How to Clean a Chandelier? (6 Methods) + More!

how to clean a chandelier

In case you have an old chandelier whose sparkle is all gone because of years of neglect or a new one you love so much, that you don’t want it to ever lose its magic, then you definitely are going to get value in this article.

There are several methods of cleaning chandeliers which I have outlined with easy step-by-step instructions.

How to Clean a Chandelier? (6 Methods)

METHOD 1: Cleaning With Cleaning Solution (By Spraying)

This method is preferred because it takes less time to clean and you don’t have to wipe it afterward. It is a drip-dry method that returns your chandelier’s charm and sparkle. It also leaves an after smell that makes your room fragrant.


Plastic bags/plastic paper
Tape (Optional)
Cloth/ towel
Chandelier crystal cleaner


1- Turn off the lights and let the bulbs/lamps of the chandelier cool down. You can also turn off the power at the consumer unit, to be safe.

2- Set up your ladder under the chandelier and remove the bulbs.

3- Use plastic paper to cover the sockets so the liquid won’t get into the sockets while spraying. If you don’t want to remove the bulbs, then cover them with a plastic bag and secure them with tape.

4- Get down and keep the bulbs somewhere safe. Spread cloth or towel on the floor (or even on the table if it is just beneath the chandelier) so it won’t get dirty when drips of grime and dust fall off the chandelier.

5- Climb the ladder again and begin spraying with your chandelier crystal cleaner. Spray evenly and diligently. Move your way around while spraying instead of rotating your chandelier. You don’t want to damage it.

6- Keep spraying until the drips falling are white and clean and your chandelier is sparkling.

Great! Isn’t it?

Chandelier cleaners are not too expensive and definitely have their advantages, but many may not want to spend money on them. But the good news is, you can make yours. And it’s going to give you the same results.

Homemade Chandelier Cleaner


Distilled water
Isopropyl alcohol


1- Pour 3 parts of distilled water into a spray bottle.
2- Pour 1 part isopropyl alcohol into the same bottle.
3- Mix very well. Your chandelier crystal cleaner is ready for use.

The method to use this is the same explained above for your store-bought chandelier cleaner. It is also drip dry and doesn’t need to be wiped. It can be a little bit messier though, so make sure you spread enough cloth on the table and floor.

METHOD 2: Cleaning With Cleaning Solution (Using Hands)

This method helps you to pay attention to details and ensures all the parts of the chandelier are properly cleaned. It takes time but it is worth every minute you spend.


Plastic bags/plastic paper
Cloth/ towel
Apron (with pockets)
Gloves/ Lint-free cloth
Chandelier cleaning solution


1- Switch off the chandelier and let the bulbs/ lamps cool down. Turn off power at the source to be safe.

2- Set up your ladder under the chandelier and remove the bulbs. Cover the sockets with plastic so the liquid won’t get into them while you are spraying.

3- Come down from the ladder and keep the bulbs somewhere safe.

4- Spread your cloth or towel on the table and floor. It helps keep these surfaces clean when grime and dirt fall off from your chandelier.

Crystals that accidentally fall are also protected from breaking. And just in case they break, the cloth will catch splintered crystals.

5- Wear your apron with pockets in which you can keep your spray bottle and lint-free cloth.

6- Climb the ladder again. Wear your gloves and spray a small amount of chandelier cleaner (store-bought or homemade) on the glove.

7- Begin to clean the chandelier crystals piece by piece. Make sure you clean every part of the chandelier. The gloves make sure your fingerprints aren’t left on the crystals. If gloves aren’t available you can use a lint-free cloth.

8- Move around the chandelier until every part is clean and your chandelier gives off sparkles. Do not rotate it.

METHOD 3: Cleaning With Soap (Using Hands)

This method can be stressful and also time-consuming but it is quite rewarding.


Plastic bags/plastic paper
Cloth / towels
Warm water
Liquid soap
White gloves
Soft lint cloth


1- Switch off the chandelier lights to let them cool down. Turn off the power at the source.

