What Size Outdoor Trash Can Do I Need?

What Size Outdoor Trash Can Do I Need

Storing your waste efficiently is as crucial as disposing of it. And for that, you need a trash can of the appropriate size. So, let’s explore which size will suit you.

Importance of choosing the right size outdoor trash can

Choosing the right size for your outdoor trash can, one that can manage your garbage disposal needs, is essential.

It minimizes the potential of overflow, reduces bad odors, and keeps your surrounding clean.

A bin that can hold up to 6 garbage bags should suffice for most households. For larger families or spaces, you might need a receptacle big enough to hold twice that amount.

Factors to consider when selecting the size

Family Size and Garbage Production: In general, homes with children generate more waste than homes without.

For a family of two, a 35-gallon can should suffice, while families of four or more might need a 65-gallon can.

Recycling Behavior: If you’re environmentally conscious, you can considerably reduce the size of the trash bin by recycling. Place a recycle bin next to your trash can to separate recyclable waste, which is mostly picked up by the city at no extra charge.

Trash Collection Frequency: If your garbage is collected often, you might get by with a smaller bin. However, those who only have their trash picked up once a week might need a larger can.

Remember, when choosing the size of your trash bin, consider not only its capacity but also its design. Larger trash cans should have attached wheels or handles for convenient handling, and the lids should be sturdy enough to keep out critters.

Small Outdoor Trash Cans

Small outdoor trash cans are portable, lightweight, and perfect for activities like an average barbecue party or a weekend gardening pursuit.

Being compact and manageable, they are super easy to handle and move around. But don’t let their size fool you.

They are tough, often made from sturdy materials like galvanized steel or durable plastic, which ensures longevity and resistance to damage, as well as being rust and graffiti-proof.

Several enhanced features like fireproofing, waterproofing, and special covers to keep critters away make these bins a good choice. Moreover, some smaller bins come with convenient handles, wheels, or dollies attached to facilitate handling.

Recommended Size Options for Different Scenarios

Choosing the right size of the trash can essentially depends on the amount of trash generated and the specific requirements of a household or location. Here are a few size options for different scenarios:

20 Gallon Bin: Apt for a small household or occasional trash removal, a 20 gallon bin can comfortably accommodate up to three tall kitchen garbage bags a week. And if you’re environment-conscious and prefer recycling, you might end up with even less trash.

30-35 Gallon Bin: If you have a slightly larger family, say of four members, a 30-35 gallon bin is typically sufficient. It’s also a good choice for weekend activities or small outdoor gatherings.

Choosing the right size is indeed a crucial step not only in waste management but also in creating an eco-friendly and neat environment. Remember, the correct bin will help you maintain cleanliness while ensuring convenience and efficiency.

Do remember to check the local garbage collection guidelines and ensure that your bin aligns with those rules. After all, the goal is to manage waste efficiently, conveniently, and, most importantly, responsibly.

Medium Outdoor Trash Cans

When it comes to trash management for medium-sized spaces, both residential and commercial, medium outdoor garbage cans are an excellent choice.

These cans provide the right balance between capacity and space conservation. They are ideal for properties with moderate foot traffic and waste output as well as smaller outdoor events.

Advantages of Medium-Sized Outdoor Trash Cans

Medium-sized outdoor trash cans come with a host of advantages:

Sufficient Capacity: With sizes usually between 30 to 60 gallons, medium-sized cans can hold a significant amount of waste, typically accommodating about three to six tall kitchen garbage bags a week.

Space Efficiency: While having adequate capacity, these cans still maintain a compact footprint and take up less space compared to their larger counterparts.

Versatility: Medium-sized cans are suitable for varied environments, from backyards, patios to commercial spaces, or medium outdoor events.

Suitable Use Cases and Size Recommendations

Understanding your trash production and usage patterns is paramount to selecting the right outdoor garbage can size. Here are a few use cases and size recommendations for medium-sized trash cans:

Residential usage: Medium-sized cans are often perfect for family households with three to five members, especially if the family does limited outdoor events or parties.

Commercial usage: Spaces like small restaurants, office premises, or shops that produce a moderate amount of waste can benefit from a medium-sized can.

Outdoor events: If you regularly host medium-sized outdoor events like neighborhood BBQ parties or small celebrations, a medium-sized trash can can adequately handle your waste management needs.

Keep in mind the rule of thumb for outdoor events: one can for every 100 square yards of area. Also, consider the toughness of the can. Medium-sized cans that will see constant use or harsh weather conditions should be durable, fireproof, waterproof, and, if possible, graffiti proof.

Large Outdoor Trash Cans

A larger family or a property with a high volume of waste may require larger outdoor trash cans for efficient waste management.

Large outdoor trash cans offer several benefits:

  • They can effortlessly accommodate a larger quantity of waste, reducing the frequency of emptying them.
  • Larger trash cans typically come with wheels, which make them convenient for moving around, especially during garbage pickup days.
  • They often feature sturdy, wildlife-resistant designs that help keep critters such as squirrels, raccoons, and rats out, helping maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of your outdoor space.

Tips for finding the perfect fit for your needs

Choosing the right trash can size for your needs will depend on several factors:

Ease of Handling: Large bins should have convenient handling features such as wheels, rollers, handles, or dollies.

Material & Construction: The material should be sturdy and durable, either made of galvanized steel or robust plastic.

Lid Styles: Removable, vented, or stay-up types are all viable options, depending on your preference and needs.

Shape: Rectangular bins typically offer more storage space than circular ones.

Choose your outdoor trash can size wisely. It not only solves your garbage woes but also contributes significantly to a healthier and cleaner environment.


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