Does Fabuloso Kill Roaches? (Plus Other Ways)

does fabuloso kill roaches

Cockroaches can be really disgusting as they’re oily and greasy and pose a risk of disease contamination. These roaches store uric acid in them and if you step on them, you get the stinky urine smell.

You might be having roach smear marks, eggs, droppings, or perhaps live cockroaches in your house. You desperately need to get rid of the pests and are wondering if anything at hand will work.

Let’s see if fabuloso will be able to kill cockroaches and what better options we have.

Does Fabuloso Kill Roaches?

Cockroaches get killed upon coming in contact with Fabuloso multipurpose cleaner. You will need to spray the solution directly over the roaches.

Roaches get choked by the strong scents of cleaning products and fabuloso is especially known for its strong and long lasting Lavender, mist and citrus smell.

People have also noticed dead roaches in areas that they mopped with fabuloso

All you need to do is:

1- Pour a little fabuloso multi-purpose cleaner into a spray bottle
2- Spray this cleaner directly on the cockroaches.

It can also be said that fabuloso can even be better than a roach spray because it leaves a better fresh smell behind unlike the disgusting smell of roach repellant spray. Additionally, fabuloso is safe and non-toxic to use around children and pets.

Although many sites state that fabuloso cannot repel cockroaches, a regular spray of this scented cleaner can even repel these pests to a certain extent.

1- You will need to clear the areas (such as countertops, shelves, etc.) to spray the cleaner.
2- Also spray the solution in dark corners, behind appliances (dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens, etc)
3- Do this daily at the same time.

You will notice far fewer roaches in your home.

Keep in mind that the area where your spray the concenrated (undiluted solution directly may become sticky, and you will need to clean it after the roaches are dead.

Why Do You Have Roaches in Your House?

Roach infestation doesn’t require a dirty place. They can even enter clean and tidy homes. The following reasons contribute to roach infestation:

1- Moisture Is Their Best Friend

More than food, roaches need water to survive. So if you are wondering why the most common places for roaches are bathrooms, laundry rooms, and areas around moisture-producing appliances such as refrigerators, the answer is that roaches thrive in moist places.

Places where leakages (such as sinks) are frequent or where stagnant water is an issue (in and around the house) will also see a surge in roaches.

2- Roaches Need a Place to Stay

When roaches are on the lookout for a shelter, they can manage to find many different points of entry into homes.

The tiny gaps between the main door and flooring, outdoor vents, any crevice or a tear in windows or holes in the walls, and clogged rain gutters can all be great welcoming places for roaches to move in.

When you open and close the door several times during the day, roaches can enter at those times as well.

3- Everyone Needs Food to live

Whether it’s the leftover food from last night’s dinner or your pet’s food, roaches are always on a hunt for food and they manage to find these tiny bits of crumbs to feast upon. Roaches can even eat paper and cardboard.

Additionally, roaches can digest cellulose, which allows them to eat things like paper, cardboard, and wallpaper.

4- Palm Trees

If you have landscaping (such as palm trees) on your lawn, it can provide excellent shelter and moisture for the roaches to thrive. These pests will then enter your home uninvited.

Does Disinfectant Spray Keep Roaches Away?

Cockroaches can cause small kids to develop asthma and also aggravate this disease if you already have it. Not only do Roaches pollute our food and water but also carry pathogens such as Salmonella typhimurium, Entamoeba histolytica, and the poliomyelitis virus.

Every effort to eliminate or repel these awful little pests is made by people but sometimes you just do not have a repellant spray readily available.

A disinfectant spray can be useful in suffocating roaches when sprayed directly on them.

Roaches have spiracles on their back through which they inhale and exhale. The disinfectant spray (such as Lysol and others), clogs up the spiracles making the pests unable to breathe and hence suffocate and die.

Fabuloso vs Other Products (To Kill Roaches)


Borax is the most widely used roach killer. You will need to mix it with sugar to use it to kill the bugs. Many sites recommend sprinkling it around the house, but the sugar will attract more bugs. So you can put this mixture in containers and keep them in your house.

Borax is more effective than bleach to kill roaches.


Bleach does not work as bait because of its strong smell. You will need to drench the roach’s body in chlorine bleach in order to kill it. Bleach can also damage the surfaces where it is sprayed. So, fabuloso is a better option than bleach to kill roaches.