2- Set up your ladder and remove the bulbs. Cover the sockets with plastic.

3- Descend and keep the bulbs somewhere safe and cover the floor and table with cloth or towels.

4- Get some warm water and mix it with liquid soap.

5- Wear your apron with pockets to keep your gloves and lint-free cloth.

6- Climb the ladder, wear gloves and dip your fingers in the soapy water. Now begin cleaning with your hands. As you clean each part and crystal, keep wiping it dry with the lint-free cloth.

7- Depending on how dirty your chandelier is, you may have to change the water about two times, to make sure your chandelier is properly cleaned.

METHOD 4: Cleaning a Chandelier By Disassembling It

Sometimes your chandelier is so dirty, that it would be better to wash each crystal thoroughly.


Mobile phone with a camera
Chandelier cleaner (Homemade or store-bought)
Spray bottle
Warm water
Lint-free cloth


1- Take pictures of your chandelier up close before removing the crystals so that you can know where each piece goes.

2- Turn off the lights and remove the glasses or crystals.

3- Spray the fixture clean with a chandelier cleaner (homemade or storebought).

4- Take the crystals to the kitchen and dip them in your sink full of water and soap.

5- Wash each crystal thoroughly until clean.

6- Place them on a soft cloth and wipe each crystal dry with a lint-free cloth.

7- Fix them back, using the photographs you took as a guide.

METHOD 5: Cleaning With Ammonia

You must be careful when using Ammonia. There are health risks involved.


Distilled water


1- Turn off the chandelier and let the bulbs cool down. Turn off the power from the source.

2- Mix 1 part ammonia with 3 parts distilled water. Mix the ingredients well.

3- Pour the solution into a spray bottle.

4- Make sure there’s a cloth on the floor to collect the drips of dirt and grime.

5- Climb the ladder and spray the crystals until they begin to sparkle.

METHOD 6: Cleaning With Vinegar

Vinegar is very effective when it comes to removing rust from an old chandelier. It can also be used to clean new chandeliers, however. Vinegar is used the way other chandelier cleaners are used.


Warm water
Apple cider vinegar


1- Mix one cup of warm water and one cup of apple cider vinegar. If you want to clean a large chandelier, then make more of this solution. You can increase the quantities of water and vinegar you mix, just make sure they are equal parts.

2- Pour it into a spray bottle and it is ready for use.

3- Just spray the chandelier after switching it off and allow the grime and dirt to fall off.

4- To remove rust, spray the solution on a glove or lint-free cloth and wipe the area affected thoroughly.

Simple! Isn’t it?

Cleaning Plastic Chandeliers!

You can clean a plastic chandelier by carefully wiping it with a cloth and warm soapy water.


Plastic bag/s
Liquid soap
Warm water
Lint-free cloth


1- Switch off the chandelier.

2- Cover the bulbs with a plastic bag and secure them with tape.

3- Arrange your ladder.

4- Dip a cloth into warm soapy water and clean your plastic chandelier thoroughly using this cloth.

5- Wipe it off with a new lint-free cloth.

That was easy! Wasn’t it?

Few Important Things!

1- For Metal Chandeliers, do not use abrasive cleaners or alcohol-based solutions. They will damage the metal. Ammonia products should also be avoided.

Clean your metal chandeliers with a soft cloth and liquid/ mild detergent soap. Then wipe it off with a lint-free cloth.

2- Cleaning a chandelier on a high ceiling can be difficult, but it isn’t impossible. You can get a high ladder and spray the chandelier with chandelier cleaner (homemade or readymade).

You can also use a duster on a telescoping wand. Climb the ladder and use it to dust your chandelier.

Choosing a Crystal Chandelier Cleaner

Buying a good chandelier cleaner can be worth the investment. It is not super expensive and gets the job done really well. Look for a product that is Ammonia-free. Some products come with a nice fragrance.


Whether it’s an old chandelier that has accumulated dust for years or a new one that is in need of light cleaning, I have shown you many ways in which you can get it sparkling clean and return it to its natural brilliance.


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