Will Shop Vac Bags Fit Craftsman/Ridgid/Dewalt/Mastervac?

can a Shop vac bags fit Craftsman

Vacuum bags are needed in wet/dry vacs to make them last longer, protect the motors, and collect fine or harmful dust. Most people like to use shop vac bags in their vacuums because they are strong, durable, and easy to use. And it’s easy for them since most use shop vacuums.

But what if you are using a vacuum brand that is different from shop vac and you would like to use shop vac bags, is this possible?

In this article, we will be discussing the compatibility of shop vac bags with other vacuum brands in detail and answer all your questions in the process. Most of the major vacuum brands will be covered so you will be gaining a lot of information. Let’s get right into it.

Will Shop Vac Bags Fit Craftsman?

Shop Vac Bags cannot Fit Craftsman vacuums. Though these two vacs are similar they cannot use the same vac bags due to size and model differences.

Shop vacs and craftsman vacs are both wet/dry vacs but are made by different manufacturers. Because they are both wet/dry vacs their features and functions are similar and both perform excellently well. They also both can be used with bags.

1- Size Difference

For example, a 16-gallon capacity craftsman vac is bigger than a 16-gallon shop vac. This is due to a larger motor size in the craftsman which makes it taller. So the shop vac bag for a 16-gallon would be shorter for a craftsman vac apart from the other factors that make it incompatible.

2- Model-Based Bags

The second reason they wouldn’t fit is the model. Shop-vac bags are sold with their features clearly written in their descriptions. They aren’t all the same. They come with the sizes of shop vacs they can work with and also models.

So a particular shop vac bag can work with a certain model of the shop vac and not work with another. So a shop vac bag can’t even work with all shop vacs, how would they work with craftsman, which is entirely a different brand.

The models are built differently. Some have their hose ports at the side while some have it on the lid. They mostly fit with the models they are advertised as being compatible with.

They also work with dimensions. The hole in the bag come in different sizes, and even if you get a shop vac bag that has the same hose size as your craftsman vac and is placed in the same area, they may have different length dimensions from the top lid.

That is, the shop vac hose port could be two and a half inches from the top lid while the craftsman hose port is three inches from the top lid. The shop vac bag would be too long for the craftsman and not fit at all.

Note: If you, however, find a shop vac bag with the same dimensions, location, and size as your craftsman, then there's a chance it could fit. This isn't common though.

Most times craftsman vacs use only bags from craftsman and it would be for their specific model.

Will Shop Vac Bags Fit Ridgid?

Most shop vac bags are compatible with Ridgid vacs. If the shop vac bag has a hole in the same place where the Ridgid vac has a hose port then there won’t be a problem.

A lot of factors are still to be considered though.

1- Ridgid Vac’s Hose Port Diameter

A hose port can be between 1.5 to 2.5 inches. If the shop vac bag is meant to fit hose ports with 1.5 inches, it won’t be compatible with a Ridgid vac of 2 inches obviously.

Before buying a shop vac bag for your rigid, check the specifications.

2- Label Says it All

Sometimes some shop vac bags are advertised as being compatible with both shop vacs and Ridgid vacs. Most times, even the particular shop vac and Ridgid vac models, that these bags are compatible with, will also be written on them.

For example, there’s a pack of vac bags being sold on Amazon which is advertised as being compatible with shop vacs of 5, 6, and 8 US gallons and also compatible with Ridgid vacs WD0670 and WD0970.

This means that shop vacs and Ridgid vacs can use the same vac bags. If your Ridgid model isn’t one of those written on the vac bag you want to buy, it may not fit the vacuum.

3- Hose Port Location

Shop vac bags won’t fit a Ridgid shop vac that has a hose port in the top lid instead of the canister. But this isn’t a problem since these Ridgid models don’t use bags at all.

Will Shop Vac Bags Fit Dewalt?

Dewalt makes their own accessories and these accessories are mostly compatible with only Dewalt vacuums. Dewalt vacuums cannot use vacuum bags from other brands and their vacuum bags aren’t compatible with other brands except for a few like Vacmaster.

Even brands that mostly make vacuum bags and not vacuum cleaners do not sell any vacuum bag that is compatible with both Shop vac and Dewalt.

Vacuum bags are sold online as being compatible with some shop vac models and Genie models, some compatible with Shop vac models and Ridgid models, but none are sold as being compatible with both Shop vac and Dewalt.

So if you use a Dewalt vacuum, you will need to buy Dewalt vacuum bags for it.

You should only buy a shop vac bag for your Dewalt if the bag is being advertised as compatible with your Dewalt MODEL because even if you find a shop vac bag that is compatible with a Dewalt vac, it may not be a fit for your Dewalt model.

Will Shop Vac Bags Fit Mastervac?

Shop vac bags only fit some of the Mastervac models and not all. Most mastervac vacuums are built uniquely and differently. Their hose inlets are made with a different style and sometimes a different shape.

So you should be sure your mastervac model is compatible with shop vac bags, before making a purchase decision.

Some mastervac bags sold online come with oval holes made in them instead of circular holes that are seen on most shop vac bags and other brands.

This means that they are meant to fit into a mastervac with a similar oval hose inlet. This model of mastervac will likely not be compatible with a shop vac bag, because shop vac bags aren’t made this way.

Some mastervacs also come with bigger hose inlets than are seen on most shop vacs. This also indicates that these mastervacs won’t be able to use shop vac bags.

Can I Use a Craftsman Filter with a Ridgid Shop Vac?

Most Ridgid vacs can use materials made from the Crafstman and vice versa because these two brands of vacs are similar and mostly compatible which makes it possible for craftsman filters to be compatible with Ridgid vacs.

There are even filter brands that make specific filters that work with both Craftsman and Ridgid vacuums only. These filters may work with other brands apart from Craftsman and Ridgid but they are mainly for these brands.

Note: Not all Crafstman vacs are of the same size and model so they may not all use the same type of filter. This means there will be different Craftsman filters sold online and in stores so it may be difficult to know which Craftsman filter will work with your Ridgid vac. So always check for this.

How to Check?

1- Check the size of the Craftsman vac that the filter is meant for and make sure it’s the same size as your Ridgid vac.
2- Check the length of the filter and the hose inlet size.

Final Thoughts!

If you are tempted to save money and not use a bag at all in your shop vac, it could lead to filters getting blocked, suction weakening and electrical damage as well. You can also use a garbage bag in your shop vac.

Shop vac bags are a good fit for some vacuum brands and they aren’t so compatible with others.

Factors like vacuum size, hose inlet size, and capacity are important and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Else, you may end up buying a shop vac bag that isn’t fit for your vacuum even though the vacuum brand is compatible with shop vac bags.

For example, shop vac bags are compatible with Ridgid vacs but you must be careful in selecting the one that will fit your Ridgid vac model. Not all shop vac bags will be a good fit. So even though shop vac bags are known to be compatible with Ridgid vacs, you may buy one that doesn’t work for yours.

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