Can You Mix Fabuloso & Ajax? (The Risks!)

can you mix fabuloso & ajax

Fabuloso and Ajax are both great cleaners for hard surfaces. In this article, we’ll be discussing if these two cleaners can be mixed safely to make a more effective solution.

Can You Mix Fabuloso and Ajax?

Besides the fact that it isn’t generally advisable to mix different multi-surface cleaners or mix multi-surface cleaners with homemade cleaners, Fabuloso and Ajax contain specific ingredients that can be dangerous when mixed. Mixing these cleaners can lead to serious injuries or even death.


What They Have in Common

Fabuloso and Ajax multi-surface cleaners and the other products both brands have to offer, have many ingredients in common. Some of these ingredients are Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Ethanol, Citric acid, Sodium chloride, Glutaral, Lactic acid, Sodium Carbonate, etc.

1- Sodium Laureth Sulfate: This is a surfactant and a good foaming agent.
2- Ethanol: This is flammable alcohol with great disinfecting properties.
3- Citric Acid: It is extracted from citrus fruits and is good for cleaning bacteria, fungi, and mildew.
4- Sodium Chloride: Also known as salt, it is used as a bleaching and scouring agent.
5- Glutaral: Glutaraldehyde is an oily liquid with a pungent odor that is great at disinfecting surfaces and sterilizing hospital equipment.
6- Sodium Carbonate: Also known as soda ash or washing soda, it softens water and makes it easier to clean or wash. It is also an effective cleaning.
7- Lactic Acid: This is an organic acid that serves as a descaling agent. It is also a great disinfectant.

The Negative Reactions Of Mixing these ingredients

Since Fabuloso and Ajax contain similar ingredients, mixing them shouldn’t be a problem right? But that isn’t the case.

1- One major reason why these two cleaners can’t be mixed is bleach. Ajax contains bleach, and bleach reacts negatively with other products or chemicals.

Bleach is meant to be used alone as it is a very powerful chemical. If you want to use bleach with other cleaners, then get a cleaner already manufactured with bleach like Ajax Powder Cleanser with Bleach.

2- One or some of Fabuloso’s multi-surface cleaners contain hydrogen peroxide. When bleach is mixed with hydrogen peroxide, it creates a toxic gas that is very violent and can lead to an explosion. Also, it creates fumes that can be very harmful if inhaled for too long.

What if the particular Fabuloso you want to mix with Ajax doesn’t contain hydrogen peroxide? Well, it still shouldn’t be mixed with bleach, as we don’t which other chemicals they contain which may react negatively with bleach.

3- Fabuloso also contains acids like citric acid and lactic acid. Bleach does not react well with these acids.

For example, when bleach is mixed with citric acid, a greenish gas forms over the bleach which is very toxic. The gas is known as chlorine.

If you inhale this gas, which you are likely to do if you remain in that environment, you are not only risking your health but also your life. The toxic fumes of the gas will poison you and may lead to death within seconds or minutes.

4- Fabuloso contains sulfuric acid which does not react well with alcohol, sodium hydroxide, or sodium hypochlorite, which are all ingredients found in Ajax cleaners.

For example, Ajax professional cleaner spray- mold remover contains sodium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite which is also called bleach.

Mixing concentrated sulfuric acid with concentrated sodium hydroxide creates extreme heat that can lead to an explosion.

Although the quantity of each chemical present in these cleaners isn’t concentrated or pure, mixing them is still not safe as you don’t know what might happen.

Don’t Mix These with Ajax

1- Bleach: Some Ajax cleaners contain bleach, so mixing in extra bleach is a waste of resources and may cause problems.

Some Ajax cleaners however contain ammonia. For example, the Ajax Ammonia all-purpose cleaner. Mixing this with bleach can be very dangerous because it creates a very toxic gas known as chloramine.

2- Hydrogen Peroxide: Mixing hydrogen peroxide with bleach creates oxygen gas which is likely to explode and harm you.
Ajax also contains some acid that can react with hydrogen peroxide to damage the surfaces you clean.

3- Vinegar: If you mix vinegar with the Ajax multi-purpose cleaner that contains bleach, you will create a chlorine gas that is harmful to you when inhaled.

Mixing vinegar with some Ajax cleaners which contain ammonia isn’t advisable too. While it may not be as harmful as vinegar with bleach, they will cancel each other out and become ineffective.

These Shouldn’t be Mixed with Fabuloso

1- Vinegar: Fabuloso cleaners like Fabuloso Complete Cool Mist contain hydrogen peroxide. When this is mixed with vinegar, peracetic acid is produced, which is a toxic gas.

2- Sulfuric Acid: Fabuloso cleaner contains sodium hydroxide. While both sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide have great cleaning properties, they should never be mixed because this produces excessive heat that can lead to an explosion.

Some Fabuloso cleaners contain sulfuric acid but this has been manufactured to contain such quantity that is safe. Mixing more sulfuric acid with these cleaners can cause a negative reaction.

3- Bleach: Mixing this with Fabuloso creates chlorine gas. This gas is poisonous and damages the upper and lower respiratory tract when inhaled.

4- Hydrogen Peroxide: Mixing hydrogen peroxide with a Fabuloso cleaner that contains citric acid, lactic acid, or any other acid is not advisable. Doing this isn’t toxic and will not harm you but the oxidizing power of the hydrogen peroxide is increased which can dissolve surfaces like aluminum, iron, copper, etc.

5- Commercial cleaners: Many cleaners should not be mixed with one another as they can produce harmful results. One such Example is mixing Lysol and Fabuloso.

Final Thoughts!

Fabuloso and Ajax multi-surface cleaners cannot be mixed. These cleaners should not be mixed with other chemicals like bleach, ammonia, etc. They are effective individually when used according to instructions.

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