Lysol vs Fabuloso (Which One to Select?)

Lysol vs Fabuloso

Lysol and Fabuloso are both popular choices for carrying out home cleaning activities. People have different kinds of surfaces and different needs. They might have pets or kids in their families. The market is flooded with a plethora of options to buy from when it comes to buying cleaning supplies.

Instead of spending money on trial and error, reading about their suitability, qualities, pros, and cons is much better for deciding which one to buy.

We have created this comprehensive article comparing Lysol vs. Fabuloso using metrics that matter. You should know which product to go for at the end of your reading.

Lysol vs Fabuloso

Although similar in the nature of business, both these brands offer something unique. Here is a point-by-point comparison of the two:

1- Effectiveness Comparison

Lysol claims its products kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. The Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA) has also approved many of the Lysol products to be effective against Covid-19. Check this EPA tool here.

Fabuloso mulit purpose cleaner cannot disinfect or kill germs. But Fabuloso wipes kill 99% of viruses and bacteria. They also say that it kills the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. People also use Fabuloso Multi-purpose cleaner to kill ants and even roaches.

Customer review of effectiveness seems to favor Lysol more. While they both do a great job with cleaning, Lysol seems to be better at disinfecting.

2- Safety Comparison

Lysol and Fabuloso are safe to use on the surfaces they are meant for without causing any damage. However, they should not enter your body or touch your skin.

Fabuloso has less severe adverse effects on the body than Lysol does though.

3- Product Range Comparison

Lysol has many products available in different sizes for you to get the quantity you want. They also have products you can use in different ways and for different problems. They have wipes, sprays, and the ones in liquid form too.

Fabuloso has fewer products. Their products come in either liquid form or as wipes. They have products that can remove grease, lime scale, and stains while leaving a good scent behind.

Lysol (Range of Products)

Disinfectant sprays: Lysol has different disinfectant sprays that come in different scents. They have a spray that you can carry around in your bag, one for eliminating pet odors, and other general purposes.

Multi-purpose cleaners: They have several multi-purpose cleaners which you can use all around your house. You can use them to remove dirt, grease, and soap scum on hard surfaces.

Lysol smart kits: The Lysol smart multi-purpose cleaner was made to disinfect while helping to reduce pollution caused by plastic. It saves 75% plastic, and you can use it 25 times with the Lysol smart refill cartridges. You need to purchase the replacement refill cartridges separately from the cleaner.

Disinfectant wipes: The wipes can be used to disinfect different household equipment and even electronics without causing any damage. The wipe is also stronger than a paper towel, so you would clean more while using less.

Laundry sanitizer: This product is made to sanitize your fabrics and remove any odor wile being gentle on the clothes. They have washing machine-safe products.

Bathroom cleaners: Lysol’s bathroom cleaners are made to clean your bathroom and toilet. There are different products for bathroom and toilet purposes.

Fabuloso (Range of Products)

They have a smaller range of products:

Fabuloso pours: Fabuloso pours liquid multi-purpose cleaners includes Fabuloso complete and the regular Fabuloso. They are both used for cleaning, but Fabuloso Complete contains ingredients that make it clean better and deeper than the regular Fabuloso.

Fabuloso wipes: The wipes are also multi-purpose cleaners that you can use to clean and disinfect various surfaces. They are easy to use and leave a good scent behind; however, you should not use them to disinfect food surfaces like your utensils and dishes.

Ingredients Comparison

This ingredient comparison is for the most popular multi-purpose cleaners of Lysol and Fabuloso.

Lysol Multi-Surface Cleaner

Lysol’s ingredients list has 4 categories: intentionally added ingredients, active ingredients, non-functional components, and fragrance components. The active ingredient in Lysol multi-surface cleaner is Alkyl (50% C14, 40% C12, 10% C16) dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride.

A few of the ingredients used for fragrance are allergens that may trigger an asthmatic attack.

Borax (Sodium Tetraborate) is toxic to the eyes. Furthermore, the European Union classifies the compound Sodium Tetraborate Decahydrate as carcinogenic. There is also inhalation exposure and health risks concerning another of Lysol’s ingredients.

