Can You Use Magic Erasers on Windows? (Explained!) + How?

Magic Erasers on Windows

Windows get dirty often and it can be a chore to clean them.

Magic erasers work fast and without the aid of cleaning agents but can you use magic erasers on your windows? Won’t your window glass and the frame get damaged? This is probably why you have been hesitating to try this method.

In this article, we’ll see if you can use Magic erasers on your windows (whether plain glass, frosted glass, tinted glass, or vinyl windows). We’ll also give you the step-by-step methods to clean your windows.

Can You Use Magic Erasers on Windows?

You can use magic erasers on windows as they work well in removing tough stains and dirt from your usual, frosted, car, as well as vinyl windows.

Stubborn spots and films that have defied all cleaning agents and methods quickly succumb to magic erasers. So if your windows have a haze or grime buildup on them, magic erasers might just be the way out for you.

Let’s not forget magic erasers are abrasive and work like fine sandpaper. However, they do not scratch glass. You can even safely use these erasers on mirrors of your bathroom.

Magic erasers, when used correctly to clean glass, do not leave scratches or swirls that can dull your windows or etch them.

While cleaning your windows with magic erasers, remember not to add pressure. Just wipe the windows gently without pressing too hard as this can cause scratches.

You also want to make sure you’re using a NEW magic eraser for cleaning. Magic erasers break down easily, especially when wet. It’s not a cleaning agent you can use repeatedly.

Using an old magic eraser that has begun to wear will scratch your windows.

An old magic eraser might have also collected dirt and fine particles from the surface it previously cleaned.

How Do You Clean House Windows with a Magic Eraser?

Cleaning your house windows with magic erasers is pretty simple.

First, you have to wipe the window with a microfiber cloth or any soft cloth. This is to remove sand, particles, dust, and any dirt that can cause friction between the magic eraser and the window.

Rubbing the magic eraser on the window with dirt and dust on it can cause scratches.

Secondly, you should wet the magic eraser. Don’t use magic erasers dry, on your house windows. You won’t get the result you desire and you may also end up scratching your windows.

Also, like we earlier explained, use a new one. It works better and there’s less chance of it breaking down or wearing away during use.

Magic erasers neither contain soap nor do they require additional soap to work but if you would prefer, you can clean your house windows with magic erasers accompanied by a cleaning detergent of your choice.

Only avoid bleach and other chemicals. Magic erasers also don’t have any bleach component in them.


STEP 1: Soak a magic eraser in warm water and then squeeze the water. Don’t squeeze it dry as you need it damp for cleaning. The magic eraser shouldn’t drip but it shouldn’t be dry also.

STEP 2: Once you have wiped your window with a cloth, clean it with the magic eraser in circular motions. Using the magic with a window cleaner will work better and faster but you can do without it as well.

Spray some window cleaner on the damp sponge and clean your window in circular motions to remove stubborn stains, grime, and films.

STEP 3: Use a damp microfiber cloth to remove the cleaner, cleaning agent, or soap used.

STEP 4: Then use a dry microfiber cloth or window towel to wipe the window dry. And you are done cleaning.

Magic Erasers on Tinted Windows!

Magic erasers are abrasive and will damage the tint of the windows if used to clean tinted windows.

It can be tempting to try magic erasers if the windows are very dirty and have films or stubborn grime on them but you should not.

The fog and haze will be cleaned off efficiently but the tint will become clouded, peel off in some places, and deform.

If you have tinted windows, you should know cleaning them requires care and patience.

Not only can you not use magic erasers, but other abrasive products should also be avoided. Paper towels, scouring pads, newspapers, etc. should not be used on your tinted windows.

If however, you insist on magic erasers then do it gently. Make it damp with water or any cleaning solution of your choice and wipe your windows very lightly. Applying pressure will be bad for the tint.

Magic Erasers on Frosted Glass Windows!

You can use a magic eraser on frosted glass windows. Frosted glass is just clear glass that has been turned opaque, translucent, or blurred through sandblasting or acid etching. This type of glass isn’t all that different from normal glass and does not get scratched easily by mild abrasives like magic erasers.

