How to Clean Cement off Carpets? (Wet or Dry)

How to Clean Cement off Carpets

A cement spill can happen during a renovation project. In this article, we will be discussing methods of cleaning wet and dry cement from carpets effectively.

How to Clean Cement off Carpets?


If the Cement is Wet!

Wet cement is easy to clean off carpet because it is yet to cure. If noticed immediately, it can be removed with just soap and water.

Before Cleaning Wet Cement from Your Carpet!

1- The high pH of cement makes it corrosive. Prolonged contact with the skin can cause chemical burns. So wear protective gear, especially rubber gloves and a long a sleeved shirt.

2- Because cement is corrosive, it shouldn’t be disposed of carelessly. If you throw it in a trash can, it will cure inside the can and become difficult to remove.

The same thing goes for wherever you choose to dispose of it. Instead, let it dry. Transfer the wet cement into a small plastic bowl and let it dry. Break the dry cement into pieces gently, and put them into a trash bag.

Method 1: Cleaning with Rubbing Alcohol

Apart from being a great disinfectant for wounds and hard surfaces, rubbing alcohol is also a good cleaner. It can be used to remove tough stains from carpets, including wet cement.

One major reason rubbing alcohol is also good for cleaning carpets is that they dry fast, and do not leave moisture or residue that can cause damage.

You’ll Need

1- Rubbing alcohol
2- Water
3- Spoon
4- Towels
5- Spray bottle


STEP 1- Use a spoon or plastic scraper to get as much wet cement as you can from the carpet. Do this quickly before the cement dries. While removing the cement, be careful not to spread it to other areas of the carpet that aren’t affected. Dispose of this carefully.

STEP 2- Spray some rubbing alcohol on a corner of a microfiber cloth. Use it to blot the cement stain repeatedly until it fades. While blotting the stain, when a corner of the cloth gets dirty, spray rubbing alcohol on another part/corner and continue blotting. If necessary, use more than one towel.

The stain will start transferring to the cloth until the carpet is clean or almost clean. Alternatively, you could pour the rubbing alcohol into a bowl, soak the rag in it, wring it, then blot out the cement stain.

STEP 3- Make a soapy solution with dish soap and water. You can use any dish soap of your choice. However, if your carpet has a light color, avoid colored soaps.

Pour the soap solution into a spray bottle. Spray the carpet until it is saturated. Then press a folded white towel on it, to remove excess moisture. This will get rid of any lingering cement stain or residue.

STEP 4- Spray some clean water on the carpet and dry it with a towel too, to remove the soap residue.

Method 2: Cleaning with Vinegar

Vinegar is great at dissolving concrete and cement stains because it is acidic. It is also a safe cleaner as it won’t harm you, the environment, or your carpet.

You’ll Need

1- Vinegar
2- Water
3- Spray bottle
4- Scraper/spoon
5- Towels


STEP 1- Remove as much cement as you can from the carpet with a plastic scraper or spoon and dispose of it. If the cement is starting to cure, spray some water on it. This will help the scraper lift it easily. Ensure the stain doesn’t spread.

STEP 2- Use a damp cloth to blot the cement stain removing cement residue until the cement is no longer transferring to the cloth. Rinse your towel multiple times before the task is over. If you continue to blot out the carpet with a dirty towel, the stain will spread.

STEP 3- Spray undiluted vinegar on the carpet generously. You can test the vinegar in a corner of the carpet first, to ensure it won’t damage or bleach it.

STEP 4- Let the vinegar stay on the cement stain for about 5 minutes. This is enough time for the vinegar to break down the cement. Any cement that is starting to cure will quickly dissolve too.

STEP 5- Use a white towel to dab the cement stain repeatedly until the carpet is clean. If you need to change the towel, do so. You can also rinse the towel and continue using it if you don’t have more than one.

STEP 6- Spray clean and fresh water on the carpet and place a folded towel on it. Then place a heavy object on the towel so it can absorb moisture from the carpet. If there’s no heavy object around, you can stand on the towel. Remove the towel and let the carpet air dry.

Method 3: Cleaning with Carpet Foam Cleaner

Carpet cleaners are heavy-duty cleaners for carpets. They remove tough stains from carpets without causing damage. Carpet cleaners work by binding themselves to the fibers of your carpet without saturating the backing with water. So it is a perfect tool for removing wet cement.

You’ll Need

1- Carpet foam cleaner
2- Water
3- Towels
4- Spray bottle


STEP 1- Remove wet cement from the carpet with a wooden or plastic spoon. It’s not safe to continue eating or cooking with that spoon, so use an old one.

STEP 2- Shake the foam cleaner and spray it on the cement stain. Then use your fingers to work the foam into the carpet a little bit. Carpet foam cleaners do not damage carpets, but test the foam cleaner in a corner of the carpet to be sure.

STEP 3- Use a damp colorfast sponge or white towel to blot the stain until the cement stain is removed and your carpet is clean. If the cement stain persists, spray more foam and repeat the process.

STEP 4- Spray warm water on the carpet but do not saturate it. You don’t want to damage the backing. Then dry it with a towel.

If the Cement has Dried!

Because the cement has cured, you don’t have issues with chemical burning on your skin. You are more at risk of inhaling poisonous dust because the cement is now dry. Ensure the room is well-ventilated, turn on an air purifier if you have one, and wear a nose mask.

Ammonia has an unpleasant smell, but it is very effective at removing tough stains from porous and non-porous surfaces. It also dissolves dry cement for easy cleaning. You should however not let it spend too long on your carpet.

You’ll Need

1- Ammonia
2- Water
3- Scraper
4- Vacuum
5- Rubber gloves
6- Dish soap
7- Towels
8- Nose mask


STEP 1- Scraping the cement may damage the carpet since it is already dry, so don’t attempt it. If the dry cement is lumpy, use a small hammer to slightly break it. Ensure you don’t damage the carpet fiber and backing.

STEP 2- Vacuum the cement dust and solid pieces that come off the carpet. This will make the carpet less messy and easier to clean.

STEP 3- Wear rubber gloves and a nose mask. Ammonia is a powerful chemical that you shouldn’t handle with your bare hand or inhale.

STEP 4- Make an ammonia solution. Mix 2 tablespoons of ammonia with 1 cup of water in a bowl. Use a plastic bowl.

STEP 5- Use a microfiber towel to apply the ammonia solution to the cement stains. Pay attention to cement lumps.

STEP 6- Allow the ammonia solution to sit on the cement for about 10 minutes. Any cement lumps remaining will be dissolved and stains will break down.

STEP 7- Use a damp towel to blot out the cement stains on the carpet. Remove as much loose cement as you can. You can use a scraper to get rid of solid ones. They would have dissolved so scraping them won’t damage the carpet.

STEP 8- Make a soapy solution with dish soap and water. Pour this into a spray bottle, and spray the carpet generously. Dab the carpet with a towel to remove soap residue and moisture.

STEP 9- Spray the carpet with clean water. Place a folded towel on it and put a heavy object on the towel. This is to make the towel absorb all the moisture in the carpet. Then let it air dry.

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