How to Clean a Cement Balcony Floor? (Quick Guide)

How to Clean a Cement Balcony

As simple as it sounds, people living in condos and properties that have balconies attached to them can find it extremely challenging to wash off their cement balconies as they’re not sure about pressure washing or using a hose to rinse. In this article, we’ll see how you can easily clean your cement balcony of yours without bothering your neighbors.

How to Clean a Cement Balcony Floor?

Note: Cleaning a cement or concrete balcony floor is not rocket science but using a pressure washer or a hose can prove to be against your best interest. One, the water might drip down to other people’s balconies, and two, you might be violating some regulations of the rental agreement.

You’ll Need

1- Long handle broom / vacuum
2- Dustpan
3- Rust remover or Lemons or vinegar or TSP (For rust)
4- Hard bristled plastic brush
5- Water
6- Laundry detergent & Bleach (for mold)
7- Bucket
8- Mop
9- Rubber gloves & safety glasses
10- Acrylic sealer (Optional)


STEP 1- Some balconies are almost empty but some have tables, lounge chairs, daybeds, potted plants, and many other unimaginable things. Since we want an unobstructed cleaning of the floor, we need to pick these items one by one and move them to another area in your apartment.

STEP 2- If you have mats or some floor protection on the cement surface, shake the dust off of these and move them to some other place for the time being.

STEP 3- Use the long handle broom to run it along the walls of your cement balcony so that any surface dust and spider webs fall off to the floor which can then be picked up along with the other mess.

STEP 4- Now we need to clean the surface dust and debris and collect it on a dustpan using a vacuum or a large handle broom.

Simply fire up your vacuum to suck up the dust from the cement floor. But you’ll need to get the bigger pieces of debris off the floor manually before you vacuum.

If using a broom, do not sweep the dust away from the balcony in a way that falls down from the balcony. Instead, start sweeping from the edges and corners (as well as the track of the balcony doors) and work your way towards the central portion of the balcony cement floor where you can collect the mess on a dustpan to be disposed of.

STEP 5- Before we do the mopping, we need to treat the stains.

Rust From Metal

Because iron furniture and flower pots are mostly seen in balconies, rust would have set in on the cement floor of your balcony.

If you have a rust remover (suitable for concrete floors), you can simply use it on the floor and wipe away the rust or use the specific product as per the instructions.

Or you may choose the Simple method of using vinegar or lemon on the cement floor. Pour undiluted vinegar or lemon juice directly over the cement balcony floor and let it sit for 10 minutes. Scrub the stains using a hard bristled plastic brush until the rust stain comes off. Finally, rinse the surface by pouring warm water and wiping it with an old rag. (Source)

Another way to remove rust stains can be using TSP (half a cup) and hot water (half a gallon) and letting it sit on the surface for 15 minutes before scrubbing with a plastic bristled brush. Make sure you have your gloves and safety glasses on when you use TSP. (Source)

Caution: Do not use metallic brushes on cement surfaces as those can leave metal residues in the cement which can later rust.

Mold, Mildew, Organic Stains

Bleach and detergent both work well in removing at least the surface mold and mildew. We’ll combine the power of both to get better results. This solution will also take care of any leaf stains or organic stains of bird droppings.

Wear rubber gloves and safety glasses. Mix 1 cup of laundry detergent with one cup a quarter cup of household bleach in a gallon of water (in a bucket). Pour this solution over the moldy areas and wait for 10-15 minutes (but don’t let the solution fully evaporate). Use a stiff brush to scrub the stains out of the surface.

STEP 6- After treating the stains, the cement floor needs to be rinsed. If it is a large private balcony from which the water would not drip down to other peoples’ apartments, then just use a hose to rinse the balcony.
If it is a small balcony in an apartment, then use a mop with clean water.

Mix your favorite floor cleaning solution with water in a bucket and use this solution to mop the balcony cement floor. Use the same gestures as you did during the sweeping.

Make sure to wring out excess water from the mop before you use it on the floor to prevent it from dripping down to other people’s balconies.

STEP 7- Let the balcony floor dry naturally and then bring all the balcony furniture as well as the rug out to re-decorate the balcony.

STEP 8- To prevent future mold growth on your cement balcony floor, use an acrylic sealer on the floor after letting it fully dry in sun.

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