There are two ingredients in Lysol that have potential environmental and health hazards according to its SDS (Safety Data Sheet). They include:

● Quaternary ammonium compounds, benzyl-C12-16-alkyl dimethyl chlorides
● Alcohols, C10-16, ethoxylated

They do not state the exact quantity of these chemicals to allow for batch fluctuations and confidentiality purposes.

Fabuloso All-Purpose Cleaner

Under the FAQ section of Fabuloso’s website, there is a comprehensive ingredient list for their products. However, they do not state the quantity of the ingredients.

According to the Material Safety Data Sheet, some ingredients may cause skin irritation on repeated contact. If it gets into the eye, it will also cause eye irritation but no long-term damage. Furthermore, it is harmful if a person ingests it in large quantities. But inhalation of the product does not cause any health hazards, although the fragrance may irritate people with sensitive noses.

In addition, the National Toxicology Program lists none of its ingredients as carcinogenic or toxic. The active ingredient in Fabuloso products, Sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate, is a surfactant. It is biodegradable under aerobic conditions and is generally environmentally safe.

Verdict: Both Lysol and Fabuloso are transparent with their ingredient list. It shows that they are trustworthy brands because they are not mandated to reveal their ingredients by the FDA.

Fabuloso ingredients appear to be safer than Lysol ingredients, but both products have the potential to be harmful if they're not used according to instructions. Also, Fabuloso is ammonia free.

Cleaning Surfaces Comparison


Lysol has products you can use on many surfaces, such as floors, walls, kitchens, bathrooms, mattresses, couches, laundry, and other areas of your house. However, some products are specifically to be used on only non-porous surfaces.

Lysol has more products than Fabuloso does, and you can use their products on many different types of surfaces.
It works on practically every hard surface in and outside the home, such as in classrooms and offices. In addition, Lysol has products for laundry that are safe for handwashing and dishwashing. Their website has guides on how to use their products.


Fabuloso’s website states that users can use their products on most non-porous hard surfaces. All their products are multi-purpose; therefore, they have no specific products for cleaning particular surfaces.

Some of the surfaces you can use their products include bathroom walls, different types of flooring, living room surfaces, the toilet, polished wood, glazed tiles, appliance exterior, and so on.

Verdict: Lysol can be used on more surfaces (non-porous) and for more areas than Fabuloso. However, if you use both according to instruction, they will do an amazing job.

Pros and Cons of Lysol


1- Has a wider range of products
2- Can use some of its products (disinfectant sprays) on porous surfaces like mattresses, pet beds, and couches
3- Comes in spray forms
4- Coupons available on their website


1- More expensive than Fabuloso
2- Scent is not as strong as Fabuloso

Pros and Cons of Fabuloso


1- Has better scents than Lysol
2- Some of its products remove tough stains from surfaces
3- Cheaper than Lysol
4- Its active ingredient is biodegradable
5- Acts as a deodorizer as well as a cleaner
6- Parent company is environment-conscious


1- Strong scent may affect sensitive people
2- Only comes as a wipe or liquid. No sprays

Comparison Table

IncentivesCoupons are available on the websiteNone
Product RangeHas a wider product range. Products come as sprays, wipes, or liquid.Has three product lines that come as liquid or wipes.
EffectivenessCleans all hard surfaces well and kills germs including the coronavirus. They also have products for washing clothes and cleaning electronics. Cuts through grease and kills 99.9% of germs.All products are multipurpose cleaners that clean almost every hard surface in the house.
AvailabilityAvailable for purchase in online and local stores. Their website also has a feature to help you locate stores near you that sell their products.Fabuloso is available in many local and online stores.
Customer careTo contact Lysol, you can send them an email or physical mail. You can also check their Facebook, Youtube, and Pinterest socials.
Furthermore, they have a detailed FAQ segment on their website.
To contact Fabuloso, you have to go to the parent company site You can contact them via email or phone call.
They also have a comprehensive FAQ section on their site.

Final Verdict!

While Lysol has a wide variety of products to choose from depending upon your particular needs, fabuloso offers fewer options (multi-purpose cleaner and wipes). So, if your cleaning and disinfecting needs are wide, then Lysol wins.

On the other hand, fabuloso seems to be less harmful to the body and environment and is cheaper than Lysol. So if budget and safety are the concern, then Fabuloso wins.

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