Can You Use Magic Eraser on Clothes? (Explained!)

Can You Use Magic Erasers on Clothes

Magic erasers remove the toughest stains from almost all surfaces. Therefore, when you get a bad stain on your favorite jeans or t-shirt, you might be tempted to scrub them with magic erasers. The question is, will it work without damaging your clothes? Find out as you read further and discover the best methods of removing stains from your clothes.

Can You Use Magic Eraser on Clothes?

Although magic erasers can be used on clothes, you should avoid using them on these delicate materials because magic erasers work like very fine sandpaper. They look like sponges but the melamine resin they are made of is very hard on a microscopic level and can damage the flimsy fabric.

Can the Clothes Get Stained by Magic Eraser?

A magic eraser will not stain your clothes unless you already used it on something that stained it and did not clean it. Magic erasers by themselves are colorless and should not stain even your white clothes.

However, because of how abrasive they are, they may fade the color of your clothes if you use them to repeatedly scrub the cloth. This is more likely to happen if you use it on dark-colored clothes like blue or black jeans.

The Possibility of Clothes Getting Bleached!

Magic erasers consist of only melanin foam, nothing more or less. (Source) There are no added ingredients when they are manufactured. Therefore, they don’t contain bleach and cannot bleach clothes.

However, the effect of continually rubbing them on a piece of fabric can make it look like the cloth was bleached.

Using a Magic Eraser on a Fabric Couch?

If the fabric you want to clean is upholstery fabric, you need to be extra careful so that you don’t damage the furniture irreversibly. If you have another choice for removing the stain, it may be advisable to go for it first.

How to Use Magic Erasers on Clothes?

You need to be very careful in using magic erasers on clothes. They are best used on rugged fabric like jeans or other tough materials. Avoid using them on things like silk or lace. Instead, try hand washing those with a fabric stain remover.

To use a magic eraser to remove stains from clothes successfully:


● Fabric stain remover
● Magic eraser
● Water
● Hand vacuum (optional)
● Gloves


STEP 1- Wear gloves before doing anything to protect yourself from possible burns from the fabric cleaner or the magic eraser. The eraser might be too abrasive for your skin so you should avoid it rubbing on your skin.

STEP 2- Dust off as much dirt from the cloth as you can. If there are excess stains or soils that can be removed without the use of the magic eraser, you should remove them. Vacuum the fabric to get rid of any remaining dirt.

STEP 3- Spray the stain remover directly on the stain of the fabric. You should aim for a top-quality stain remover that will not affect the magic eraser when you use it. Also, check the instructions on the stain remover.

Most will require you to leave them on the fabric for a few minutes, at least five. The wait is crucial as it allows the liquid to work and lift the stain from the fabric.

STEP 4- After the wait, wet your magic eraser for maximum effectiveness and scrub the stain. The effort you should put into scrubbing depends on how fragile your material is. You may need to scrub for a long time to get all the stains out completely.

STEP 5- If the stain does not come out after your first scrub, put more fabric cleaner/stain remover and allow it to sit again. Then repeat the scrubbing. You can repeat this until the stain is completely off the cloth.

STEP 6- Depending on the instructions of the fabric cleaner, you can rinse the cloth first or air dry it straight. There may be some residue on it so shake it off.

Homemade Stain Remover for Cloth

You may want to save money, you may decide to use homemade stain remover. It may also be safer for your fabric than going for a branded product you have never tried before.

You can make an effective homemade cleaner by mixing three common household ingredients:

There are a few common ingredients at home that are great at removing stains.

Baking Soda: This common ingredient is safe on all fabrics and great at removing stains. You can spot-wash the stain with your hands and a little bit of baking soda to remove the stain.

As a bonus, baking soda is also deodorizing so it could remove any unwanted smells from the cloth.

White Vinegar: There are many uses for this miracle ingredient on fabrics. (Source) It is a brightening agent so if you add it to your rinse of light-colored clothes, you’ll get a bright, stain-free result. Its effectiveness, however, depends on how severe the stain is.

Hydrogen peroxide: If you are looking to remove stains like yellow underarm stains, this should be your go-to. It is a kind of bleach in itself but it is much milder than regular chlorine bleach.

Mix these ingredients in a spray bottle and keep them with your other cleaning products. When you need it, shake the bottle, spray it directly on the stain, and rub the stain out with your hands, a sponge, or the magic eraser.

Dos and Don’ts of Magic Erasers on Fabric


1- Wet the eraser before using it on the fabric. It will improve the foam’s cleaning ability and help it not to fall apart.
2- Apply fabric cleaner or stain remover first. It will reduce how much scrubbing you’ll need to do.
3- Use them as soon as the stain occurs. It increases your chances of getting whole of the stain out completely.


1- Avoid using a magic eraser on damaged fabric as it could worsen the damage.
2- Don’t use a magic eraser on fabric with loose threads.
3- Don’t scrub fabrics with dirty or stained magic erasers. It can spread the stain or add new stains to the fabric.


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