Can You Mix Fabuloso & Rubbing Alcohol?

Can you mix Fabuloso & rubbing alcohol

We’ll be discussing if rubbing alcohol can be added to Fabuloso safely and where that solution can be used. Other cleaners that can also be added to Fabuloso to help it disinfect, will also be mentioned.

Can You Mix Fabuloso and Rubbing Alcohol?

Mixing Fabuloso with Rubbing Alcohol will not pose risk to your health or damage the surfaces the solution will be cleaned with. It will only boost its effectiveness. Fabuloso multi-surface cleaners mainly clean and hardly kill bacteria and viruses. Adding rubbing alcohol to them can however change this.

Fabuloso Ingredients’ Reaction with Rubbing Alcohol

1- Ethyl alcohol/ Ethanol- Rubbing alcohol can either be isopropyl alcohol or ethanol mixed with water. (Source) Mixing this with the extra ethyl alcohol in Fabuloso won’t cause any negative reaction as both are used to sanitize and disinfect.

2-Citric acid- It disinfects like rubbing alcohol and will not react negatively when mixed with it. It is quite safe to mix these two.

3- Hydrogen peroxide- Mixing rubbing alcohol with this is safe, but it’s best to mix these two when you are ready to use them. Don’t just mix them and store the solution.

4- Sodium chloride- This does not react negatively with rubbing alcohol, but it dries it out or salts it out. (Source) Remember we said, rubbing alcohol is isopropyl alcohol or ethanol mixed with water? Well, sodium chloride separates the water mixed with it, so you can get dehydrated isopropyl alcohol if you wish.

5- Sodium hydroxide- Mixing these two will not cause any problems but it may generate some heat. Protect your skin and eyes before mixing them.

6- Xanthan gum- This thickens rubbing alcohol when mixed with it. It gives it a gel look with a smooth feel.

7- Baking soda- It is safe to mix this with rubbing alcohol. Baking soda cleans effectively and rubbing alcohol increases its cleaning effectiveness and gives it the ability to kill germs.

Where to Use This Solution

This solution can be used on hard non-porous surfaces, just like the normal Fabuloso cleaner. The rubbing alcohol doesn’t affect its effectiveness or its safety for those surfaces. Some of the surfaces include:

1- Toilet- The toilet often needs to be disinfected. Spray your toilet seat, rim, and bowl with this solution, and use a brush to scrub it clean. Don’t forget to spray around the edge of the bowl and beneath the lip.

2- Bathroom walls- Bathroom walls often get dirty with soap scums, hard water spots, grime, etc. and this solution is the perfect remedy for it. Within minutes, your bathroom will not only be safe but free from bacteria and viruses.

3- Kitchen countertops, tiles, pet cages, and toys, are also some of the surfaces you can use this solution on.

How to Make This Solution Safely?


1- Bowl
2- Water
3- Fabuloso
4- Measuring cup
5- Microfiber cloth
6- Gloves
7- Mopping stick
8- Mopping bucket


STEP 1- Pour a gallon of cold water into a bowl. If you don’t need up to a gallon, you can use half or as much as you need, but ensure you adjust the remaining ingredients to fit this.

STEP 2- Add 1/4 cup of Fabuloso to the water. This measurement is for 1 gallon of water. Although hot water is best mixed with Fabuloso so it can enhance its effectiveness to an extent, it isn’t good for the rubbing alcohol you will be adding.

Alcohol evaporates fast in hot water, so you may lose some of the alcohol if you don’t use the solution immediately. To be safe, use cold water.

STEP 3- Mix the solution thoroughly. Then add 1/2 cup of rubbing alcohol to it. Mix it again, until all the liquids have thoroughly merged.

STEP 4- If you’re cleaning with your hands, wear gloves. Use a microfiber cloth to apply the solution to your countertops, table, bathroom walls, etc, and wipe clean.

If you’re cleaning the floor, just pour the solution into your mopping bucket and use the mopping stick to apply it to your floor.

STEP 5- Rinse the surfaces you cleaned. But this isn’t necessary unless you have pets that may lick the floor or roll around in it within minutes of your cleaning.

Fabuloso doesn’t leave residues and the alcohol added will make it dry faster.

What Else Can I Mix with Fabuloso to Disinfect?

1- Hydrogen Peroxide

This kills various forms of bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores, etc. (Source) When mixed with Fabuloso, a strong solution that can disinfect as well as clean is created. You should however note that Fabuloso has multi-surface cleaner variants that contain hydrogen peroxide. Examples are Fabuloso complete, and Fabuloso antibacterial.

2- Hot Water

Water is often used to mix Fabuloso because it is a strong cleaner and may be too harsh for several surfaces. Using hot water to mix Fabuloso is however more effective than cold water. Hot water aids Fabuloso in killing germs and disinfecting hard surfaces. Before doing this though, ensure the surface you want to clean can’t be damaged by hot water.

3- Vinegar

This isn’t a great disinfectant but it can kill germs like E. Coli and Salmonella.

Mixing this with Fabuloso will create a solution that is more effective at disinfecting than either of them. But ensure that you do not mix vinegar with a Fabuloso cleaner that contains hydrogen peroxide.

4- Tea tree oil

This is a natural disinfectant that kills several bacteria, fungi, and viruses. You can mix this with Fabuloso to enhance the cleaner’s disinfecting properties. And it can be mixed with any Fabuloso cleaner.

Final Thoughts!

Fabuloso can be mixed with rubbing alcohol safely, to clean and disinfect. There are other common household items also that can also be added to Fabuloso to help it disinfect.

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