Where Should Trash Can Go In Bathroom?

Where Should Trash Can Go In Bathroom

When designing a bathroom, it’s important to consider all aspects – from the big items like the bathtub and sink, down to the small details like where to put the trash can. It may seem like a minor detail, but finding the right spot for your bathroom trash can can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of the space. In this post, we’ll explore some creative ideas and practical solutions for where to put your bathroom trash can.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Spot for a Trash Can

1- Size of the bathroom

Most bathrooms tend to be smaller in size compared to other rooms in the house, which means that there’s not much floor space to spare.

In general, bathroom trash cans tend to be on the smaller side, ranging from 2 to 4 gallons in capacity. This is because most of the trash produced in bathrooms is usually paper waste and doesn’t fill up the can very quickly.

So, it’s important to choose a compact trash can that won’t take up too much space and yet will be able to hold all the waste that’s generated in the bathroom. [1]

2- Toilet placement

If you have a small bathroom, it’s ideal to place the toilet in a corner to save space and create an illusion of a larger space.

Avoid placing it right by the door or directly adjacent to the bathroom sink or shower. [2]

3- Existing cabinets or vanities

One practical solution for where to put the bathroom trash can is to use existing cabinets or vanities. This is especially helpful for small bathrooms where space is limited.

You can create a nook or cut-out in the cabinets, and tuck the trash can in that gap for easy access while keeping it out of sight.

4- Convenience for users

Nobody wants to be struggling with an overflowing trash can or searching for a place to dispose of their waste. Make it easy for your bathroom users by placing a trash can in a visible and accessible location.

For example, If you have a space with multiple sinks or areas, you can consider placing a trash can at each station to make it even more convenient.

5- Bathroom Traffic

Don’t forget to choose a trash can with a size that matches the volume of your bathroom traffic. This is because you don’t want the users to have a hard time getting to the trash can each time they use the bathroom.

If the traffic is high, the need for emptying the cans will also be more. In that case, it should be placed in an area that is easily reachable. But if you use the bathroom less often than that, you might do away with a bit of effort when it comes to convenience. [3]

Placing a Trash Can in the Bathroom

1- Under the sink cabinet

Placing your trash can under the sink can be a great solution for compact bathrooms where floor space is limited.

By choosing a compact trash can that fits neatly under the sink, you can keep your bathroom looking tidy and clutter-free.

You can also use a plastic bin to keep the trash separate and easy to clean.

Additionally, by keeping the trash can hidden behind a cabinet door, you can make your bathroom look more streamlined and modern.

So if you’re short on space but still want a convenient and functional bathroom trash can, the under-sink cabinet is definitely worth considering.

2- Nook or cut-out in the cabinets

Another creative option for placing your bathroom trash can is to utilize a nook or cut-out in the cabinets. This is another great idea for small bathrooms that don’t have much floor space to spare.

By creating a custom cut-out in the cabinet, you can tuck the trash can away and keep it out of sight, which can help to keep your bathroom looking neat and tidy.

Just make sure to measure your bin beforehand so that you can ensure that it will fit snugly in the nook. Additionally, consider adding a lid to your trash can to further hide it from view and keep any smells contained. [4]

3- Next to the toilet

One popular option for placing a trash can in the bathroom is next to the toilet. This placement allows for easy access and convenience for disposing of various items such as tissues or feminine hygiene products.

However, it is important to consider the size of the bathroom and the placement of the toilet before choosing this option. Make sure there is enough space for both the toilet and trash can without causing any discomfort for users.

Additionally, using a modern and attractive trash can can add a stylish touch to the bathroom décor.

4- In a vanity sitting area

One creative option for trash can placement in the bathroom is to utilize a vanity sitting area, possibly along with a stool or chair. This is for those people that do not want to have any trash can in their bathroom at all (Maybe they always flush the toilet paper).

While this solution may not work for everyone, it can be a convenient and attractive choice for individuals with a larger bathroom or vanity area.

5- Options for small spaces

When it comes to small bathroom spaces, the placement of trash cans can be quite challenging.

One option is to use a slim trash can that can easily fit in a tight space.

Another option is to use a wall-mounted trash can, which can create more floor space and has the advantage of being easily accessible.

Using smaller plastic bins to keep the trash separate and clean can be a practical and efficient solution for small bathrooms

Trash Cans are Not Just for Functional Purposes

Gone are the days when trash cans were just a functional necessity in the bathroom. Today, they can be a stylish addition to your decor.

There are plenty of modern and attractive trash cans available in the market that can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your bathroom. From brushed stainless steel to ceramic and seagrass, the options are endless.

Some even come in a variety of colors to match your bathroom fixtures and hardware.

And if you’re looking for something eco-friendly, there are trash cans made of recycled materials too. [5]

Functional Trash Cans

Using a plastic bin to keep the bathroom trash separate and clean is a great way to maintain hygiene. It helps to avoid any spillage or odor from the garbage, especially if you’re disposing of items like sanitary products or food waste.

Not only does it keep the bathroom smelling fresh, but it also makes it easier to dispose of the trash properly. The plastic bin can be easily emptied and washed, ensuring that it stays clean and hygienic.

Additionally, having a separate bin for recyclable items like paper and cardboard can reduce waste and benefit the environment. [6]

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