply it to your counters or furniture and wipe them clean. You can use this cleaner to clean your tiles and hardwood floor too.

2- Toilet

Fabuloso is great at removing stains from toilet seats, bowls, and tanks.

Spray some on your seat and bowl and leave it for about 10 minutes. Then use a brush to scrub gently. Rinse the seat and bowl, then flush the toilet. And voila! Your toilet is clean again.

To clean the toilet tank, remove the lid and shut the water valve. Then drain the water in the tank to a minimum. Pour about 1/4 cup of Fabuloso into the tank, and add some water if it’s necessary. Scrub the insides of the tank with a brush. Pay attention to dirty areas and discolored spots. When you are done, turn the water valve back on and fill the tank. Flush.

Best Possible Uses of Using Pine-sol Alone

1- Disinfect

Pine sol Original multi-surface cleaner not only removes dirt and grime and grease from surfaces but can also kill germs and viruses. To keep your home safe and ensure a disease-free environment, you should disinfect regularly with this cleaner.

The surfaces that it can handle include Finished hardwood, glass, cement, ceramic tile, carpets, linoleum, granite, and plastic (chairs, etc.)

Notice that the ability to use this on carpets (porous) is an advantage over fabuloso apart from disinfecting.

Apply the cleaner to the surface you want to disinfect with a soft towel and let the surface stay visibly wet for 10 minutes with the cleaner. Rinse after.

2- Wash & deodorize Clothes

Pine sol can be used in washing machines to deodorize, disinfect, and remove tough grease and soil from clothes.

Along with laundry detergent, pour 1/2 cup of Pine-sol into your washing machine and run your clothes. Ensure the clothes are white or color-fast only before doing so. You may also pour a little solution on the stain and rub hard before actually washing the cloth.

3- To Deodorize Cars

With Pine-sol, your car doesn’t have to keep smelling funny. You can get rid of odors or unpleasant smells with just 1 cup of pine-sol.

Mix 1 cup of water with 1 cup of Pine-sol (choose a pine-sol fragrance you want) and pour into a spray bottle. Shake well and spray your car. Pay attention to corners and areas that smell. You will be pleased with the outcome.

However, don’t use Pline sol on the car’s exterior surfaces as it may damage them.

Fabuloso vs Pine-sol (Which one to choose?)

1- Fabuloso can clean only non-porous hard surfaces whereas Pine sol can even tackle some porous surfaces such as carpets.
2- Fabuloso cannot disinfect and kill viruses and bacteria while Pine sol is meant to disinfect as well as clean.

These two distinctions make Pine sol a better product to choose if you have to make a choice. However, Pine is also more expensive than Fabuloso.

What can I mix with Fabuloso?

1- Water

Using undiluted Fabuloso may be harsh on some surfaces or the smell may be too strong for some people to handle. To remedy this, dilute with water before using. Fabuloso recommends mixing 1/4 cup with 1 gallon of water. You can use hot water if you wish.

2- Rubbing Alcohol

This is a non-toxic chemical that does not cause any adverse reaction when mixed with Fabuloso.

When mixing these two cleaners though, you should add water. Mix Fabuloso with water first, and then add rubbing alcohol.

3- Vinegar

The mixture of Fabuloso and vinegar create a cleaning solution that is safe to use and effective for cleaning. You should however avoid mixing vinegar with Fabuloso cleaners that contain hydrogen peroxide. An example is Fabuloso Complete.

Mixing Fabuloso with vinegar is however not necessary as Fabuloso alone is effective and able to tackle any form of stain.

Apart from these, you can mix Fabuloso with baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and pine-sol which have been mentioned in previous headings.

Do not mix Fabuloso with other commercial cleaners such as Lysol.

What Can You Not Mix Pine-Sol With?


This chemical is very effective at cleaning and can get rid of even mold and mildew. Mixing bleach with other chemicals or cleaners is however not advised.

If Pine-sol is mixed with bleach, chlorine gas is formed. This is because Pine-sol contains glycolic acid which reacts with bleach.

Exposure to this gas can cause nausea, headache, cough, chest pain, etc. You shouldn’t mix Pine-sol with other cleaners that contain bleach too, even if it’s in small quantities.

Final Thoughts!

The chemicals used in making fabuloso, as well as pine sol, are similar and non-toxic. The chemicals in the cleaners also do not react violently against one another, so mixing them is safe.

Mixing these cleaners is however not necessary for cleaning, since they work similarly. But for disinfecting, you can mix these two if you wish or simply use just pine sol.

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