Can Mr Clean All Purpose Cleaner Be Used on Granite? (How)

can mr clean be used on granite

Granite is a material that can absorb food stains and liquid if not properly cared for. But before using any chemical-based cleaner, you need to make sure that it is granite-friendly. Mr clean Multi-surface cleaner can be used on many different surfaces. Let’s see how it reacts with Granite.

Can Mr. Clean All Purpose Cleaner Be Used on Granite?

The Mr. Clean Multi-surface cleaner is safe to use on granite countertops because it does not contain any harmful chemicals like ammonia or chlorine bleach.

The manufacturer does not specify granite but mentions that it can be used on countertops.

How to Use Mr. Clean on Granite Countertops?

Mr. Clean can effectively be used to clean dirt and grime on granite countertops. It will do a good and thorough job without damaging the protective finishing of the granite.

Step 1: Wipe down your countertops with some warm water and a soft sponge to get rid of any loose dirt and food particles since they could lead to streaking when you wash your countertop.

Step 2: Dilute your Mr. Clean multi-surface cleaner (1/4 cup) in a gallon of water (simple room-temperature water). This will ensure that the product is still effective and can be used to clean your countertops while also being gentle enough not to damage the granite.

Step 3: Apply this diluted solution to a sponge and wipe the granite surface once again.

Step 4: Dry the surface of the counter to avoid leaving water marks and residue. After you are done cleaning the surface, rinse the counter and wipe with a clean dry cloth. Leaving water standing on the countertop will cause it to dry with watermarks and streaks showing on the surface.

Household Items to Use on Granite Countertops

There are some good alternatives that you can use to clean our countertops that are safe and effective in getting rid of dirt without damaging the granite. They include:

1- Dish Soap

Dish soap is gentle enough to use on your granite countertop and will not erode it or leave it looking dull.

Mix a few drops of dish soap with a cup of water in a spray bottle and give it a gentle shake. Spray this mixture on the countertop and scrub gently with a soft sponge.

Do not use abrasive sponges such as steel.

2- Tea tree oil

This is a powerful natural cleaner and disinfectant that you can use on your granite countertops, without harming the granite or the sealant. It is just as powerful as a store-bought cleaner but will not leave behind the chemical smell or leave residue on your floors.

However, ensure that the product you buy is pH neutral. The pH will either be written on the bottle or you can test its pH by buying pH strips and dipping them in the product. You will want it to have a reading of 7 if it is neutral but anything between 6.5 and 8 will be okay to use on your countertops.

Put a few drops of tea tree oil on a rug and use it to wipe your countertops. It will leave behind a relaxing scent and provide your countertop with a natural shine.

3- Witch Hazel

This is a gentle cleaner that will leave your countertops with a natural shine while cleaning and disinfecting its surface.

Pour a few drops of witch hazel on a rag (or until the rag is damp but not dripping) and use it to wipe your countertops. After it dries, it will leave behind a pleasant fresh scent.

What NOT to Use on Granite Countertops

When looking for the perfect cleanser to use on your countertops, there are things you should keep in mind to avoid discoloring, damaging, or cracking your countertops including:

1- Cleaners That Contain Ammonia or Bleach

Cleansers containing ammonia and bleach are usually too abrasive to use on your countertops. They are acidic in nature and can start eating away at your granite. (Source)

You may be tempted to reach for them when trying to tackle a difficult stain but this will only damage the finishing of your granite and leave it more susceptible to erosion and eventual cracking.

It will also make the stone lose its natural shine.

2- Lemon Juice and Vinegar

These products are commonly used to make DIY cleaners but avoid using them to clean your granite countertops. This is because they are acidic in nature and may damage your sealant and are also likely to leave discoloration on the surface of the granite. (Source)

Final Thoughts!

Mr. Clean Multi surface cleaner is safe to use on granite surfaces but you should not be tempted to use it regularly.

Check out our other articles on the possibility of using Mr. Clean cleaner for surfaces like laminate or even carpets.

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