5 Ways | How to Clean a Shower Head Without Vinegar

how to clean shower head without vinegar

People try to avoid vinegar for many different reasons (including the awful smell) when it comes t cleaning showerheads or coffee makers.

Showerheads have been known to get clogged, as a result of dirt or debris. If not properly removed, they can make their way from your shower head to your body, giving you diseases, and thus, there is a great reason to know how to clean your showerhead.

Besides ensuring the free flow of water, cleaning your shower head helps in curtailing health risks. One of the numerous ways of cleaning your shower head is to clean it with Vinegar. Still, people might not like the odor of white vinegar.

METHOD 1: Cleaning Shower Head With a Disinfectant

STEP 1: Remove the Shower Head

Removing the showerhead is the first step that you should carry out with caution as mistakes might damage.

Manually, to remove the showerhead, you have to twist it outwards gently so that you don’t damage it. If your shower head is just installed, there might be a need to either call a professional or look for a manual to get it out.

STEP 2: Scrub With a Scrubber Sponge/Toothbrush & a Disinfectant

We are required to wipe out as much debris we can, using a Scrubber sponge or a toothbrush, and this step is essential.

Dip the Toothbrush’s head in a Disinfectant and scrub out the dirt and debris from the showerhead by holding it and scrubbing gently to get in all Corners.

Make sure to leave no dirt untouched. With proper attention to the small holes, you should be careful to clean the showerhead on both sides to get these holes super cleaned.

STEP 3: Rinse it Thoroughly

With the scrubbing done, rinse the showerhead with continuous flowing warm water to not just clean it but also to kill germs. Use high pressure to rinse.

STEP 4: Fix Back the Showerhead

Now fix back the showerhead by gently twisting it against the holding part. Remember that any mistake can damage the showerhead. So be gentle and careful!

After this is done, turn on the shower and check for any leakages or other problems. If there aren’t any, then the showerhead is correctly fixed.

There are quite some other ways to clean the showerhead.

METHOD 2: Cleaning Shower Head With Baking Soda

Baking Soda has non-toxic nature, non-acidic texture, and it has been known far and wide as a great cleaning agent. Baking soda is economical and very useful in fighting bacteria.


1- Make a baking soda paste using little water. Be careful not to make it running.

2- Then apply the mixture into the removed showerhead and cover every inch of it, leaving the paste to stay there for approximately 30 minutes.

3- Rinse under high-pressure warm water.

4- Put back the showerhead.

5- Finally, turn on the shower and taste the water to ensure that no clogs remain due to residue of baking powder.

METHOD 3: Cleaning Shower Head With Bleach


Bleach is another cleaner that can be easily used to get rid of germs in our showerheads.

Like a standard home cleaner, Bleach is very accessible and economical but should also be used with keen caution as it can pose a threat when used with other cleaning substances.

Bleach is very much advised to be used in open spaces to reduce its effect on the air.


1- Make equal mixtures of Water and Bleach together in a bucket or a bowl, preferably a disposable one.

2- Remove the showerhead.

3- Using either a brush or a piece of clothing, apply the bleach solution to the removed shower head and rinse thoroughly after 5 to 6 minutes of cleaning. Use high pressure for rinsing. You can also wash off the smell of the bleach solution by using soap with warm water.

4- Now, allow the showerhead to dry and then reattach to test the shower.

METHOD 4: Cleaning Shower Head with Coke

Yes, Coca-Cola has paved the way for itself as a cleaning agent in our present world. People use Coca-Cola as a cleaning agent as it cleans rusts in iron or copper and restores its color.


1- Get a can of Coke, preferably a 12 oz can, and empty it into a bowl.

2- Submerge the shower head fully into the bowl for 30 minutes.

3- Remove the showerhead and, rinse with high-pressure running warm water.

4- Use a neat piece of clothing to clean the showerhead and get rid of loosened dirt.

5- Fix back the showerhead and test it to check if it’s well tightened.

Even though it is a good cleaning agent, Coca-Cola tends to leave a residue, and thus, it is strongly recommended to rinse the showerhead thoroughly after using Coke.

METHOD 5: Cleaning Shower Head With Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide is an antifungal compound which is why it is a good cleaning agent. With an appropriate combination of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, we’ll be cleaning the showerhead with the paste formed. Hydrogen Peroxide and baking soda are effective cleaning agents.


1- Make a mixture with an equal amount of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, and put this solution in a plastic bag.

2- Remove the showerhead and fully immerse it into the plastic bag containing the paste.

3- Wait for 20 to 30 minutes, and then rinse only with warm water (and under high pressure) to get rid of residues.

4- Attach the showerhead back and turn on the shower to test it.

I know that you have asked for methods for cleaning your shower head without vinegar, which most commonly is white vinegar, which has a rather offensive smell.

But I want you to look at another method here (With Apple Cider Vinegar) which does manage to leave a more comfortable smell.

How To Clean Shower Head With Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar and white vinegar have similarities in acidity and thus, are perfect for cleaning and disinfecting the home. But Apple Cider Vinegar leaves a less offensive odor.


1- Detach the showerhead and submerge it into a bowl containing apple cider vinegar mixed with water.

2- Add a little bit of baking soda to the mixture as it tends to increase its cleaning capability.

3- After 15 minutes, rinse it fully under high pressure with warm water, to clean out the loosened grime and baking soda residue.

4- Attach your shower head back and test it.

An ALTERNATIVE way would be to put the Apple Cider Vinegar on an old toothbrush and scrub the removed showerhead thoroughly. After that, rinse it under high pressure.

How to Know if Your Showerhead is Clogged?

If the water from your shower shoots in all different directions, your shower head is possibly clogged. To get rid of this, you have to clean the holes in your showerhead with any of the cleaning methods that have been highlighted in this article.

Now just in case, you have changed your mind to also know the cleaning method that includes the use of White Vinegar, here it is for you.

Cleaning Shower Head with Vinegar

Vinegar has been the most common cleaning disinfectant for a long time.


1- Mix 1 cup of white vinegar with an equal volume of water in a bucket and pour the solution into a plastic bag or bowl of your choice.

2- Wipe off the debris from your removed showerhead using a Scrubber sponge or a toothbrush, and immerse the showerhead into the plastic bag, making sure that all the holes are immersed.

3- Tie the plastic bag with a band or a tie.

4- After about 15 to 30 minutes, open the bag and wipe off every loosened grime.

5- Attach the showerhead, and you are all set.


Cleaning your showerheads does not only help to unclog them but also keep them shining, retain their durability and protect you from unwanted diseases.

Amongst other cleaning substitutes, Vinegar is the most common, but it leaves an unpleasant smell.

Thus, there is a need to know how to clean shower heads without it, and I believe that this article has helped you to understand the methods.


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