Magic Eraser Ruined My Walls! (What to Do?)

Magic Eraser Ruined My Walls

Walls, whether painted or covered with wallpaper, easily get dirty or stained and many people choose to pick up their magic erasers to get to removing those stains off the walls.

Magic erasers however sometimes leave residues or marks on your walls and this can make your walls look unattractive and dull. You sure want to fix this issue.

In this article, we have explained different methods of fixing this problem. The materials are easily accessible and the methods are easy.

Magic Eraser Ruined My Walls! What to Do?

The damage magic erasers do to walls depends on the type of finish on that wall.

Is it painted? If it’s painted, then is it flat paint or gloss?

Fixing Magic Eraser Marks on Gloss Paint

Magic erasers can mar the painted surface by removing the finish and making it look dull and unattractive.

When this happens, you can do either of these to fix the problem.

Method 1: Use Baking Soda

You shouldn’t use this method too often to remove marks on your wall or let the solution sit for too long as it can dull the glossy finish of the paint.


1- Baking soda
2- Water
3- Sponge
4- Cloths


STEP 1: Prepare a baking soda paste by adding water to some baking soda powder. Let it be a thick paste.

STEP 2: Use a soft sponge to apply the solution to the magic eraser marks on the wall. Let it sit for about 5 seconds.

STEP 3: Use a wet cloth to wipe off the solution and let the surface dry. If there is a layer of baking soda left on the wall, use the wet cloth again to wipe the surface before drying.

This will clean the wall off any marks or stains.

Method 2: Use Oil

Eggshell finishes have shine but they’re not as glossy. To clean magic eraser marks off these types of walls, you can use oil. We recommend avocado oil or danish oil.


1- Oil
2- Paper towel / Lint-free cloth


STEP 1: Take a little avocado oil on your fingertip or put your fingertip into the bottle and rub it on the magic eraser residue for about two seconds.

STEP 2: Use a soft paper towel or a lint-free cloth to rub the oil into the wall gently for a few seconds. Buff it in well.

You may have to do this a few times a day for 3 to 4 days before you get the results you desire.

Don’t do this on flat paint finishes.

Method 3: Use Toothpaste

This is another great tool for fixing magic eraser marks on painted walls with a glossy finish. It must be white toothpaste and non-gel.


1- Toothpaste
2- Toothbrush
3- Microfiber cloth
4- Water


STEP 1: Apply a little white toothpaste to a soft-bristled toothbrush or cotton wool.

STEP 2: Rub it gently on the magic eraser residues or marks on the wall back and forth for a few seconds.

STEP 3: Get a clean cloth wet and use it to gently wipe the area clean.

STEP 4: Dry it off with another clean cloth.

How to Fix Magic Eraser Marks on Flat Paint?

Method 1: Repainting

This can be difficult as it is expensive and time-consuming but it is the surest way of getting rid of magic eraser marks from flat paint finishes. If all other methods have failed, use this method.

Flat paint finishes are always done on water-based paints and they easily come off or get stained when cleaned with abrasives or tough materials which is why magic erasers leave marks.

If the wall is newly painted, you can repaint only the area with the marks and be done with it.

If the wall had been painted for a long time, you may have to repaint the whole wall.

If you paint only the area with the magic eraser marks, it will look different from the other parts of the wall which will look bad.

Method 2: Using Soap and Water

Washing is the next best thing if you don’t want to repaint. If the marks left by the magic eraser aren’t deep, you can wash them off with some soap and water.

STEP 1: Pour a little dish soap into a bowl of water. Just enough to make it foam-like.

STEP 2: Wet your soft pad with soapy water and gently wipe the magic eraser marks. Do this until they begin to fade.

CAUTION: You don't want to add too much pressure as this can remove the paint off your wall. This is why getting rid of marks off flat paints can be difficult.

STEP 3: Use a clean cloth to dry the wall.

Method 3: Using Vinegar

This will not damage the finish on the wall or remove your paint and it works better than ordinary soap and water for deep marks. Vinegar also works well on basement walls.


1- Vinegar
2- Water
3- Spray bottle
4- Microfiber cloth


STEP 1: Mix one part white vinegar with two parts water and pour the solution into a spray bottle.

STEP 2: Spray the magic eraser marks on the wall and spray a microfiber cloth with this solution too. Use the damp microfiber cloth to rub the marks gently until they fade.

How to Fix Magic Eraser Marks on Wallpaper?

Magic erasers are often used to clean and remove stains from wallpapers and they work well. But they sometimes leave residues on them. When this happens, you can do any of the following to fix it.

Method 1: Using Denatured Alcohol

This is often used as a cleaning agent and it works well in removing marks from wallpapers.


1- Denatured alcohol
2- Paper towel
3- Towel


STEP 1: Spray some alcohol on a soft towel and use it to gently wipe the magic eraser marks.

STEP 2: Allow it to sit for 10 seconds and then wipe it off with a clean paper towel. Repeat this process as many times as it takes to get the marks completely off the wallpaper.

Method 2: Using Bleach

NOTE: You have to be careful with this method though so the bleach doesn't remove the wallpaper's coloring.

1- Bleach
2- Water
3- Bowl
4- 3 cloths


STEP 1: Mix one part bleach with two parts of water in a bowl.

STEP2: Use a soft cloth to apply the solution to the magic eraser marks on the wallpaper, and allow it to sit for 5 minutes.

STEP3: Dip a clean cloth in water and use it to rinse the marks off. Then use another clean cloth to dry it off.

You can also use vinegar, an artist’s gum eraser, and dish soap to remove magic eraser marks from the wallpaper. Any one of these items within your reach will work fine.

Final Thoughts!

We know magic erasers often leave marks on walls which can ruin the finish and appearance. We have explained different methods of getting this fixed.

For painted walls, the methods for removing magic eraser marks from a glossy finish are different from that of flat paints, and we have differentiated between these several methods. Don’t use one for the other.

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