Do Magic Erasers Have Bleach in Them? (Explained!) + More!

Do magic erasers have bleach

Households use magic erasers for all kinds of cleaning purposes. Many people wonder if they can use these erasers on their skin, teeth, and clothes. Others wonder about environmental issues. So, are they safe? What are they made of? These are some of the questions we will be addressing in this article.

We will explain the possibility of bleach in magic erasers and if there are other harmful chemicals in them that make them work.

We will also look at the possibilities of using bleach or other cleaning agents along with magic erasers to aid them.

Do Magic Erasers Have Bleach in Them?

Magic erasers do not have bleach in them. In fact, they do not have chemicals in them at all. They do not whiten or bleach clothes or other surfaces cleaned as they do not have bleach in them.

They act like abrasives removing tough stains, grime, and dirt fast and effectively without causing damage.

All you need to activate the eraser is a little water. Wet the magic eraser and the melamine inside is activated for easy cleaning.

The melamine foam inside has been adequately processed to make it safe and environment friendly. They do not even contain soap.

What Material Is a Magic Eraser Made Of?

The magic eraser is made from melamine foam. Melamine foam is a porous or rough material and works like fine sandpaper when used. Its abrasive quality is what makes magic erasers efficient and reliable.

Melamine foam which magic erasers are made from can remove oil stains, markers, crayons, and grime buildup from any material.

Melamine foam is also a preferable cleaning agent because it doesn’t need to be used with soap before it works. This is one of the reasons magic erasers are in popular demand.

Getting the eraser wet is all you need to do before using it to clean.

When melamine foam comes in contact with water, it becomes hard but still flexible. This quality allows you to use magic erasers to clean delicate objects and materials like aluminum and glass.

The magic eraser, because of the melamine, becomes abrasive enough to remove tough stains, while still gentle enough to leave no scratches on the surface being cleaned.

They are efficient in removing bug stains and grime buildup on wheels, removing stains from fingernails, and getting rid of tea or coffee stains from cups.

They should not be used on paint though. Cleaning a surface that has paint on it with a magic eraser is not advised because the melamine foam in it will remove the paint and leave the surface dull.

Does Magic Eraser Bleach Clothes?

Because magic erasers do not contain bleach or any other chemicals, they do not bleach clothes. Magic erasers can remove oil, food, or liquid stains from clothes without causing damage to them.

The area cleaned on the cloth will not look different from the other parts of the cloth. Whether it’s curtains, bedsheets, or trousers, magic erasers are safe to use on any kind of fabric.

How to Use Magic Eraser on Clothes?

You don’t want to rub too hard while using a magic eraser on your cloth. Remember it is an abrasive and can still roughen the cloth when pressure is applied to get rid of the stain.

You should gently blot the stains instead of rubbing them. You should also rinse the cloth after blotting the stains from it.

Can I Use a Magic Eraser on My Teeth?

Magic erasers are not safe to use on teeth and they weren’t even made to be used that way.

In a 2015 study, it was concluded that using a melamine brush on your teeth can effectively remove tooth stains. It even said that this might be a better way than a conventional toothbrush. However, this study was done on extracted teeth of people and did not account for the possibility of ingestion.

The melamine foam in magic erasers should not be ingested. In case you use a Magic eraser on your teeth, it will leave residues behind and you will end up ingesting those. This will cause problems like kidney/bladder stones, reproductive problems, and even cancer. (Source)

Also, don’t forget magic erasers are abrasives that work like sandpaper. Using it once on your teeth may not cause damage but if you persist, it may eventually remove the enamel on your teeth.

It is even written on the package that it shouldn’t be used on the skin or other parts of the body.

You could also irritate your mouth and gumline if you do this.

What Happens If You Use a Magic Eraser on Your Skin?

Magic erasers are abrasive and too rough for the skin. Usage on the skin can cause tears, wounds, and bleeding. The abrasion will hurt you.

You could also get an infection from rubbing a magic eraser on your skin. When the magic eraser damages your skin and the wound is exposed for long without proper treatment, you could risk infection.

If the magic eraser has been used to clean other surfaces before contact with the skin, the risk of infection is very high. Residues from the surfaces cleaned may get trapped in the skin.

It also causes irritation. Because it is abrasive, the friction caused while using it will cause you to feel burning sensations. Even if the skin isn’t damaged, the burning sensation may last for a while.

There are better products to use on the skin that are safe.

Are Magic Erasers Safe for the Environment?

Magic erasers are qualified as non-toxic so not only are they safe to use, they are safe for the environment. Magic erasers do not give off fumes that are toxic or dangerous.

While using a magic eraser, the people around are not in any danger of inhaling a dangerous substance that can harm them.

There is no need for face masks while using them if you use them according to directions. They are to be used with just water. Using them with bleach or other chemicals can pose a health risk.

The original magic erasers are also good for cleaning an aquarium. They pose no risk to the fish.

It is not something you should keep around the house carelessly though if you have kids and pets. While it isn’t toxic, kids and pets can choke on it if they swallow it.

Pieces of magic eraser should also not be left in the sink or flushed down the toilet as it is not biodegradable.

Is It Safe to Use Magic Eraser with Bleach?

Magic erasers do not contain soap or bleach and do not need these either to do their job. If you prefer though, you can use other cleaning agents with magic erasers as long as they aren’t acidic or contain chemicals as it is not safe to use magic erasers with these.

It is not advisable to mix bleach with other cleaning agents or use it with one. Using bleach with magic erasers may cause a chemical reaction producing chlorine gas that will be dangerous if you inhale it. The bleach may also wear away your magic eraser because it is a powerful chemical.

Also, magic erasers are abrasives. They are rough when wet and work like fine sandpaper. Using them with bleach, which is also a strong chemical and cleaning product, can damage the surface of whatever you clean.

Final Thoughts!

Magic erasers do not have bleach or other harmful chemicals in them so they are safe to use. As they do not contain soap or chemicals, we have explained in the article if they can be used with bleach, soap, or other cleaning agents.

Magic cleaners are safe for the environment as they are non-toxic but they shouldn’t be used on the skin, teeth, or any other part of the body. The reasons have been explained in detail in the article.

Keep away from children and pets as they can cause choking when swallowed.

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