Should You Have a Trash Can in Your Bedroom? (Explained!)

Should You Have a Trash Can in Your Bedroom

Trash cans are a must-have for every area in a home, but should you have one in your bedroom?
To enable you to make the right choice, this article contains everything you need to know as far as trash cans in the bedrooms are concerned. Let’s go!

Should You Have a Trash Can in Your Bedroom?

There’s nothing wrong with having a trash can or a wastebasket in your bedroom, especially if you live in a big house and can’t always go to the kitchen to dump your waste.

The trash/waste that is produced in the bedroom can easily be thrown in the bin itself without you having to go to the kitchen or elsewhere.

Interestingly enough, there is quite a lot of waste that can appear in the bedrooms ranging from used stationery items (papers, wraps, pencils, empty pens, rubber, newspapers, etc.) to makeup waste to food wrappers (such as packets of chips, burger wraps, bottles, cans, etc.) to organic waste.

Another advantage of having a trash can in the bedroom is that things look more orderly and clean. All that trash that does not go to the kitchen bin (due to laziness) will end up littering the bedroom, making you hate living there.

However, as much as it is great having one in your room, ensure it only contains dry items like tissues, papers, and other non-edible things. Don’t be tempted to throw food inside as that could potentially stink up your room.

It’s all too convenient. One minute it’s a place to clear out the trash in your bag, and the next, you have sugary wrappers of food in the trash which can end up attracting insects.

To avoid this, be hygienic with the litter basket, and know what goes inside.

Where to Keep the Trash Can in Bedroom?

If you’re confused about where to keep a trash can in the bedroom, then place it underneath or beside your table, or anywhere else in your room that’s easy to dump waste. You can also leave it beside a couch in your room if you have one.

Another option would be beside your bed but only on sick days. Suppose you need to easily toss tissues out when sick, then a trash can will come in handy for that.

Bottom line is, as long as it’s a portable trash can that matches the decor of the room, then it can be positioned where you dump waste on a daily basis.

The Possibility of Getting Bedbugs from Trash Can

Bedbugs are mostly found in the bedroom, but can you get bedbugs from a trash can?

Bedbugs can also spring up from a dirty and cluttered trash can. Say the trash can never gets washed, and it’s always filled up, then it’s likely one is hiding somewhere in there.

After all, they crawl into new hidden places from homes that are already infested with them, and a dirty trash can could be a perfect new location for them to hide before coming out at night to attack.

So you can get bedbugs from a dirty and cluttered trash can.

Can Trash Cans Attract Mice to Your Bedroom?

Trash cans can be home for mice because they contain leftovers, food stains, beer cans, or anything tasty that has an inviting smell to them.

Even when you pour out your garbage can and it hasn’t been properly washed out, mice can still live in there because they’re trying to find something to eat.

A cluttered basket in your room which hasn’t been properly disposed of on a daily basis can also serve as a home for mice. Why?

Because a trash can has the right temperature to live in. Add food into the equation, and they would be content staying there until you do what’s right.

Trash Can in Bedroom (Feng shui)

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy which believes that the placement of things in the house affects you, and the energy in an environment. So what’s the Feng Shui’s take about a trash can in a bedroom?

Let’s explore some of these below:

1- A wastebasket in a bedroom is great because it keeps the room clean which is good for the chi, but it’s still not ideal to have one in your bedroom.

2- A filled up wastebasket can affect your sleep, and also your energy. This is because wastebaskets represent bad luck, and poor prosperity, and that being placed in a room can affect the energy, thereby affecting you in life.

3- Waste bins have bacteria in them and inhaling this is bad for your health. So to ensure you’re not compromising on good health, empty it out before going to bed.

4- Trash shouldn’t be placed anywhere close to the window where fresh energy flows in so it’s usually preferable leaving it in a corner close to the door.

5- Don’t position it in the Wealth corner which is the South area of the house. The Wealth corner is usually known as the center of business, career, and any good things. This area should only contain things that enhance wealth, success, and good health, and a waste bin doesn’t exactly fit into any of these.

So a trash can should always be placed away from the entrance, or anywhere people can see upon entering your room. Also, take it out after use.

Hiding a Trash Can in a Room

1- Use a Wicker Basket

Unlike a waste bin, or a mini trash can, a wicker basket doesn’t immediately imply a waste box.

Besides, it can fit into any decor in a room as long as you place it right, and empty it out on a daily basis. You’ll also have to avoid putting wet things inside as it becomes hard to clean.

2- Match the Decor of the Basket to Your Room

Every room has a waste bin nowadays so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have one, but ensure it has a lid, and matches the room color without looking out of place.

3- Leave It underneath Your Table or beside the Dresser

Like we mentioned earlier, placing your wastebasket where it’s used most effectively is usually the best choice.

In this case, if you crumple up paper a lot, it can fit just right underneath the table. Besides, a large dresser is also conspicuous, and most people wouldn’t notice there’s a trash can beside it.

4- Try Out the Bathroom

If you’re too concerned about placements, a trash bin will do just fine in the bathroom. That is also easily accessible for use, and out of the public’s eye.

Final Thoughts!

Trash cans are an absolute essential in homes, and there’s nothing wrong with bringing one into your bedroom as long as you place it in the right position.

Another important takeaway is to empty out your waste bins regularly because nothing looks detestable than a room that has a bad stench.

Bottom line is, have one in your room, but be hygienic with it in order to keep your room clean, keep critters away, and also to protect yourself.

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