Certain Smells Can Repel Roaches!

Because roaches have a powerful sense of smell, they use it to detect food. This power also is an enemy of these pests. The scents that roaches dislike can be used to keep them away.

1- Basil: A chemical called linalool is found in basil, which is the main factor for repelling cockroaches.

2- Thyme: A chemical names carvacrol is present in Thyme which roaches seem to hate.

3- Mint: Mint repels cockroaches. A study found corn mint oil to be effective in repelling roaches. This oil contains menthol and menthone which are both roach repellants.

You will need to mix a few drops with water and spray the solution on the cockroach hotspots (cracks, crevices, holes, loose spaces).

4- Catnip: This also comes from the mint family and is effective against roaches. However, it has a calming effect on pet cats and they tend to sleep.

5- Citronella: This can repel roaches. But the essential oil will do the trick and not the candles. You will need to maintain the scent in your home by regularly applying the oil every week to pantry surfaces.

6- Spices: Garlic, cayenne, and onion powder are some of the spices that have strong smells that roaches can’t stand. You will need a mixture of all of the three ingredients to be sprinkled over the hotspots.

7- Pine: Beta-Pinene is present in pine trees, parsley, cedar trees, and many other plants. This is similar to basil and repels cockroaches. You can prepare a solution by adding it to water and spraying it around your home.

8- Citrus: Lemons, oranges and other citric fruits are able to repel cockroaches. But you have to make sure that it is not store-bought citrus juice because it will have added sugars which will attract more roaches. Simply use rinds of citrus fruits in roach hotspots and replace them every week.

Ways to Minimize Roach Infestation!

1- Restrict your dining to certain areas only and stop the crumbs and food to spread to other areas.

2- Roaches can follow the smells of other roaches. You should eliminate the trails set by roaches and their droppings by keeping your cabinetry and appliances clean and smelling fresh by wiping and disinfecting daily.

3- Restrict the Roach entry by sealing the cracks and crevices in the windows, siding, and foundation.

4- Clean up your lawn by removing any debris, yard waste, and wood logs to another place. Roaches can take shelter here and then come into your house.

5- Because roaches are attracted to moist places, fix all the leakages in sinks, laundry areas, bathtubs, and pipe connections. Do not let water stand in your home (in sinks, etc) for extended periods, and keep pet water containers dry during nighttime.

6- Roaches like to be in warm places, so keep your home cool. This will deter them from staying in your place and force them to look for a better climate.

7- Always having a fresh-smelling home is the perfect way to keep the pests at a distance. Use cypress oil, peppermint oil, cedarwood oil, thyme, crushed bay leaves, citrus fruit rinds, or coffee grounds to create these aromas.

Is It Worth Killing Cockroaches?

Although roaches are pests and contaminate our food and other things, killing is still an act of cruelty.

Even if you kill the roaches, it would not make the home environment less attractive to the roaches. The moisture and warmth will still remain the same. The food crumbs and grease will still remain after you’ve had your meals. All this will make the environment suitable for the roaches to thrive.

The result will be a new army of roached entering your home.

So it is better to make your house less attractive to roaches in order to force them to look for shelter elsewhere.

You can also make your own traps to handle the roaches more humanely and release them outside.

To make this trap take a glass jar, cover it with newspaper, and tape it. Then, put fruits, vegetables, and sweets inside the jar. Finally, put a thick coat of Vaseline on the inside lip of the glass jar.

After the roaches enter the jar to have food, they will not be able to come out due to Vaseline. This way you will be able to take them somewhere outside and release them.

Killing a Cockroach Attract More!

When roaches die, they emit oleic acid (a fatty acid), the smell of which attracts other bugs (including roaches). They think that it is food. Dead roaches will attract roaches, ants, centipedes, and spiders.

Another reason why other roaches are attracted to dead roaches is the smell of a secretion called Feromones. This spills out when you crush the roach with your feet. Even if you have cleaned up the surface, disposing of the dead roach in the trash can will still attract other roaches. Therefore, you should dispose of them away from your home.


Roaches are disgusting and need to be eliminated and repelled from our homes. Neither is Fabuloso made from cruelty-free ingredients nor does it spare pests. Fabuloso can be a great DIY roach killer if directly sprayed over them.

Make your home roach-free by using certain smells and general household products to keep these pests at a distance.

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