Magic erasers are abrasive but not too abrasive that they damage glass. They work well even on frosted glass removing dirt, film-like spots, and streaks without causing damage. They do not scratch or etch frosted glass.

Magic erasers should only be avoided if the glass has tint or paint on it. The magic eraser can remove these, damaging the surface of the glass and making it look unattractive.

How to Clean Frosted Glass with Magic Erasers?

If the frosted glass isn’t all that dirty, you don’t need any cleaning products with the magic eraser.

STEP 1: Soak your magic eraser in water and squeeze it.

STEP 2: Use the damp magic eraser to wipe your frosted glass windows clean in circular motions. Because of the way it is shaped, it works well in cleaning corners and hard-to-reach places.

STEP 3: Use a dry microfiber towel to wipe down the window.

If the frosted glass window is very dirty and has tough stains on it, use the below steps:

STEP 1: Mix vinegar and water in a 50-50 solution. Pour the solution into a spray bottle.

STEP 2: Spray your frosted glass window with the solution, completely saturating it.

STEP 3: Use a damp magic eraser to wipe the window in circular motions, paying attention to the stains.

STEP 4: Use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe the window down, removing the solution.

STEP 5: Then use a dry microfiber cloth to clean the window, removing all moisture.

Magic Erasers on Car Windows!

Magic erasers can be used to remove dirt and stains from car windows without issues. As long as the car windows don’t have tints or any special coatings or paint on them, magic erasers will work fine in getting them clean.

Magic erasers can be used to clean both the outside and inside of a car window.

Not only are magic erasers useful in cleaning car windows, but they also work well in getting rid of stubborn stains, grime buildup, and bug spots from both car windshields and side mirrors.

Whether they are tempered or laminated, don’t worry about using magic erasers on these glass surfaces of your automobile.

How to Clean Car Windows with Magic Erasers?

STEP 1: Spray some Windex on your car windows. Not too much! It doesn’t have to run down the windows.

STEP 2: Use a damp magic eraser to wipe down the windows. You can apply more Windex as you clean if it isn’t enough. Don’t apply pressure while cleaning.

STEP 3: When you are done cleaning, use a damp microfiber cloth to remove the Windex residue completely.

STEP 4: Use a dry microfiber cloth to remove all moisture. After a few minutes, you can spray some wax on the car windows.

Then buff it off with another microfiber cloth. This is to make it shiny.

Magic Erasers on Vinyl Windows!

You can use a magic eraser on vinyl windows but don’t make it a habit. Vinyl windows, although not easily scratched, should not be cleaned with abrasives too often.

You can use magic erasers on your vinyl windows because they are only mildly abrasive but you should avoid applying pressure and also using it all the time.

It is however one of the affordable methods of cleaning vinyl windows as it saves you a lot of money.

You do not need to pressure wash your vinyl windows if you use magic erasers. They work well in removing heavy grime buildup, stains, streaks, and mildew from vinyl windows.

You should use magic erasers however as a last resort. When you have used other safe cleaning agents and methods on your vinyl windows and they aren’t working, you can then proceed to the use of magic erasers.

And only use them on the spots with the stains, not on the whole window. It reduces the risk of scratches.

How to Clean Vinyl Windows with Magic Erasers?

STEP 1: Get a bowl of warm water and pour some dish detergent into it.

STEP 2: Dip a soft sponge in this detergent solution, squeeze and use it to clean your vinyl windows thoroughly. Doing this will expose the areas where there are stains.

STEP 3: Clean the windows with a damp microfiber cloth to remove all soap.

STEP 4: Use a damp magic eraser on the stains visible on the vinyl windows that weren’t cleaned with the detergent and sponge. Don’t apply too much pressure.

STEP 5: Now use a damp microfiber cloth to clean these spots and a dry microfiber to wipe the whole window down. Your vinyl windows should look like new.

You can use magic erasers to clean the whole window if you prefer but let it be occasionally.

Final Thoughts!

Magic erasers can be used to clean many kinds of windows as discussed above.

Most windows are made with glass and since magic erasers are only mildly abrasive, they do not scratch or damage glass.

Some windows, however, have special coatings, paints, or tints. Some are even made of special kinds of glass (like car windows). The possibilities of cleaning them with magic erasers have been explained in the article.

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