What Does Fabuloso Smell Like?

What Does Fabuloso Smell Like

Fabuloso multi-surface cleaner comes in various scents, and it can be hard to choose which to buy if you are unfamiliar with them. In this article, we will be examining the various scents in detail, to make it easier for you to choose.

What Does Fabuloso Smell Like?

Fabuloso has different kinds of smells since it comes in various scents. Some are strong and last long, while some are gentle and do not linger. Whether you like the smell of fruits, flowers, nature, or the ocean, there’s a Fabuloso scent in that category for you.

One of the very main reasons for the popularity of Fabuloso is the awesome fragrance that it has in various scent offerings.

Different Fabuloso fragrances (With Corresponding Colors!)


The Fabuloso multi-surface cleaner with lavender scent has a floral and herbal smell that is both calming and soothing.
Lavender is a herb popularly used in beauty and cleaning products for its lovely smell and also a great flavor in food.

However, the herb’s flavor in Fabuloso cleaner is concentrated and can sometimes be too strong for some people.

If you are sensitive or have allergies to strong scents, you may have to go for other Fabuloso scents. Fabuloso multi-surface cleaner with Lavender scent is purple, just like the plant itself so it is easy to identify.


Fabuloso cleaner with lemon scent has a biting smell that is sharp and cheering. It smells refreshing and pleasant.

Using Fabuloso with this scent can make you think the fruits are lying around or someone is peeling them nearby. It smells acidic, clean, and fresh which is a calming welcome for your guests.

The Fabuloso cleaner with lemon scent is yellow, like the fruit.

Passion of Fruits (Apples and Pears)

Fabuloso cleaner with this scent has a well-blended fruity and pleasant smell, that is long-lasting.

The fruity, sweet, refreshing, and sometimes sour smell of apples and pears has been carefully blended to give the cleaner its lovely scent.

Fabuloso multi-surface cleaner with passion of fruits scent is green.

Ocean Paradise

This scent smells clean, fresh, and natural, just like the ocean. It makes you feel like you are at the seaside smelling the ocean and its freshness.

Fabuloso cleaner with the ocean paradise scent can be hard to find in local stores, however. Your best chance of getting this scent will be on online stores like Amazon. The scent may not last as long as the other scents too.

Fabuloso cleaner with the ocean paradise scent comes in a shade of teal color.

Citrus and Fruits (Grapefruits, Strawberries, Apples)

Fabuloso cleaner with this scent smells so good because of the well-blended aroma of different fruits that are included in the process of making it.

This scent is quite distinctive because of its sharp grapefruit smell, which is musky and exotic. The tangy but sweet smell that is similar to that of lime is also apparent. While using this scent you will also detect undertones of the caramel smell that is indicative of strawberries.

Although this scent smells so lovely, it does not last very long.

Fabuloso cleaner with citrus and fruits scent is red.

Tropical Spring (Lemon, Orange, Hibiscus Flower)

This Fabuloso scent smells clean and fresh, giving your home a wholesome feel. The lemon in the scent makes it smell sharp and biting but also sweet.

If you are sensitive and do not like overwhelming smells, then this scent is for you. The hibiscus flower makes it smell floral and tropical but it is so faint that you would hardly notice.

Fabuloso cleaner with this scent comes in a sky-blue color.

Floral Burst

This scent smells like crushed flowers. The outburst of the flowery scent when it is used is calming and refreshing.

The floral burst is not overwhelming to the senses and you may not feel a negative reaction to it even if you are allergic to floral smells.

Fabuloso cleaner with a floral burst scent comes in light purple.

Cool Mist

This scent smells so gentle and unique. It has this minty smell that reminds you of menthol and a freshly cleaned hospital. It smells clean and fresh and cannot be mistaken for other scents.

The Fabuloso multi-surface cleaner with a cool mist scent is very unique because you can hardly get another cleaning product with the same smell.

It can be used in laundry to remove strong odors. It however doesn’t last long. While using it, you won’t smell it strongly. And after rinsing it, the scent only lingers in the air faintly. This makes it perfect for very sensitive people though, or people who prefer gentle scents.

It comes in a darker shade of teal than the ocean paradise.

Sparkling citrus

This scent smells like fruit juice. If you didn’t know it was a cleaner, you might be tempted to take a sip. You should keep it away from your kids.

Though it is a combination of some citrus fruits, it smells more like lemon and feels fresh. It leaves your house smelling crisp and clean, and it isn’t overwhelming.

The scent does not last long and would hardly be noticeable in an hour or two. It comes in yellow.

Final Thoughts!

All Fabuloso multi-surface cleaner scents are refreshing. Although there are ways to get rid of the smell of Fabuloso it is better to choose wisely in the very beginning so that you don’t have to go through the hassle. If you like overpowering scents that linger for long, go for lavender. If not, you can go for scents like tropical spring, cool mist, and sparkling citrus.

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